Confessions of a Quest Designer


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The 3D GameLab program allows learner choice in which modules to study. This fit's today's knowledge workers. But it also makes it key to make choices attractive. In learning and implementing a Quest Group in 3D GameLab, what are some of the best practices and did I follow them in designing my first quest chain? Presented at the VWBPE 2013 conference on education.

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Confessions of a Quest Designer

  1. 1. © 2013 Agile Dimensions LLC
  2. 2. AgileBill Krebs Rockcliffe BOD Agile MOOC Agile Witness News™ Agile Journey Index Atlas of Distributed Tools 3D GameLab
  3. 3. Reference Charles Christopher Haskell. 2012. "Design Variables of Attraction in Quest-Based Learning" Boise State University Theses and Dissertations Available at:
  4. 4. “Schools will change”
  5. 5. Dr Kevin Werbach Gamification MOOC 2012
  6. 6. Programmed Instruction  Skinner, BF (1968), "Index", Technology of Teaching.  Squad Leader. 1977. 36 pages. Read a few then play a scenario (bite sized) The Avalon Hill Game Company now Multi-Man Publishing Compare w/ Dungeons & Dragons Read 169 / 317 pages Necessitates ‘basic’ version Are “games” for Simulation or fun?
  7. 7. What is 3D GameLab
  8. 8. Badges
  9. 9. Trained in 3D GamgLab
  10. 10. It’s all about choice
  11. 11. Approach 1 1. Do this 2. Then do this 3. Then do this 4. Then do this 5. Then do this 6. Then do this 7. Then do this 8. Then do this 9. Then do this
  12. 12. Approach 2 1. Do this 2. Then do this 3. Then do this 4. Then do this 5. Then do this 6. Then do this 7. Then do this 8. Then do this 9. Then do this  Choose from these  A  B  C  Now you can choose some of these  D E F  G H I J  K  You have earned a Badge
  13. 13. Why would they choose each of my lessons?
  14. 14. Is it okay if they don’t?
  15. 15. Polar Caps Rotates, but is tilted a little bit Covered with clouds that are moving around Revolves around the Sun It is night at the other side But you can see lights from cities The Moon revolves around the Earth Why is it grey? Where did it come from? Do we ever get to see the far side? Visit soon, because the inhabitants are trying to make the planet devoid of life (Recommended: towel, sun screen, food rations, breathing apparatus, and NBC suit) About the Earth
  16. 16. What would you change?
  17. 17. Example Quest
  18. 18. Pragma Noun. Does not perform any action in the language itself, only change the behavior of the compiler. Or Best Practice
  19. 19. Pragma 1 Give Choice  Choice of Worlds  Choice of Activities in each World  Choice of criteria for capstone Atlas Confession “I did not make a tree, only a spreadsheet with Prereqs” (and I love topology!)
  20. 20. Prereqs
  21. 21. Pragma 2 Give Structure  3 Syncup quest points  Prereqs  Example Atlas
  22. 22. Pragma 3 Keep up with learners  Check forum  Respond to ever post  Check e-mail notifications  Check Quest menu Confession “I slowed down after the quest track formally ended”
  23. 23. Pragma 4 Mine Data  Some of the value of a MOOC is in mining big data  3D GameLab collects some Key Data Confession “I did not look at the numbers until the track was over”
  24. 24. Data
  25. 25. What Correlates? XP, Time, Rating?
  26. 26. Pragma 5 Be consistent across quest groups  Used similar number of quests  Used similar XP budget  Used similar quest format  Uses similar live cadence Confession “I did not try any of my peer’s quests during the track”
  27. 27. Pragma 6 Challenge them when needed  Where do you draw the line between encouraging people and challenging them to redo their work?  3D GameLab lets you approve or reject quests – auto or manual. Confession “I feel bad when I have to return a poor quest”
  28. 28. What Best Practices would you add? 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________
  29. 29. Game Board GameBoard GameBoard GameBoard
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  31. 31. Watch More
  32. 32. Do More Rockcliffe UW Avalumni
  33. 33. Agile MOOC
  34. 34. Contact Bill for More Skype AgileBill4d LinkedininBillKrebs