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How to get the most out of your marketing
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How to get the most out of your marketing


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Viral Marketing Secrets

Viral Marketing Secrets

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  • 1. How to Get the Most Out of your MarketingViral marketing has become arespectable and most importantly, veryeffective means of marketing amongbusinesses worldwide – that’s if it isdone correctly and respectfully. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 2. Correctly and respectfully? What does thatmean? It means not abusing the system. Itmeans using viral marketing tactics tospread the word about your business, yourproduct and your service without offendingothers or being self-serving. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 3. But, viral marketing is inherently self-serving, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. To be trulyeffective, viral marketing must include a giveand take approach. You must engage others,take part in conversation, and give as muchas you get. In other words, don’t expectyour message to spread itself. viralmarketing takes time, careful planning andwell-thought out execution. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 4. It has, for lack of a better word, an incurableneed for attention. While viral marketingcan be applied in a number of ways, thereare 3 main approaches: #1 – To Share. Social media sites likeFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube arein fact products of viral marketingthemselves. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 5. While they’re sole purpose is to allow (andencourage) users to share information, they toomust share their service via their users. It’ssimple, really. Their users believe in them andenjoy their websites so much, that they sharethose websites with others. Knowing this andtrusting this would take place, these social mediapowerhouses have become multi-million, somebillion dollar businesses thanks to, you guessed it,viral marketing. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 6. #2 – To Add Value. Adding value is not a characteristicunique to viral marketing. It is a common marketingapproach across the board. For hundreds of years,business owners have understood the importance ofoffering their customers “more”. For instance, buy thisproduct and receive this additional product for free. So,this notion of adding value applies to your viralmarketing in the same way. However, rather thansimply applying added value to your products andservices, make value-added offers to those who shareyour message. For instance, send this message to anadditional 10 people, and receive a free product. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 7. #3 – To create buzz. Similar to sharing, creating buzz iscan be extremely effective. How is it different? Whilesharing refers to others literally sharing information withfriends (i.e. Like my Facebook page? Sign-up for yourown Facebook page today and see more of what I’m upto, including photos, favorites and more!) creating buzz ismore about spreading the word. Consider how gossipspreads, or the way in which gossip magazines createstories based on hearsay. The idea is to get people“talking” about you and your business in a positive wayso that they begin to encourage others to becomecustomers, sign-up or carry on the conversation on theirown. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 8. As you can see, viral marketing is about morethan inundating your audience with yourmessage. It’s about strategic planning and takingan approach that puts your business in a positivelight while enticing others to not only becomecustomers, but to spread the word as well. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency