Halal Awareness


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Halal Awareness

  1. 1. HALAL Awareness for SMI Food Managers and Factory Owners Presenter: Dr. Ahmad Robin Wahab
  2. 2. A Division of AmalMerge International Sdn Bhd
  3. 3. Highlights  Overview – HALAL and your Company  General Requirements for Food Industries  Managers responsibilities in HALAL Program  Understanding HALAL Principles  HALAL Awareness – Halal Guidelines  Certification requirement and procedures  What AmalMerge can do for you.
  4. 4. Do your Company need HALAL?  Are you aware of what your company is doing? Are you prepared?  Present status –generally (SMI’s)  No formal QC team or system  No GMP  No proper understanding of Halal issues  Are you experiencing  Customers complain  Sales not picking up  Competition  Don’t know how to go about implementing Halal system  Export difficulties?  Halal audit and certification  Halal for: ingredient suppliers, chemicals, food supplement, herbal, cosmetic, fresh produce, animal feed, apparels.  Restaurant and food service, hotels, hospitals, airlines, contract manufacturer, packaging and repacking, transport operators
  5. 5. General Requirement  Local law and municipality requirement  License to operate – basic training?, eg. drinking water  Building requirement – machinery dept, MOH  Food Acts & Food Regulations  Safety –limits of use of types and amount of chemicals  Labeling  HACCP  Cleaning and maintenance  Halal?  Export restrictions.  Importing country’s regulation – certification  Consumers requirements (Halal, kosher, GMO-free, Organic)  BASIC REQUIREMENT (consumers demand)  GMP, healthy food
  6. 6. Managers/Owner responsibilities  Understand HALAL  Endorsement of documents and work processes - Declaration  Monitoring the System  Team leader  Review HALAL Status  Staff training  Linkage to advisor and consultant  Renewal of Certification  COMMITMENT
  7. 7. Halal Current Issues  Malaysia as Halal Hub  WTO/AFTA  Food Safety  new national certification requirement
  8. 8. What is HALAL Food?  Grossly misunderstood and interpreted  It is UNIVERSAL FOOD –fit for all mankind, not just for Muslim  Emphasis on Hygiene, Cleanliness and Safety AND Integrity (Halal dan Toyyiba)  The act of Slaughtering  Selection of food sources  Commitment – declaration, weight & measures  Avoid contamination  Good handling and storage
  9. 9. Definition of HALAL  Means permitted, allowed, lawful  Free of substance from forbidden (HARAM) animals  Not containing filthy substances, according to Islamic Law  Not prepared using equipment which are not free from filthy substances  Does not come in contact during preparation with food which does not fulfil above 3 requirements or any filthy substances
  10. 10. Source of HALAL food and drinks  All land animals are considered HALAL except:  animal not slaughtered according to Islamic law  Pig, dogs  Carnivorous animal - tiger, bears and similar animals  Birds with claws and feed by snatching - eagles  animal permitted to be killed in Islam - rats,scorpion and the like  animal and insects forbidden to be killed in Islam - ants bees, woodpecker  animals generally considered repulsive - flies, lies, maggots
  11. 11. Sources of HALAL food and drinks  Water animals living only in water, unless they are poisonous and harmful  Plants - all plant types and their product except those poisonous and harmful to human health  Drinks - all forms of water except those that are poisonous, intoxicating and harmful to human health
  12. 12. Slaughtering  Must be performed manually by MUSLIM of sound mind, mature and fully understands the fundamentals and conditions related to slaughtering.  Animal must be animals permitted (HALAL) to be eaten  Live animal in their normal conditions  Respiratory tract, esophagus and jugular vein must be severed  All slaughtering device must be sharp and not made of bones, nails or teeth.
  13. 13. Presentation and Storage  AllHalal food that are kept, displayed and served must be isolated from non- halal goods.  Goods that come in contact with filth or non-halal materials are Haram
  14. 14. Processing and cooking  All foods are Halal if they are processed in a clean manner using Halal ingredient, and free from filth  Not contain any product that are considered filthy, unslaughtered product  must be prepared using equipment free from filth - cutting tools  Must not come in contact with foods which are non Halal or filthy during processing and storage CLEAN and NO CONTAMINATION ALL THE WAY
  15. 15. Scope of HALAL HALAL Religious Hygiene and Requirement Health Requirement
  16. 16. Services of AmalMerge International Sdn Bhd Consultancy Services  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & Food Hygiene  Quality Systems & Management, HACCP and Food Safety  Supplier Assessment and Second Party Auditing  Food Safety Auditing and Surveillance programs in Food Services and Franchising Operation  Franchise Development  HALAL Compliance Manufacturing
  17. 17. Services of AmalMerge International Sdn Bhd Consultancy Services (cont.)  New company setup for HACCP and Halal compliance operations  Post-harvest handling system  Product And Business Development/ / Product Improvement  Pest Control and Warehouse Maintenance in Food Industries We help our clients develop specific Quality Manual and customized SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures)
  18. 18. Training Services of AmalMerge International Public Courses and in-house training Bhd Sdn  HACCP – Developing a HACCP Food Safety Plan  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  New Product Development  Product Recall  Quality Assurance for Operators, Quality Control Techniques  Quality Assurance for Small to Medium Food Plants  Internal Auditing, Supplier Assessment
  19. 19. Training Services of AmalMerge International Sdn Bhd Public Courses and in-house training (cont.)  Frozen Food Managements / Cold Chain System  HACCP and HALAL: A Total Food Requirement  Post Harvest Handling of fruits and vegetables  ISO9000, Total Quality Management  Cleaning and Sanitation for operator and maintenance staff  Supervisor and operator training on in-house pest control
  20. 20. Contact Information AmalMerge International Sdn. Bhd. 2695 Jalan Permata 22 Taman Permata 53300 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Tel: +603-4107 3399 Fax: +603-4107 8021 Dr. Ahmad Robin Wahab at +6012-3892695 email: arobin@halalsuperhighway.net