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Presentation mc handout

Presentation mc handout






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    Presentation mc handout Presentation mc handout Presentation Transcript

    • THe SToRYPeople are different, with styles and tastes varying in many ways, including what and howthey eat. With this in mind, Mcdonald’s will be launching a campaign that celebratespeople’s creativity and individuality with a contest aimed at finding The Perfect Burger.The Perfect Burger campaign addresses customization at a time where people are increasinglybecoming more serious about expressing their individuality. People expect companies to providethem with the means to be creative and content that they can use in creative ways. The Perfect Burgercampaign realizes that a combination of creativity, individuality and the Internet is a winningformula.The campaign also gives people a voice through various media. Social networking sites haveenabled people to create entirely new communities, tagging has created a kind of collectiveintelligence online, and consumer ratings empower people to make informed purchasing decisionsby sharing feedback with like-minded consumers. The process of The Perfect Burger involves all ofthese channels to reach the widest audience possible.
    • video-included on cd
    • The consumer insight video emphasizes these points and reinforces the campaign direction.
    • Individual style and taste is obvious when looking at burger eating styles – who takes out the pickle? Who does not?There are those who put fries on the burgers, those who add a little ketchup or mayo. This is simple daily burgercustomization, widely known to many McDonald’s customers.
    • The first part of the teaser campaign is built on the fact that many have quite strong feelings about theMcDonald’s pickle. Posters with claims of love and hatred of the pickle will be created, sparking interestand rousing feelings in people.
    • Also a part of the teaser campaign, Facebook groups will be created rivalling those who love the pickleand those who hate the pickle. (Interestingly there are already many similar existing Facebook groups).
    • This is an interactive billboard that rotates between ‘love and hate’ versions of the pickle poster.People will be able to press a button to display the version corresponding to their feelings for the pickle.
    • T-shirts will be created to promote the teaser campaign. These will be available as giveaways or merchandise forthe customer to buy. Having a stylish design and a clear message, these t-shirts are likely to initiate conversationsbetween people, who will have to defend or take praise for their clothing.
    • As a part of the in-store communication, McDonald’s employees will wear shirts that make astatement of whether they love or hate the pickle. This is to emphasize the fact that everybodyhas an opinion about the pickle.
    • During the campaign, McDonald’s packaging will be changed to lead people to www.theperfectburger.com.This is a paper ring around the existing packaging that tease people about customizing their burger.
    • Fun sticker packs with the Pickle character and other characters will be distributed in McDonald’s restaurants.
    • All the teasing initiativeswill lead to the websitewww.theperfectburger.com.This is a website with acountdown to the launchday of the actual cam-paign. Here people canalso express their opinionabout the pickle.
    • cAMPAiGn lAuncH
    • The “There Can Be Only One” claim challenges peoples’ competitive side and to be involved in the campaign.
    • The homepage will be themain platform for the entirecampaign. It is here thatpeople will create theirdream burger and judgeothers’. General informationabout the campaign will beavailable, as well as shortinstructions on ‘rate andcreate’ section.
    • The Perfect Burger websiteallows people to create theirPerfect Burger by “draggingand dropping” differentingredients on the screen.McDonald’s will select theingredients that will beavailable to the PerfectBurger challenge.
    • Once created people seetheir finished burger witha 360-degree view – a dis-play that offers a full showof personality and taste.When people create theirburger, they can attach asong via Spotify (see below)that describes their burgerbeyond the ingredients andthe name. Users can alsochoose to advertise theirburger on YouTube (whichcan be integrated in thewebsite) and Facebook.They can also invite theirfriends to create their ownburgers or randomize aburger. the burger creator isassigned a unique url suchas www.theperfectburger.com/mclaura
    • What is Spotify?Spotify is a radical new platformoffering free and legal access toa huge library of music. This isprovided in a free version thatcontains advertising, and in asubscription version without adver-tising. Users can enjoy completelyfree access to music from artistslike The Killers, Coldplay, as well asElvis Presley and James Brown.Spotify allows users to browsemusic by song title, artist, album,genre, record label and more,with songs available for immedi-ate listening. It is currently onlyavailable in certain countries inEurope such as Sweden, UK, Spain Integrating Spotify into the McDonald’sand France. Spotify is currently Perfect Burger campaign further height-planning to launch in Germany in ens people putting their personal stamp2010 and would welcome a launch on existing entertainment and makingpartner. This launch partner would it their own form of expression. Whenhave the opportunity to be the only people create their burger, they canprovider of this exciting applica- attach a song, any song that describestion and would in turn receive a lot their burger beyond the ingredients andof goodwill. the name.
    • People will be able to show of their new burger to friends and family on their Facebook wall.
    • People will have the opportunity to use all their charm and wit to persuade people with theirown 20-second advertising video. For an example, please see the CD attached.
    • On the website, people canalso rate and vote for vari-ous burgers. When clickedon, each burger will showthe rating status, ingredi-ents and the creator andof course play the chosensong or the 20-second ad.You can rate on a scale from0 - 5 and leave a personalcomment. As a thank youfor rating on 20 burgersMcDonalds will invite youto Spotify. Effectively givingyou free music for life!
    • The Hall of Fame is showcasing the 5 burger which are the winning burgers from each week.
    • Billboards asking people to “Create the Perfect Burger” will be placed at train stations and high traffic areas.People are able to move different burger ingredients by moving magnets to create a burger in a playful way.
    • The Perfect Burger phone application is downloadable from the website. Each week, users can pre-order the weeklyburger. The order will be placed at your nearest McDonald’s restaurant, where it can be picked up. The applicationallows the person to pay for the burger as a part of their phone bill and save time when in-store.
    • After a week of voting the burger with the highest score that week will be available in McDonald’s restaurants. Each Monday a new burger would be in-store. The person creating the winning weekly burger receives a years freesubscription to Spotify Premium worth €129 (Similar to the normal version but with no ads and higher quality music).
    • Customers who buy the burger are the ones who actually have the final voice when it comes to determining the finalwinner. They will be given a rating slip where they simply need to rate the burger they just enjoyed, and write downtheir email address. The email address would be for McDonalds to invite them to Spotify.
    • FinAl WinneR! By the end of the campaign, there will have been 5 burgers chosen as the weekly win- ners. Each of these burgers will receive an overall rating, solely based on the in-store votes. Finally! The title of ‘Perfect Burger’ will be given to the burger with the highest rating. It will be invited into the McDonald’s family until next year, when it will have to defend its title against new competition.
    • KENZI BOB DUNCAN THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION MAX CHRISTY ADRIANEXECUTING: KENZI & BOBCONCEPT: MAX, DUNCAN, ADRIAN, BOB, KENZI, CHRISTYCOPY: CHRISTY, DUNCAN & MAXAttached you find the cd with the presentation and the video. More t-shirts can be ordered via the MiamiAdSchooloffice. Ask for Bob, Duncan, Christy, Kenzi, Max or Adrian to place an order.