7 Steps Guide to F-1 Study Abroad Visa To United States From India


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Step by Step easy to follow instructions to apply for F1 study visa to United States from India. F-1 Academic study abroad visa to the United States (US) from India is designated for those Indian students with admission secured in a college, university, high schools or language training institutes as full time students.

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7 Steps Guide to F-1 Study Abroad Visa To United States From India

  1. 1. 7 Steps Guide to F-1 Study Abroad Visa To United States From India | Immigration & Visa Guides visato.com/united-states/steps-guide-f -1-study-abroad-visa-united-states-india-20140318 Jessica 7 Steps Guide to F-1 Study Abroad Visa To United States From India F-1 Academic study abroad visa to the United States (US) f rom India is designated f or those Indian students with admission secured in a college, university, high schools or language training institutes as f ull time students. Indian students must enroll in any of the educational institution which is authorized by US Homeland Security Student and Exchange Visitor Program ( SEVP) as a f irst step towards applying f or F-1 Academic visa. Students must also meet other f inancial requirements to pay your tuition f ees and support yourself during your studies in the United States. Students will require to obtain F-1 Academic visa f rom the US embassy or Consulate in India bef ore you can proceed to the United States to pursue your studies as F-1 Academic visa holder. Step 1. Enroll in anAuthorized Education Institution in US You must f ind out a college, university or other authorized institution to get enrolled in a study program that is a good match with your educational background. It can be a time consuming process to secure admission in reputed colleges or universities, so you must start applying f or admissions as soon as possible well in advance of starting of the new educational semester. Your school will send you a SEVIS-generated Form I-20 once they have entered your inf ormation in the Student and Exchange Visitor Inf ormation System (SEVIS) database. You and your school of f icial must sign the Form I-20. Step 2. Complete Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form You must complete the US Nonimmigrant visa application Form DS-160 online. You will require the f ollowing inf ormation to f ill out the application f orm DS-160: Passport Your itinerary Details of your last travel to United States (if any) Your SEVIS ID printed on Form I-20 Location of your college/university in the US
  2. 2. Af ter completing the Form DS-160 online, you must print the conf irmation page with alphanumeric barcode using a good quality printer pref erably laser printer. You will be required to bring the conf irmation page with you at the time of your interview with a US visa counselor. You can also email the completed DS-160 Form to yourself to keep a record of the f orm. Step 3. Pay All Fees: You will be required to pay visa processing f ee of $160 converted in INR at the counselor exchange rate. The nonimmigrant visa f ee can be paid using any of the f ollowing methods: National Electronic Funds Transf er (NEFT) Payment by Mobile Phone Payment at AXIS bank /Citibank Payment at DRUK Bank You must also pay the SEVIS Form I-901 f ee online which is in addition to the F-1 visa f ee. Step 4. Schedule Your Biometrics data and Visa Interview appointments: You will be scheduling two appointments online f or electronic capturing of your f ingerprints and photographs at the Visa Application Center and visa interview at the US embassy or US Consulate near you. Your biometric data appointment must be at least f ew days earlier than your visa interview appointment date. You will require your passport, visa f ee receipt and DS-160 conf irmation page to schedule both of your appointments. Step 5. Visit Visa Application Center for Fingerprinting: At the time of your scheduled appointment at the Visa Application Center, you must bring the f ollowing documents with you so that your f ingerprints and photographs can be electronically captured: A passport valid f or travel to the United States with validity dates at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States. Your DS-160 conf irmation page. Your appointment conf irmation page. One photograph as per U.S. visa specif ications if the applicant is under 14 years of age. Fingerprints of your both hands will electronically captured and digital photograph will taken during your visit to the Visa Application Center. Step 6. Attend Visa Interview: You must arrive about 30 minutes earlier f or your visa interview appointment at any of the nearest US Consulate General or the US Embassy: The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi Shanti Path, Chanakya Puri 110021 The U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai (Bombay) C-49, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051 The U.S. Consulate General in Chennai (Madras)
  3. 3. 220 Anna Salai, Gemini Circle, 600006 The U.S. Consulate General in Kolkata (Calcutta) 5/1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, 700071 The U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad Paigah Palace, 1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet, Secunderabad 500 003 The visa counselor will ask you questions regarding your study plans, educational qualif ications, your ability to f inancially support your education in the US and your post graduation plans to assess your eligibility f or the F-1 Academic student visa. Following are the documents which you must bring at the time of your visa interview: A printed copy of your appointment letter, Your DS-160 conf irmation page Your current and all old passports A Form I-901 SEVIS f ee receipt indicating the SEVIS f ee. Other required documents which will allow the visa of f icer to establish if you are eligible f or the visa: Documents to establish your strong f inancial, social and cultural ties to India so that you will return af ter the completion of your studies in the United States. Documents to demonstrate you can pay the tutition f ee, living costs and travel expenses f or your studies. You must bring the original documents such as original bank statements. Documents of the person sponsoring your education if other than your parents, such as bank statement, birth certif icate and most recent tax f orms etc. Documents to demonstrate your academic qualif ications such as original certif icates, diplomas and test results (SAT, TOEFL and GRE etc). You must provide any other supporting documents which you believe will help the visa counselor to determine your eligibility f or F-1 Academic visa. You can expect to question such as How do you plan to f und the entire duration of your education? Why are you going to the US? Can you not continue your education in your home country? Why do you want to pursue a degree in the US? What city is your school located in? What are your test scores (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)? How do you plan to f und the entire duration of your education? Do you plan on returning back to your home country? You must answer the questions with conf idence and if you do not understand any question, do not hesitate to ask the visa counselor to rephrase the question. If you visa application is approved, visa counselor will inf ormation you about the outcome of your application and you will receive your passport by the courier service. Step 7. Receive Passport and Travel to the US
  4. 4. You will receive your passport with F-1 Visa stamped which you can use to travel to United States to start your studies in the college or university you are enrolled. Similar Topics: 4 Steps to Get Green Card f or Immediate Family Member Living Abroad The immediate f amily member of a citizen of United States (US) who is living outside of the US can apply f or Green Card to obtain permanent residence through US embassy or consulate in his/her country of residence as Green Card processing within the US is not possible.It is a f our step process in which f irst [...]... F 1 Academic Student Visa to US Question Answers If want to take advantages of quality education and training system in the United States (US) and join a university study program, you may apply f or the US F1 student visa. Here you will f ind inf ormation about application process, work permit, application f or extension, universities, courses, accommodation, expenses, part time jobs and all other issues [...]... 5 Easy to Follow Steps to Get Passport Stamped with H-1B Visa H-1B is non immigrant work visa in the specialty occupations allowing the f oreign national work in the United States (US). H-1B visa is a two step process. In f irst step your US employer must obtain Labour Condition Application f rom the Department of Labour (DOL) using the DOLS iCERT Portal System. Af ter receiving ACL,employer f iles the [...]... 7 Steps Guide to Schengen Visa f or Germany f rom Pakistan – Business Visitor Schengen visa to Germany f or business visitor f rom Pakistan is a short-term visa f or a stay up to 90 days within a period of 6 months. The business visitor must apply at the embassy or consulate of Germany if the main destination will be Germany. The visa issued by Germany will be valid f or all [...]... 5 Steps Guide to Renewing US Green Card The Unites States (US) permanent residence card or commonly known as Green Card must be renewed bef ore it is expired to avoid any problems such as possibility of denial of re-entry to the US. It can be even become serious issue if you are f ound guilty of a misdemeanor f or not renewing your green card [...]... , , ,