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The loneliness of the sprint manager or 'where is my team?'
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The loneliness of the sprint manager or 'where is my team?'


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The loneliness of the sprint manager or 'where is my team?' …

The loneliness of the sprint manager or 'where is my team?'
By Dror Zernik @ AgileIL12

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The loneliness of the agile short-sprint manager Dr. Dror Zernik Cell:+972 52-8305999 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 2. Team– revisited Multi-functional, self-organized, auto- managed group of people with a common goal? Axiom 1: Work in the modern world is carried out in teams better • Is this true only for Dev teams? • Which teams do I (manager) belong to? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 3. LonelinessAxiom 2: Oh, It’s lonely at the top• The CEO is lonely… (?)• Does this reflect downwards? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 4. Loneliness – revisited I• I feel lonely when my interests are not aligned with the team’s interests?• I feel lonely when there is a gap between my perception of the situation and the other team member’s perception?• I fee lonely when both of the above happen a lot/too much… All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 5. Loneliness – revisited II• Is the Product Manager lonely in his work? What is his reference team?• Project Manager?• Dev Manager?• Other Managers? QA/Infra/…? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 6. Management path – revisited Axiom 3: As a manager I’m in the path from being a team member to becoming the CEO (?) So – as a manager I’m training to become lonely!? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 7. Is every meeting I attend a team? Recurring • What role am I expected to play in the meeting? – Leader? – Professional? – Observer? – Responsible adult? – Team member? • Am I required in this meeting? Just to stress out its importance? • Can a decision be taken without me? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 8. Agile – revisited • Does Agile make it worse? Or better? • Can I use agile thinking to solve the conflict? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 9. So what is a team? Revisit II - Processes – product backlog preparation – team? - Change management team? - Multi-team coordination team? (Steering, core) - Task force team? Thinking tank team? - Emergency handling team? - The team I manage (managers, often) All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 10. New definition of a manager? • A multi-team member • A creator/owner of multi-functional teams • A team member participant that plays varying roles in each team; the role may be rapidly changing based on the situation… • A person in charge of aligning all the teams bellow him to their goals? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 11. Sample case 1 • An unexpected change in product plan – Action plan – management team – Product backlog team (discovery process) – R&D plan – my manager’s teams All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 12. Sample case 2Strategic decisionsin he project I’mleading contradictmy opinion…– I wish the project would fail…?– How do I get the team to believe me and the new decisions?– What are my goals??? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  • 13. The bottom line? • As a manager - I should find the teams I’m really relevant for/relevant for me… • Larger organizations should construct middle level management teams, cross multiple levels (1st – 3rd, 2nd - 4th)level • Create clear joined goals for management teams. Take good care of these teams… • Where is the CEO? • Truly waiting for audience ideas… All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks