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Typical Spanish food
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Typical Spanish food



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  • 1. Nazaret Romero GraciaBlanca Pérez Contreras
  • 2. ROMERÍAOne of the most popular festivals in Lepe is the Romería, it takes placeon the 2nd weekend in May. In these slides you may find some of themost typical food we usually have.
  • 3. TYPES OF FOODTapasA main course
  • 4. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. Theymay be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (suchpaella, loins, hamburgers..), patrons of tapas can be many different tapasand combine them to make a full meal.
  • 5. TAPAS During Romería, it is quitecommon to have“tapas”, since we save a lotof time in the kitchenbecause it is ready to beserved, and we cannot onlyattend people when theyvisit us, but we can alsotalk, dance and sing withthem.
  • 6. THE MOST FAMOUS TAPAS Manchego Cheese Jam“Gambas” Olives
  • 7. DRESSED POTATOESAlthough this “tapa” is very common in summer, it isvery usual to have them during Romería. INGREDIENTS: 1 Kg. Potatoes 2 small onions 2 eggs 100 gr. Olives 2 cans of tuna Parsley branches 1 cup Olive oil 2 tablespoon vinegar 2 tablespoons Salt
  • 8. GAZPACHOSpanish cold tomato soup which is the perfect meal in Romería to cool down.Gazpacho is easy to make and although ingredients may vary according to the region,This is the basic Andalusian Gazpacho recipe. INGREDIENTS: ½ kg red tomatoes Vinegar 1 small onion Salt 1 green pepper Water 2 - 3 cloves garlic Olive Oil 1 small cucumber
  • 9. SPANISH OMELETTE The spanish omelette is one of the most famous recipes in Spain, withlots of variations. Traditionally, we cook the “tortilla española” with eggs,potatoes and olive oil, but sometimes we also add onions, peppers oreven red sausage. INGREDIENTS: 1 small onion (optional) 3 medium potatos 2 large eggs 3 tbsp olive oil (divided) Vegetable oil for frying the potatos Salt and pepper to taste
  • 10. Main Courses are dishes which are a bit more elaborated thantapas, which are usually ready to eat at the moment. Most of them arehot food.
  • 11. PAELLA Paella is a typical Spanish dish and it is very popular. It is normally madeusing shellfish but it can also be made with chicken or rabbit. On one ofthe festival days, we use a giant pan which should be big enough to feedeverybody, and cook a huge paella because everybody is invited!!INGREDIENTS:1 small onion ½ red pepper2 medium-sized tomatoes 2 carrots200g prawns 200g small clams12 mussels 350g ricea pinch of saffron strands A sprig of parsleyolive oil about 800ml water
  • 12. LOINS AND HAMBURGERSDuring the Romería, it is alsopossible to have some hottapas, such as hamburguers andloins, which is another way to cookfast food to avoid spending too muchparty.Hamburguers are regular ones, madeout of pork or chicken.Loins are usually served as tapas andthey can served with ham and greenpepper, what we call “serranitos”.