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Nitro Max Presentation


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NitroMaxTM is a non-toxic; non-petroleum based liquid concentrate that acts as a bio-catalyst to micro-organisms in the soil when applied with water as a carrier

NitroMaxTM is a non-toxic; non-petroleum based liquid concentrate that acts as a bio-catalyst to micro-organisms in the soil when applied with water as a carrier

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  • 1. SOIL SUPPLEMENTNITRO/MAX SOIL SUPPLEMENTThe do’s, do not’s, and how to’sof Nitro/Max
  • 2. You Need to Know That: Nitro/Max is: A non-toxic, non-petroleum based liquid concentrate designed to increase the natural nitrogen cycle in the soil. It makes more efficient use of residual and applied nitrogen. Stimulates plant growth, production, and root development. Increases plant sugar/protein content. Promotes earlier maturation
  • 3.  Nitro/Max works best with the entire J&J Soil Management System but will still do its job alone. We recommend that Nitro/Max be applied several times throughout the entire process of the growing season. This being once before you have planted, once as a seed inoculant, once as a foliar spray, and once again after harvest.
  • 4. NEW FIELD / FIRST APPLICATION We recommend applying a mixture of Nitro/Max and J&J Soil Conditioner to a new field because it helps aid the breakdown of crop residues and to restart the nitrogen cycle.
  • 5. MAKING THE SOLUTION When using Nitro/Max for the first time on a new field should be applied at the rate of 12.8 ounces per acre of land.  To make the mixture for one acre of land measure out:  12.8 ounces of Nitro/Max  4 ounces of J&J Soil Conditioner  10 gallons of water Be sure to always add J&J Soil Conditioner LAST when mixing to avoid foaming. When applying solution to more than one acre of land take the same mixture and multiply it by how many acres you will apply the solution to.
  • 6. CLEANING YOUR SPRAYER To clean your sprayer before the use of Nitro/Max use a solution of 1 quart household ammonia to 50 gallons of water. For smaller personal use sprayers apply the same ratio of 1 part ammonia to 200 parts water. For example a 5 gallon sprayer would require a mixture of 3 ounces of ammonia to 5 gallons of water. Be sure to flush solution through entire sprayer system and not just the tank to ensure that any remaining substances from prior use are removed. Also be sure to flush the sprayer system with clean water after the ammonia solution to remove any remaining ammonia in the sprayer.
  • 7. APPLYING THE SOLUTION  Once solution has been properly mixed you are ready to apply it to your field.  Lightly incorporate the solution with the soil in dry, conditions to help keep it in the top three inches of the soil.  DO NOT incorporate with plowing.  If stubble is heavy it is recommended but not required that you add about 2-5 gallons of 28% Liquid Nitrogen per acre with the Nitro/Max application.  For maximum effectiveness crop residue should be broken down and in contact with soil or worked into the soil (by mowing, flailing, disking, or chisel plowing.)
  • 8. Seed Inoculation Nitro/Max is not only a soil supplement but can also be used as a seed inoculant. When Nitro/Max is used in this manner it has been proven to break seed dormancy and also substantially increase the rate of germination.
  • 9. Making the Solution To make the seed inoculation solution, mix Nitro/Max with clean water at a ratio of 1 part Nitro/Max to 20 parts water. The amount of solution will vary with the amount of seeds being treated but we recommend using 16 ounces of diluted solution to treat 3-4 bushel of seed. If less seed is needed apply the diluted solution at a rate of 4 ounces per bag of seed.
  • 10. Applying Solution to the Seeds When applying the solution to the seeds lightly dampen or mist all seeds just prior to planting. DO NOT SOAK The solution can be applied in a planter box or while being poured from a bag or wagon into a planter hopper, this is to be done at the point of entry in a drill fill or when being augered into a truck. If slightly moist and in danger of bridging inside the planter, allow the seeds to sit a few minutes to absorb the solution fully. Be sure to protect the seeds from direct sunlight and plant within 8 hours after the solution has been applied.
  • 11. FOLIAR APPLICATIONNow your field has been prepared, seeds, inoculated, and sprouts on their way to maturity, it is time to apply Nitro/Max in a foliar spray to your crop.
  • 12. MAKING THE SOLUTION The mixture rate of the  If Nitro/Max was applied in solution to be used for the early spring the mixture foliar application will is to be made at HALF the depend on whether or not normal rate. This being ½ a Nitro/Max has been applied gallon of Nitro/Max and 20 in the fall prior to the ounces of J&J Soil current growing season or if Conditioner mixed with 100 it was applied in the spring. gallons of water. If Nitro/Max was applied in the fall the mixture is the  Always remember to apply same as a new field rate, J&J Soil Conditioner LAST which is the full rate of 1 when making the solution gallon of Nitro/Max and 40 to avoid foaming ounces of J&J Soil Conditioner mixed with 100 gallons of water. This solution will treat 10 acres of land.
  • 13. MAKING THE SOLUTION (CONT.) If you are spraying an area less than 10 acres make solution at the rate of 12.8 ounces of Nitro/Max and 4 ounces of J&J Soil Conditioner with 10 gallons of water. This solution will treat one acre of land. Multiply this rate as necessary for the number of acres being treated. The half rate of this 1 acre mixture is:  6.4 oz. Nitro/Max  2 oz. J&J Soil Conditioner  10 gallons of water Always remember to apply J&J Soil Conditioner LAST when making the solution to avoid foaming
  • 14. APPLYING THE SOLUTIONTo determine when to apply this foliar solution refer to the chart below: Field Crops Time of Application Wheat, Barley, Oats Early spring at first green up prior to stooling. Corn 6-10 inches high. Soybeans 4 inches high – first blossom. Sunflowers 6-15 inches high. Sorghum, Milo 4-12 inches high. Tobacco 2 weeks after planting and ½ rate at 24 inches high. Peanuts Prior to pegging. Cotton Early squaring. Potatoes 4-6 inches high. Sugar Cane 4-36 inches high. Sugar Beats 4-10 inches high. Alfalfa, Hay Early spring at first green up and ½ rate after second cutting. Pasture Full rate in early spring and ½ rate at mid-season and fall. Foliar Spraying should be done in the evening or early morning when the plant stomata are open. AVOID FOLIAR SPRAYING IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY.
  • 15. FALL / PRE-SEASON APPLICATION Fall / pre-season application is to be done after harvest to restart the nitrogen cycle and breakdown of crop residues for the next growing season. To make solution and apply, follow the exact same steps as in new field treatment.
  • 16. For more information:Please contact us at: J&J Agri-Products & Services, Inc. 220 South Second Street, Dillsburg, PA. 17019 Office: 717-432-4040 Fax: 717-432-4429 Toll Free: 1-877-457-4040 Email: Web: