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How hotmail became hot
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How hotmail became hot


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The history of viral marketing.

The history of viral marketing.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. How Hotmail Became Hot: The history of viral marketingWhen you hear the term “viralmarketing”, you probably don’t get awarm and fuzzy feeling inside. That is,unless you know the history of how itbegan and the incredible story of whatit’s become. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 2. For internet marketers and businessowners alike, viral marketing has notonly woven its way into the advertisingand marketing culture of modern-daysuccess stories, but it is quicklybecoming as necessary as billboards,newsletters and direct mail campaignswere just a decade ago. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 3. In fact, some may argue, it has alreadysurpassed these archaic formsof marketing and is now the single mostcost-effective, reliable and strategic wayto share information while gainingcustomers through an approach thattruly offers the most bang for yourbuck. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 4. So how did this technologically-driven marketing approach get its start?One word – Hotmail. Thanks to Hotmail,the first among free web-based emailservice providers, viral marketing hastaken on a life of its own. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 5. When Hotmail first began, they decidedthat the best way to entice newcustomers would be to reach thefriends, family and colleagues of eachuser they had. So, in the footer of eachand every email that was sent from aHotmail account, the Hotmail teamplaced a link that read something likethis: Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 6. “Want a free email account? Sign-up forHotmail today!” And yes, believe it or not,this strategy went, as we know call it, viral.Hundreds of thousands of users hurriedlysigned up for their free email accounts andthe rest is history. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 7. That Hotmail model is the foundationfor the viral marketing we are familiarwith today. From Facebook, to Twitter,to YouTube and LinkedIn, viralmarketing takes many shapes andforms. It can vary in approach andevolve within each format, but thebottom line is to share information anddo so on a large-scale – for free. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 8. Rather than spend thousands onexpensive advertising campaigns,businesses (both large and small) havecome to recognize viral marketing as acost-effective way to not only get theirmessage across, but to increase salesand improve business overall. It truly isa phenomenon that continues to gainmomentum. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 9. And the more businesses thatrecognize viral marketing as anacceptable & reliable form of marketing, the more intriguing this approachbecomes. Why? Because more people &businesses are joining the conversation.And more we are seeing the positiveeffects of it and it doesn’t seem to beslowing down any time soon. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency
  • 10. While Hotmail has suffered theconsequences of major competition, theyare still an important player in the emailgame, and an extremely influential model inthe world of internet marketing. As thegrandfather of viral marketing , Hotmail willforever be recognized as the service thatstarted it all. Thanks to them, we have allbeen bitten by the viral marketing bug andour businesses are better for. Computer Engineering & Statistics Agency