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Sial 2012

Sial 2012






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    Sial 2012 Sial 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • WELCOME We invite you on a culinary journey: A trip where all senses enjoy a world of aromas, a world of colors, and a world of flavors…brought to you all the way from Israel.
    • TASTE THE ADVANTAGES The Israeli Food Pavilion brings you a unique variety of products with …a unique variety of advantages
    • TASTE THE ADVANTAGES: Exclusive innovative products Melting pot effect – unique combinations Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc. Suitable for premium and ethnic demands Range of industrial production and artisanal products Perfect for "private label" products Flexible in tailoring flavor and packaging for local markets
    • !and NOW Let’s taste each Israeli product one by one. Let’s experience each productwaiting for you at the Israeli Pavilion… Hall 4 4L 024
    • GreenLiteProducts: Gluten-free bakery goods & breadsWhy visit GreenLite:GreenLite develops and produces a wide range of gluten-free bakedgoods. Distinctive texture and great taste make these gluten-freeproducts taste like regular products.www.greenlite.co.il
    • NutriGalProducts: Gluten-free productsWhy visit NutriGal:NutriGal has developed a rich line of tasty and nutritious gluten- freefood products such as baked foods, pastas, cereals, nutritional bars,cookies, cake fillers, chocolate fillers, croutons, egg-free mayonnaiseand more. All products are rich in protein and fiber.www.nutrigal-galam.com
    • Einat Food IndustriesProducts: Baked GoodsWhy visit Einat Food Industries:Einat Food Industries produces a wide variety of baked goods such assalad sprinkles and coating mixtures (bread crumbs, batters,tempura, shake & bake). Einat is now presenting a new productconcept – Rounders. Suitable for soups, salads or as a snack, theytaste great and remain crispy for a long time.www.einatfood.com
    • Shelley AnneProducts: Whole grain crackersWhy visit Shelley Anne:Shelley Anne is the brand name for a wide range of traditional savorysnacks and nutritious healthy crackers. Using only a few naturalingredients, these crackers are made only from seeds, whole grainsand water. They come in a range of seductive flavors.www.shelleyannes.com
    • Cohen-OrProducts: Frozen pastry productsWhy visit Cohen-Or:Cohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredients fashionedfrom original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan, Arabic andMediterranean. What emerges are unique pastry varieties not foundanywhere else – pastries that promote the healthful food trend.www.cohen-or.co.il
    • LiveOProducts: Olive oil, olive products, antipasti & spreads Why visit LiveO:LiveO developed a wide range of fine gourmet products based on thepurity of extra virgin olive oil. Located in the Negev Desert of Israel,LiveO products bring together east and west, tradition andinnovation, culinary pleasure and design.www.liveo.co.il
    • Eliad Olive OilProducts: Olive oilWhy visit Eliad:Eliad produces the finest extra virgin olive oil from its own hi-techplantations in northern Israel. The state-of-the-art press and factoryallow strict quality controls to preserve the unique characteristics ofthe exquisite, aromatic and full-bodied olive oil from the Holy Land.
    • Lemon TreeProducts: Lemon powderWhy visit Lemon Tree:Lemon Tree is a lemon powder made from fresh lemons that havebeen uniquely dried in order to maintain the fresh taste and aromaof lemon. The product is preservative free and contains no artificialingredients or sweeteners.www.lemon-tree.co.il
    • SanlakolProducts: Prepared fruit, vegetable and tomato productsWhy visit Sanlakol:Sanlakol produces prepared fruit & vegetables, and produces saucesand salads. It offers fresh products with superior flavor, color andtexture, innovative food packaging, and long shelf life.www.sanlakol.com
    • Pri-ChenProducts: Canned vegetablesWhy visit Pri-Chen:Pri-Chen has produced top quality pickled and canned vegetables forthe last three decades. A combination of modern technology andexpertise are combined with traditional recipes inspired by Middle-Eastern flavors.www.pri-chen.com
    • 2BFRESHProducts: Fresh herbs and leafy vegetablesWhy visit 2BFRESH:2BFresh is a producer of hydroponic fresh herbs, lettuce and microgreens. These premium products are clean, pesticide-free, and havea long shelf life.www.2bfresh.com
