AgileXRM - Agility for Dynamic Business - March 2010 - Extended
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AgileXRM - Agility for Dynamic Business - March 2010 - Extended



An extended overview of AgileXRM and how it brings agility to the xRM Platform when creating LOB applications

An extended overview of AgileXRM and how it brings agility to the xRM Platform when creating LOB applications



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    AgileXRM - Agility for Dynamic Business - March 2010 - Extended AgileXRM - Agility for Dynamic Business - March 2010 - Extended Presentation Transcript

    • Extended Overview (March 2010) AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Follow AgileXRM Web Site: Blog: Twitter: Linked-In: YouTube: SlideShare: Facebook: AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Presentation Content Microsoft’s Vision What is xRM? Challenges faced in xRM What is AgileXRM? AgileXRM Form Engine AgileXRM Process Engine AgileXRM AgileParts & AgileWorks AgileXRM Architecture AgileXRM Screenshots About Us AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Microsoft’s Vision “…the three pillars of the Dynamic Business: 1. People 2. Process - the backbone of business. Every unit of execution in a business can be distilled into some kind of process. It could be an order approval, an expense report submission, a workflow, the fact of the matter is that process is everywhere! When it comes down to it, getting process right is a tough thing to do. It’s a complex world that we live in and as businesses grow and change, things like agility and flexibility are highly important. Processes need to be structured enough to enforce efficiency, while at the same time flexible enough to provide adaptability. Again – effective usage of a business solution can truly enable the kind of agility that today’s businesses require. 3. Ecosystem …” Kirill Tatarinov – Executive Insight blog entry (Jan 11th 2010) Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • What is xRM? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fast becoming a viable alternative platform for building Line-Of-Business applications that are not necessarily Marketing, Sales or Services. Dynamic CRM’s superior metadata-driven architecture provides most of the required functionalities that people look for in a platform; things like Security, web-based UI, Metadata Management, Scalability, Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language in conjunction with simple customization mechanisms, powerful extensibility via .NET and multiple deployment options This capability of using Dynamics CRM as a LOB development platform is commonly known as xRM, or “Anything Relationship Management” AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Challenges faced in xRM Many of these issues in fact, apply to other Development Platforms: xRM is a Management-by-Data solution End-users are given a rich UI to manage the information and although the built-in Workflow functionality helps to automate certain tasks, it is the end user who is given the overall responsibility to adhere to the company’s business rules, procedures and processes. Challenges in implementing business processes: Rarely implemented end-to-end, rather partial, due to high cost of implementation Implemented with combination of Customizations, Workflows, Plug-ins and JavaScript No visual modeling of processes, but a combination of declarative WFs and code Monitoring status of running process is difficult due to use of different techniques Involving External Users as part of a business process is via custom code and hence rigid Incorporating External Systems as part of the business process is via custom code Very little control over running processes for managing unexpected situations Challenges in interacting with people: Single Form per Entity requiring too many clicks and popup windows to get to the desired info Heavy use of JavaScript required in Form personalization making it hard to maintain Hard to expose data from different entities in same Form Even harder is to expose data from external systems in the Forms Costly development and maintenance of UI for External Ecosystem Users (MS License limitation) AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Challenges faced in xRM (…continued) Challenges in KPI Reporting Most business KPIs are based on the status of business processes . Extracting this info from xRM Repository is not always apparent to business users Dependency on highly qualified resources Although many of the platforms customizations are simple enough to do, real-life xRM projects require high usage of expert-level developers for creation of desired end solution Loss of Agility Metadata-driven customization benefits are reduced drastically when custom code extensions are required. If developers are needed to apply the change, then time to market becomes longer, reducing the agility of the platform AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • What is AgileXRM? It is not just another Add-in! AgileXRM means Agility for xRM Keeps xRM metadata-driven providing agility and flexibility needed for Dynamic Business AgileXRM converts xRM to a Management-by-Process Platform Each piece of data is managed in the context of some business process Directs end-users to what to do and when to do it; and gives them all the info needed for being able to do it Non-Developer Oriented Allows modeling business processes visually in MS Visio and deploying them without code nor compilation Maintains the advantages of the metadata-driven nature of xRM with minimal dependency on developers Extends into the Ecosystem, beyond the bounds of xRM Interacts with external users with ease Involves external systems simply Full control over processes in execution Enables actions like visual Rollback or Roll-Forward within the processes Multiple versions of business processes can be running simultaneously Zero down-time for deployment of new versions of processes On-the-fly visual migration of running processes from one version to another Exception management is greatly simplified Clear separation of actors Permits clear