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Agile Impact - Most Influential Women in Tech
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Agile Impact - Most Influential Women in Tech


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Agile Impact is a woman founded company with a team of mostly women. Our founder, Rebecca Ralston, often says her main goal for her employees is to go out into the world with he ability to go …

Agile Impact is a woman founded company with a team of mostly women. Our founder, Rebecca Ralston, often says her main goal for her employees is to go out into the world with he ability to go toe-to-toe against any man in the industry. Needless to say, we’re big fans of empowerment.

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  • 1. MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECH 10 Women who rule the digital world By Kali Orkin Agile Impact Group
  • 2. SHERYL SANDBERG Facebook’s COO is the top woman in tech because of her visibility and advocacy. Not only is she second in command at the number one social media website and driving revenue beyond expectations, she is also the author of Lean In, a popular book encouraging women to take on leadership positions and use their voices. Photo Credit: World Economic Forum
  • 3. MARISSA MAYER Marissa Mayer made big waves when she took the helm at Yahoo! last year, becoming one of the youngest CEOs of a Fortune 500 company—and one of just a few female CEOs. She was also six months pregnant at the time, instantly becoming a shining example of an ambitious working mother. Mayer is boldly leading Yahoo! based on her experience as a long time Google executive, making huge social media acquisitions like Tumblr. Her strong work ethic and high profile position make her a leading contender for the title “Queen of Tech.” Photo Credit: Giorgio Montersino
  • 4. GINNI ROMETTY As the leader of IBM, Ginni Rometty was the first female CEO of a major tech company and is currently listed as #2 on Forbes’ list of Powerful Women—right behind the president of South Korea. Ginni’s main focus as a leader in tech is innovation. The 102-year-old tech company is aiming to be a leader in business analytics software and cloud computing by 2015. Photo Credit: Asa Mathat / Fortune MPW
  • 5. MEG WHITMAN Billionaire and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman’s accomplishments are impressive. Not only is she the current CEO of a major technology company, Meg Whitman also grew the revolutionary ecommerce site eBay from $4 million to $8 billion in revenue. Whitman is politically active, too. She had a run for governor of California in 2010 and has been considered for cabinet positions. Her primary platform in politics is stressing economic growth. Photo Credit: Eric Draper / Meg Whitman for Governor
  • 6. PADMASREE WARRIOR Padmasree Warrior gets bonus points for having the most awesome name ever. She lives up to that awesome name by running Technology and Strategy at Cisco Systems. Her CEO at Cisco, John Chambers, named Warrior as the most likely successor to the company. He named her “among the sharpest technology persons in the world.” Oh, and she’s managed to garner over a million Twitter followers. Photo Credit: Cisco Australia-NewZealand
  • 7. URSULA BURNS Being a woman in tech is difficult; being a black woman in tech is an even lonelier path. But that hasn’t stopped Ursula Burns from driving Xerox into a full- blown tech company. Xerox technology now manages almost all online software for airline tickets, parking fees, and health insurance claims, meaning Xerox now rakes in over $10 billion in revenue from technology services. The once carbon-copy company thought to be doomed has managed to turn itself around under Burns’ leadership. Photo Credit: Krista Kennell / Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit
  • 8. CHER WANG One of the few women in tech to have founded a company, Cher Wang can boast two startups under her belt. Her company, HTC, now manufactures one out of every 6 smartphones sold in the United States--meaning if you have an Android phone right now, Cher helped make it possible. Wang is worth a whopping $8.8 billion and has donated millions of dollars in cash and technology to schools in Taipei and China. Photo Credit: Robert Scoble
  • 9. AMY HOOD Amy Hood hit a milestone for women in tech this spring when she was named chief financial officer (CFO) of America’s most powerful company: Microsoft. Amy has held executive finance positions in Microsoft for several years, and reaching the top-tier level is a first for women in the industry. She also oversaw one of the most shocking acquisitions in recent history, the purchase of Skype for $8 billion. Photo Credit: Microsoft
  • 10. MARY MEEKER Everyone knows a good tech company cannot succeed without venture capital, and Mary Meeker is Queen of Silicon Valley. A celebrated analyst of the dot com era, Meeker helped publish several influential reports on the internet landscape while working at Morgan Stanley. A partner at major VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meeker has participated in over 20 deals, including funding DocuSign and Lending Club. Photo Credit: JD Lasica
  • 11. LISA STONE Lisa Stone imagined the Internet as a community of women empowering each other to create media that mattered. As the founder of BlogHer, Lisa Stone and her two cofounders, Elisa Page and Jory De Jardines, have created a revolutionary way for women to connect, consume and create media. BlogHer was created when the founders realized female curated blogs were getting enough attention. Now, it seems like women rule the blogosphere! Photo Credit: .imelda