criminal 2 short list case by malaysian penal code


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disclaimer - this is just an attempt to answer the question for tutorial/assignment, pls double check with ur own notes for confirmation

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criminal 2 short list case by malaysian penal code

  1. 1. Criminal 2/ shortlist/ case/ Malaysian penal codeMurder – pp v normezamapandyLimb a – tan buck tee v ppLimb c – pp v mohdabbasLimb d – emperor v dirajiaCulpaple homicide – mohdyasinhusin v pp Ex 1Provocation - chongteng v ppNo cooling period – chongteng v ppGrave n sudden – pp v lasakkeLink betw provocation – mohdalijohari v ppProportionate retaliation – Ceylon v don jonpereraRmt – ikauanak mail v ppEx2 exceed PD – soosay v ppEx3 public servant – dukhisingh v state of AllahabadEx 4 sudden fight – kunjo v ppEx 5 consent – poonaifattemahAssault – mohdabdulkader v ppCriminal force – raja izzudin shah v ppHurt – manzoorahmad v s o AllahabadGvs hurt – long samat v ppCriminal intimidation – lee yoke choong v ppTheft –a- dishonest intention – munandu v ppB – moveable property – abtarsingh caseC – of other man posses – ward v ppD – moves without consent – packer ali v savarimuthu , m ex5E – removal of property –illustration hExtortion – beh tuck seng v RUse legal power – Vincent lee v RInducing must complete, fear – chinniah v ppCriminal misappropriation 403Converted – darugappa caseBelong to others – sohanlal v emperorCriminal breach of trustEntrusment – bahruzamanali v ppDishonest, convert o use – mohdadil v pp 1 Page
  2. 2. Robbery – immenent fear of violenceTheft to robbery – nga pot thet v emperorExtortion to robbery – presence,immenentdeath,hurt,induce deliveryGang robbery – conjointly,united,concerted actionPp v khongsohReceiving stolen property 410 411Gulbad shamin possession,same or other had before, knowledge of stolen propertyRape – pp v mohdarfahjasmi, insertion of penis375 – cheong you hoi v ppConsent – r v abukassimbabuLimb a – against her will – pp v nasarLimb b – w/consent - PP v MohdRidzuan–(8.40 pm -1.00 am) – stayed, not tried to escape – with consent.Limb c – pp v abdulrahman – 3 mth rape if not insane/deathLimb d –legally married - R v Elbekay– victim, accused and victim’s boyfriend returned drunk – went to victim’s room – had sex –consented assumed his boyfriendLimb e – r v flattery – surgery then rapeLimb f – agustinefoong v pp, maidLimb g – mohdfairuz v pp, under age 2 Page