Lifecycle Conversion Mapping (free marketing template)


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This Excel template helps you map out the touchpoints along the unfunnel lifecycle. There are both marketing blast and triggered communications. This approach shows a more rapid conversion to advocate during the first month and ongoing cultivation with loyalty rewards and affiliate programs.

This diagram shows:
• Amount of touchpoints in each lifecycle stage
• Triggered vs. marketing communications
• Content needs & development
• Timeline for promotions and programs

Package: unFunnel Lead Nurturing Package – Part 4
Agile Factor: Power of People -

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Lifecycle Conversion Mapping (free marketing template)

  1. 1. Campaign Multi-Channel Touchpoints - unFunnel Lifecycle Part 4 Diagram ©  Copyright  2013 MarketingMessageTriggeredCommunication Month 1 - Messaging 1)  Personalized Thank You Email - unAutomated (Current target after first conversion) Call to Action Link (CTA) - View Rewards Program 2)  Send a Weekly Special Promotion - until they convert and move to "active" Since they are not committed to your brand yet, automated triggered emails are fine, BUT make sure include a rewards program to incentivize them. Any lead can be a potentential partner, but qualify them by making them take the next step. Month 2-4 - Messaging 3)  Loyalty Program - personalized based on industry or persona 4)  Social Product 1 - (peer 2 peer, social contest, on or offline event, game or app etc.) 5)  Social Product 2 - (a different platform for engagement) 6)  Social Product 3 - (new platform based on feedback from product 1&2) Here is the time to invest and engage. Since you didn't use media budget to capture the lead, shift those dollars towards creating content that is beneficial to the user. Make sure it is able to be customized to different needs and puts the customer first, instead of the brand. Month 6+ - Messaging 7)  Affiliate Referral Program - monetary incentive for sharing your brand information 8)  Poll/Survey 1 - (feedback) 9)  Poll/Survey 2 - (feedback) 10)  Poll/Survey 3 - (feedback) This is normally the time you would stop spending money to retain and keep your loyal followers. After the 6 month point, this person has proved their interest and it's worth paying them back for their hard work and listening to what they have to say. Remember, a 3rd party objective opinion is usually something traditional marketers pay for with user and experience testing - so take advantage! Triggered Thank You (After All Conversions) CTA View Your Total Rewards Earned Co-Branded Campaign (Secondary Targets, Constituents & Allies) CTA Brand Integration Opportunities N/A 11)  Automated Email Newsletters & RSS feed 12)  Mobile SMS Text - personal access 1-to-1 13)  Direct Twitter Messaging These are the people that you want to hold close. Spend the time to get to know them and figure out how you can help - and how they can help you. This reciprocal relationship will be individualized for each person and the size of their networks but well worth the effort. Make sure you align and recognize their efforts and see what information they need - and be as available as possible to work with them on earned media opportunities.