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Neatly iPhone


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Because life is not based on Interest.

Because life is not based on Interest.

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  • 1. NEATLY Because Life is based on interests not on time.Tuesday, August 7, 12
  • 2. DASHBOARD On tap away dashboardTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 3. TIMELINE You can control timeline visual settings, font size, topics that appear, media sample viewer. etcTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 4. CONVERSATION MODE You can easily pick the people in the conversation and do all Neatly functionlityTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 5. ADVANCED PROFILE Using Neatly’s advanced profile, you can see how much in common interests,Spam detector, active and common tweeps.Tuesday, August 7, 12
  • 6. TWEET VIEWER Tweet viewer has reach functionality starting from extracting photos and saved it to library, like and dislike, etc.Tuesday, August 7, 12
  • 7. SMART TIMELINE Smart timeline sort tweets in “interests” base Neatly studies users behavior &use the result to make life easierTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 8. CUSTOM TIMELINE Build the timeline you wish, select the topics and following tweeps, the timeline filters our everything for you + it has decent Media viewerTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 9. TOPICS BASED TIMELINE Neatly collects all similar tweets in the timeline and create topic, this topic will help you save time of the redundant tweets and it works on multi languagesTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 10. TOPIC VIEW Topic view is very productive because you don’t have to waste time reading similar kind of news, also topic can be sent by mail for later check.Tuesday, August 7, 12
  • 11. TOPICS AND TWEEPS VISUAL MARKERS Change the color of the tweet based by user or by topicTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 12. SUPER LISTS Lists have topics timeline, interest timeline and normal timelineTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 13. MUTE You can mute by User, Topic, Hashtag even sourceTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 14. DM TO MANY Just start typing the user names and you can send one message to manyTuesday, August 7, 12
  • 15. TWEET IT Super helpful Tweeting view, The button is everywhere.Tuesday, August 7, 12
  • 16. HISTORY As long as you are using Neatly, you can get all the history you left behind, Twitter don’t give much.Tuesday, August 7, 12