Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile


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In this training presentation we will walk Realtors through updating and optimizing their Linkedin Profiles.

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  • Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile

    1. 1. the linkedin profileonline marketing | websites | social media TECHNOLOGY
    2. 2. stats (2012)• the largest professional network today• your profile should show off your professional interests, achievements, & passions.• your connections can be built and expanded upon professionally unlike any other network. TECHNOLOGY
    3. 3. stats 2012• over 50 million users in the U.S. (mar. 2012)• 161 million total users worldwide (mar. 2012)• 69% of all linkedin users make at least 60K/year.• 80% of users are 25+ years old.• 74% of linkedin users have a graduate and/or post-graduate degree. TECHNOLOGY
    4. 4. optimize your profile• fill out your profile for 100% completion• start working linkedin into your new client profiles (make the connection after meeting a new client)• join groups and participate in them• get recommendations from clients• use KEYWORDS for your headline, summary, and job titles. TECHNOLOGY
    5. 5. updating your profile step 11. Update your profile picture (use professional picture)2. Create your Headline and incorporate a call to action in it. Be creative here, this is a “marketing headline for you”3. Education: Update your schooling/degree info.4. Recommendations: Start requesting them.5. Connections: Start getting them when you meet new clients and make connections with past clients.6. Websites: Connect your website, blog, facebook page, etc...7. Twitter: Connect it.8. Public Profile: Customize it with your name. TECHNOLOGY
    6. 6. updating your profile step 21. Summary Section: Remember to write this like a marketing piece for prospective clients. Think of who your clients are and fill this section out like if you were marketing to them. Be cleaver here and not cheesey.2. Experience Section: Similar to the Summary Section, write this for your clients.3. Experience Section: Think of it this way.... What is it that you do for your clients? How do you successfully perform your job? What is your value proposition to a potential client?4. This is what you want your experience, knowledge, capability.... Not just a classification for what your job is. TECHNOLOGY
    7. 7. updating your profile step 2 (cont.)1. Education Section: Fill out completely and include Activities/ Societies you were involved in.2. Personal Information: Include phone number and City (only include work address, not your home address)3. Recommendation: START GETTING THEM!!!4. Languages: Add them.5. Skills & Expertise: Must add all of these, especially your Real Estate ones. Very Important.6. Linkedin Groups: Add real estate related groups and engage in conversation. Add other groups that of are interest to you. TECHNOLOGY
    8. 8. what is your online marketing strategy? do you have one?call me now and let’s build one for you, your team, or office. george cuevas george@agentredefined.com 312.320.8274 TECHNOLOGY