Exposing Educational Metadata as Linked Data: The Case of ARIADNE, Enayat Rajabi

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  • 1. Exposing Educational Metadata as Linked Data: The Case of ARIADNE Enayat Rajabi University of Alcala, Spain 11th EdReNe Conference 6th May, 2014 Greece
  • 2. Exposing educational data as Linked Data • Sharing educational data on the Web • Reusing learning resources by other resources • Enriching learning materials by interlinking them to Web of Data • Querying the educational repositories • …
  • 3. ARIADNE repository • A learning repository with more than 830,000 educational data available at http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/ • Most of ARIADNE learning metadata is based on IEEE LOM standard • Learning keywords: more than 5.5 million string values • Most of them are in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, … • Around 84,000 coverage values • Around 1,035,000 title values • …
  • 4. How do we expose IEEE LOM? • Having experiences on exposing IEEE LOM as Linked Data in Organic.Edunet, ODS, … • Realizing a recommendation on exposing IEEE LOM as Linked Data (ODS Recommendation Draft 19 June 2013) • Having experiences on interlinking LOM records over several repositories
  • 5. ARIADNE LD exposure steps 1. Harvesting • Harvesting ARIADNE metadata by ARIADNE harvester • Around 826,000 metadata were collected 1. Converting • Converting all harvested XML files into a relational database by a Java program • Having the possibility of analyzing the records by using an RDB
  • 6. ARIADNE LD exposure steps 3. Making RDF dump • Mapping RDB to RDF by using a mapping service (e.g., D2RQ service) and ODS LOM LD exposure recommendation • Exposing title, keyword, location, and description • Creating a RDF dump by D2RQ (9.3 million triple) • SPARQL Endpoint available? 4. Interlinking to DBpedia, and wordnet 5. Importing to a triple store and making a UI • Importing the RDF dump into Jena Fuseki
  • 7. Architecture
  • 8. Thank you! http://data.ariadne-eu.org Linked Data Team