    • Rushdi Food IndustriesProducts: Tahini and halvaWhy visit Rushdi:Owned by the Bashir family, Rushdi Food Industries is one of thelargest manufactures of tahini worldwide. It has preserved ethnicArab cuisine traditions for generations, and has embraced the goal ofbringing Israelis closer to the culture of Arab food and hospitality.www.rushdi.com
    • Prince TahinaProducts: Tahini - sesame seed pasteWhy visit Prince Tahina:Prince Tahina is a leading manufacturer of raw tahini for the Israeland overseas hummus industry, and works in conjunction withleading companies worldwide.www.princetahina.com
    • Carmit CandyProducts: Gluten-free & dairy-free confectionaryWhy visit Carmit:Carmit Candy is an expert in private label and has a range of provenand award-winning gluten-free & dairy-free products that are sold bysome of the world’s major retailers.The product line includes among others: wafers, cookies, chocolatecoins and coated pretzels. Carmit is now leading the way infunctional and health products.www.carmitcandy.com
    • Roy ChocolateProducts: Artisan chocolateWhy visit Roy Chocolate:Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, Roy Chocolate offerssignature chocolate collections. These include Chocolate Dreams,elegant coin shaped pralines; and Green Label, 85% reduced sugardark chocolate, filled with healthy fillings like honey, sesame spread,dates syrup, and spices. All gluten & lactose-free, rich in.antioxidants, fiber, protein and morewww.roychocolate.co.il
    • Ta’am VareachProducts: Spices and SeasoningsWhy visit Ta’am Vareach:Ta’am Vareach produces herbs, spices and special blends to enhanceand enrich the full range of cooking traditions. Our main productlines include spices, herbs, seasonings, grinders and Mediterraneanblends.www.israel-spices.com
    • Neptune Food ProductsProducts: Spices, seasoning mixtures, rice mixes, saucesWhy visit Neptune:Neptune Food Products produces, markets and exports a widevariety of spices, seasoning mixtures, sauces and snacks. Mainsectors served are: Gourmet and specialty, food industry (HoReCa)and private label.www.neptunefoods.co.il
    • FuntasteaProducts: Organic BeveragesWhy visit Funtastea:Funtastea produces pure brewed tea made from fresh herbs grownon an organic farm in the Arava Desert. With unique combinations oftastes such as Verbena-Lemon Grass and Sage-Lemon Grass, thesedrinks are 100% organic. Stevia is used as the primary sweetener.www.funtastea.com
    • Sommer Café AutomaticProducts: Powders for food & beverage preparationWhy visit Sommer Cafe:Sommer Café Automatic manufactures ice coffee, ice vanilla andother ice powders; chocolate, cappuccino and other hot beveragepowders; French crêpe, Belgian waffle, muffin and similar dessertpowders; and nutrition supplements including protein powders andgainers.www.coffee-sommer.com
    • Wissotzky TeaProducts: All types of teaWhy visit Wissotzky:Founded in 1849, Wissotzky Tea is the largest tea company in Israel,producing highest quality tea products as well as beautiful tea giftitems.www.wtea.com
    • Oriental TeaProducts: Health & diet functional teasWhy visit Oriental Tea:With 17 years of proven success, Oriental Tea offers a variety of teasand other products designed to heal, prevent, relieve and improvequality of life in a healthy, natural way without any side effects.www.orientalsecrets.co.il
    • Kawar SpiritsProducts: Arak & spiritsWhy visit Kawar Spirits:Kawar Spirits are produced with advanced technology and at thehighest standards while preserving the best of traditional authenticarak production techniques. As a result of our meticulous productionprocess and top quality all natural Ingredients, our plant producespure high-quality beverages with a smooth and rich taste.www.arak-kawar.com
    • Tempo Beverages Ltd.Products: Malt beverages (beer, shandy and non-alcoholic)Why visit Tempo:Tempo is Israel’s largest brewery, leading the market with anapproximate 55% market share in beer and malt beverages. In 2005,Heineken acquired a 40% stake in Tempo. Tempo is also the PepsiCobeverages franchisee in Israel. Tempo’s unique and original maltbeverages, beers and soft drinks are exported to over a dozencountries around the globe.www.tempo.co.il
    • More Israeli companies at Sial• Al Arz - Tahina paste, TBC• Avocadoil - Avocado oil, 5A S 121• Gat Foods - Non-alcoholic beverages, 7 F 146• Gan Shmuel Foods - Non-alcoholic beverages, 7 F168• Maimon’s - Baking products TBC• Nina Bakery - Gourmet pita bread TBC
    • See you at SIALHall, 4 4L 024
    • Thank YouFor further information please contact:Ms Michal NeemanBusiness Development Manager, Food & BeverageTel: +972 3 514 2859Cell: +972 54 457 8648michal@export.gov.ilwww.export.gov.il