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Introducing Agility Harmony, the next-generation digital messaging platform from Epsilon. Learn the benefits of a solution built by marketers, for marketers.

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Agility Harmony Overview Brochure

  1. 1. Next-Generation Digital Messaging Platform harmony
  2. 2. by marketers for marketers Epsilon Agility Harmony brings together world-class technology and services and industry-leading data solutions to create a truly next- generation digital messaging platform. This centralized solution for email and cross-channel marketing makes it easy to deliver highly personalized, data-driven campaigns. It also provides you with unprecedented insight into campaign performance, along with the ability to preemptively improve campaign results before and after you click send. Most importantly, because Agility Harmony is from Epsilon, you get the advantage of a digital messaging platform developed by marketers, for marketers from the ground up. We work with enterprise clients every day to deliver cutting-edge email and cross-channel campaigns that drive better results. We share your passion for digital marketing, as well as your desire to deliver a better customer experience. find digital marketing harmony at last
  3. 3. performance As a digital marketer, your requirements are clear. You need a platform built to harness your cross-enterprise data, engineered to integrate with your existing marketing and database systems, and equipped to deliver thousands of campaigns per second, billions of customized messages per year, all around the world. Agility Harmony is a cloud-based solution offering maximum availability. It features a flexible architecture that is highly extensible and easily integrated with other systems. Most importantly, it sports an infrastructure with a limit- less capacity for data. That infrastructure is tested every day by hundreds of the world’s largest brands, demanding real-time access to enterprise and cross-channel data. and peace of mind Why Agility Harmony? • Developed by marketers, for marketers • Powerful, easy-to-use data segmentation • Fast, precise, highly targeted campaigns • Preemptive email campaign intelligence • Embedded mobile device optimization • World-class strategic services portfolio
  4. 4. • Support for multi-tiered organizations and multiple brands • Customizable role-based permissions for a wide variety of users • Real-time notifications and alerts that keep you informed and productive • Flexible campaign storage model keeps creative and data assets together • Object-level audit trails and pre-deployment checklists and approvals • Multilingual user interface ideal for global marketing organizations Here’s how Agility Harmony improves your digital workday: maximum results more efficiency With Agility Harmony, Epsilon places a great deal of emphasis on tools that are easy to use and capabilities that will turbo-boost your team’s productivity from top to bottom. As a result, Agility Harmony succeeds in simplifying the steps it takes for you to pro- duce highly personalized, data-driven campaigns. You’ll find that Agility Harmony solves the most common problems for email marketers in innovative and approachable ways. That’s important, since fewer headaches means you can focus on improv- ing results that will drive your business. Kraft Epsilon consistently executes with a high level of quality. The results we’ve achieved with our email program are a reflection of the success of our partnership. ROLES & PRODUCTIVITY
  5. 5. precise targeting Agility Harmony provides a compelling, user-friendly feature set that enables you to produce industrial-strength email and cross- channel campaigns. You can personalize any campaign and target your messages right down to the individual using dynamic content. You can also make it easy for individuals to share your message across social networks — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Plus with Agility Harmony’s mobile optimization and compre- hensive proofing, testing, and monitoring tools, you can deliver campaigns that are pre-optimized for viewing on multiple devices, ensuring that the message you intended to send is the message that customers receive. Brookstone Working with Epsilon has given our leadership team confidence that our new email marketing goals and revenue targets will be achieved. across all devices • Fast and precise targeting with an easy-to-use segment creation tool • Extensive content permutations for highly relevant, dynamic messages • Mobile device optimization via embedded best practices and adaptive design • Automated campaign scheduling, triggering, and built-in campaign throttles • Drag-and-drop campaign composition with robust visual workflow editor • Centralized A/B/C testing and campaign proofing for error-free delivery Agility Harmony’s enterprise-class campaign management capabilities include: CAMPAIGN CREATION
  6. 6. Agility Harmony offers powerful data segmentation tools designed with marketers in mind. That means your campaign can be purely goal driven and not limited by your inability to access meaningful subscriber information and attributes. You can integrate, automate, and leverage data from anywhere in your enterprise as well as from cross-channel campaigns, and use it all to drive customer engage- ment. With Agility Harmony you can easily import and store data, define segmentation rules, and apply these rules to existing or real-time data within a campaign. Segmentation rules can be defined by any user, stored, and shared with members of your team. That means your technical managers can define complex segmentation rules, and your program managers can apply them to the appropriate campaigns and data structures. No muss, no fuss. big data the tools you need to tame • Powerful segmentation tools simple enough for marketers to use • Targeted queries based on deep profile attributes and response activity • Subscriber views based on communication touch points and response history • Master profile and list management at both subscriber and campaign levels • Ability to leverage data from across your enterprise and across channels • Embedded data hygiene processes for maximum email deliverability More ways Agility Harmony intensifies and simplifies data enablement: DATA ENABLEMENT Dell Epsilon is a great marketing partner for us. They understand our strategic vision and are constantly challenging us to take our campaigns to the next level.
  7. 7. real-time analytics, If you are like most digital marketers, it’s hard to go beyond the standard email metrics like click-throughs and open rates. Agility Harmony endeavors to change that by offering a new breed of metrics that drill deeper into campaign performance statistics to provide alternative and more meaningful measures of success. With Agility Harmony, reporting and analytics have been devel- oped around the concept of “Active Intelligence.” We’re giving you the ability to optimize campaign results before and immediately after you click send, thanks to unprecedented insight into campaign performance and tools to take preemptive action to improve it. P&G We are so pleased with the level of commitment the Epsilon team consistently provides us. They are an extension of our marketing team – a true partner. split-second optimization • Active campaign optimization before and immediately after you click send • Robust reporting on deployment metrics including opens, clicks, and delivery • Performance reporting based on response activity and content engagement • Snapshot analysis on active and recently deployed campaigns • Up-to-the-minute analysis using live monitors and real-time reporting Agility Harmony changes the way you think about reporting and analytics: INTELLIGENCE AND REPORTING
  8. 8. more than just a platform World-class services portfolio • Strategic Consulting • Analytics and Data Services • Email Response Network • Professional Services • Campaign Management • Agency Services • Deliverability With Agility Harmony, we’re confident that digital marketers will be armed with the tools they need to build engaging, highly profitable digital communications. But sometimes software is not enough. Sometimes you need a partner to help make the most of what’s available – to build strategies, extend your resources, and more. Agility Harmony is backed by nothing less than the world’s larg- est and most experienced digital marketing services organization. Today Epsilon provides full-service digital marketing to some of the world’s most recognized brands. We also help companies with limited time or limited resources maximize the value of Agility Harmony and achieve a greater return on their marketing spend. More than the services we offer, what distinguishes Epsilon from the rest is the skill and dedication of our people. We employ thou- sands of experienced marketers proficient in campaign strategy, analytics, deliverability, creative, and more. And they all share the same mission – helping you achieve the best possible results. Why Agility Harmony? • Developed by marketers, for marketers • Powerful, easy-to-use data segmentation • Fast, precise, highly targeted campaigns • Preemptive email campaign intelligence • Embedded mobile device optimization • World-class strategic services portfolio It’s time you found Harmony. Contact Epsilon at (866) 276-4581 or Visit to learn more. @agilityharmony
  9. 9. Copyright © Epsilon 2013 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. All rights reserved.