separation of application users from “contributors” or sporadic participants Implicit Compliance By following the company’s rules and processes, users automatically comply with these regulations Implicit Auditing Automatically audits who did what and when, including for external users AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • AgileXRM Form Engine Simple and familiar Form Designer for non-developers Multiple Forms Multiple Forms per Activity For internal users, as well as external users RIA Forms Forms designed and rendered using Silverlight 3.0 Compound Forms Expose all related data necessary for the user Via chaining of relations of entities Via external data sources Filtered Lookups (*) Hierarchical Picklists (*) Advanced Validation at UI level (*) Further customizable and extendable (*) With Expression Blend For changing Look & Feel With Visual Studio For adding custom logic in .NET Third-party Silverlight controls can be added (*) For v4.1 release AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • AgileXRM Process Engine Simple and visual Process Designer for non-developers using MS Visio End-to-end business process design: Full data life-cycle management inside xRM Visual monitorization of processes For individual instance or for groups of instances Able to navigate within process hierarchy Full Version Control, Multiple versions executable simultaneously Powerful Runtime management Rollback or Roll-forward inside a running process Migrate running instance(s) to different version of process Easily interact with external users Simple to involve external systems: SAP, SharePoint, DBs, WS, etc. Extensive Workflow patterns supported Covers the majority of business use cases out-of-the-box Make sure processes move forward Multiple Notification mechanisms to make sure users are duly reminded of their tasks Create escalation routes after timeouts Existing xRM Workflows are reusable within the processes Further extendable with Visual Studio For adding custom steps or connectors using .NET AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • AgileXRM AgileParts & AgileWorks AgileParts • Set of automatic (or “system”) activities that –Delete entity allow automations to be executed in CRM server –Multi-record Set Status –Multi-record Update – CRM Workflow –Multi-record Change Ownership – Search CRM –Multi-record Delete – Add Note –Convert Lead – Create Word & PDF docs –Converter (e.g. Order to Invoice) – Set Status – Wait for Event AgileWorks – Detach Attachment • Set of manual activities that require user – Assign to Manager interactions: – Change Ownership – Manual Task – Sub-process – External User Manual Task – Multi Sub-process – Fax – Create Entity – Phone Call – Update Entity – CRM Email – Cancel Parent Process – CRM Letter – Suspend Parent Process – CRM Service – Resume Parent process – Appointment (*) – Send email using CRM email Template (*) For v4.1 release AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Screenshots: Visio-based Process Modeler Model processes directly in Visio and deploy instantly. No code. No hassle. Rich set of Visio Shapes out-of-the-box, each being a process step. Can add custom steps. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Visual Process Execution and Task Management Showing a process in execution in Dynamics. Clicking on the pending task icon, a pop-up window shows its basic information and a link opens the window task in context. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Rollback, Roll Forward Flexibility in managing running processes. Rollback or jump ahead in a process, all at runtime. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Process Migration Exclusive functionality of visual on-the-fly migration of running processes. Maximum agility in adapting to change. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Form Designer Simple yet powerful Silverlight Form Designer. Create and expose multi-language compound forms for internal and external users. Just add bounded Data Sources to show contextual external data. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • About Us AgilePoint has developed the first comprehensive Business Solution for the Microsoft xRM platform. AgilePoint’s deep enterprise experience and its utilization of the latest Microsoft technologies enable it to provide the first secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable solutions in the market. AgilePoint’s solution is designed to enable business users to quickly implement and deploy cross-functional and cross-organizational business processes in the form of process-based applications, all while in an easy-to-use process-modeling environment running on their desktops using reusable business activity modules and executable functional parts built by IT. AgilePoint founders are technology industry veterans in delivering value producing process-centric business solutions. AgilePoint aims to redefine the boundaries of enterprise-class performance and affordability by delivering a highly effective yet extremely affordable solutions to enable any enterprise to quickly achieve operational excellence and maximize return on investment. Our Objective To help any business attain the highest level of end-to-end business operational efficiency by becoming a process-managed enterprise faster, better, and cheaper. AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • Global Presence & Support Network AgilePoint Company Proprietary
    • AgilePoint Inc. - U.S. Headquarters 1916C Old Middlefield Way Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Tel: +1 650-968-6789 Fax: +1 650-968-6785 E-mail: AgilePoint EMEA Industriepark De Bruwaan 35b 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium Tel: +32 55 31.62.09 E-mail: AgilePoint Japan AgilePoint Iberia アセントン株式会社 Edificio Cuzco IV 〒141-0031 Paseo de la Castellana 141, 8º 東京都品川区西五反田 7-13-6 28046 Madrid SDI 五反田ビル 10F T: 91 572 66 84 Tel: +81-3-3505-8178 F: 91 572 66 21 Fax: +81-3-3505-8198 E-mail: Website: Agility for Dynamic Business AgilePoint China 上海市徐汇区龙华西路585号华富大厦21A4 邮编: 200232 Tel: +86-21-64695907 Fax: +86-21-64694171 E-mail: Website: AgilePoint Company Proprietary