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Rich Sheridan's keynote slides

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  • The Menlo Institute and its affiliated Menlo Companies are named in honor of Thomas Edison and the work environment and productivity demonstrated at Menlo Park. It is ironic that the best example we could find of a productive work and team environment was one created over 120 years ago by a young up and coming Thomas Edison. The example he established of cooperative development, open and collaborative workspace and a spirit of innovation and invention is the example we follow today in the creation of Software Factories.
  • AgileCamp SV 2013

    1. 1. Agile & The Business Value of Joy Richard B. Sheridan CEO, Co-founder, Chief Storyteller Menlo Innovations @menloprez
    2. 2. Joyful?
    3. 3. Destroy the person.
    4. 4. Destroy the team.Destroy the team.
    5. 5. Destroy the culture: Leadership Pyromania* *Brought to you by arsonists!
    6. 6. Welcome to Menlo • Introduction
    7. 7. Menlo Version 3 • Introduction
    8. 8. Menlo Version 3 • Introduction
    9. 9. The tools of our intentional culture.
    10. 10. Storycards • Write it down • Get away from management by suggestion • Writing a card does not “authorize” it. Clarity and Simplicity
    11. 11. Common sense • Anthropology • Study people • Observe them – In their native environment • Look for the invisible • Be the empath!
    12. 12. Serious fun! Practice, practice .
    13. 13. Conversation The way we engage stakeholders matters!
    14. 14. Freedom & Structure The joy of getting things done!
    15. 15. Permission The joy of learning. Teamwork and collaboration.
    16. 16. Experiments Trust your people!
    17. 17. Space, Energy, Humility • High-speed Voice Technology™ • Energy, creativity, imagination, Wow! • Knock down towers of knowledge.
    18. 18. Rigor and discipline • Automated Unit Testing • Simple, powerful, ignored. • Living, breathing documentation.
    19. 19. Overcoming Brook’s Law You can’t do that! Yes we can!
    20. 20. Build a “Learning Organization” “In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organization’s ability to learn faster than your competition.” - Peter Senge
    21. 21. The Team, the Team … “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” - Patrick Lencioni
    22. 22. Inspiration Menlo Park, New Jersey 1880-1881
    23. 23. Questions? Richard B. Sheridan twitter @Menloprez 734-665-1847 Want to see more? Come visit! How We Built a Workplace People Love Joy, Inc. Richard Sheridan Co-founder and CEO, Menlo Innovations Available for pre-order