Earn more money and grow your business.


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AgentsBids connects you with valid new customers right in your neighborhood. Find requests and make bid. Earn more money and grow your business.

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Earn more money and grow your business.

  1. 1. Earn more money andgrow your business.Surjeet SinghFounder at AgentsBids.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Agentsbids
  2. 2. Save Time. Save Money.AgentsBids connects you with valid newcustomers right in your neighborhood. Findrequests and make bid. Earn more money andgrow your business.
  3. 3. Save Time. Save Money.Features
  4. 4. Save Time. Save Money.100% Valid LeadsNo spam, bogus or stale leads. Youcan view your lead details beforepurchase
  5. 5. Save Time. Save Money.Lead DistributionOne Lead, One Agent - Valid lead canbe purchased single time
  6. 6. Save Time. Save Money.Get More Local CustomersWe connect Local Agents with Local Customers. Potentialcustomers are mostly using the web via mobile phone orcomputer to find local businesses in their area. WeConnect with local people who want to buy from you
  7. 7. Save Time. Save Money.Customized ProposalYou can tailor the proposal according to thecustomer needs so that you get a better chance ofclosing the deal.
  8. 8. Save Time. Save Money.Create Your Own DealsAgentsBids lets you create and sell shareable local dealsthat are good for customers and growing your business.We give you the tools you need to make your deal asuccess. With AgentsBids you reward customer loyaltyand attract new customers while remaining in control ofthe deal the whole time
  9. 9. Save Time. Save Money.Advanced CRMVery comprehensive & easy-to-use CRM.With the help of AgentsBids CRM you canmanage your leads, deals, and interactionswith current and future customers in a singlesystem.
  10. 10. Save Time. Save Money.Advanced Local SearchOur local leads search services help small businesses toincrease their online exposure and get leads from yourneighborhood. It is a new way to help businesses get newclients fast and efficiently. Dont settle for being a littlefish in a big pond.
  11. 11. Save Time. Save Money.Instant NotificationsWhenever your deal or proposal is accepted,youll immediately receive a notification byan sms and email informing you with detailsof the customer.
  12. 12. Save Time. Save Money.Message Center (Inbox)Through our message center any customercan contact you and start a conversation. Youwill also be able to see all your previousconversations and messages anytime youwant.
  13. 13. Save Time. Save Money.Comment SystemCustomer can start a conversation with youwithout sharing his/her contact information.You can reply to his/her question by postingcomments on your submitted proposals.
  14. 14. Save Time. Save Money.Add AgencyPromote Your Business on AgentsBids. Addyour Agency to AgentsBids to help potentialcustomers and partners find you. Now youremployees, friends can link their profiles tothe agency, and people will easily be able tofind your business.
  15. 15. Save Time. Save Money.Public ProfileYou can create your own public profile page withyour name url (ex:http://www.agentsbids.com/yourname) and you canalso share this profile with your friends andcolleagues to give yourself a good online exposure.
  16. 16. Save Time. Save Money.Analytics & ReportingYou can easily know your highest selling deals, do salespredictions, gauge your sale performance, and track yourKPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Agentsbids reportingturns data into actionable information which helps youmonitor your business and take timely measures to ensurerapid growth.
  17. 17. Save Time. Save Money.Social EngagementShare with the world - You can share your deals, profile andagency with your friends, family members and colleaguesvia social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter andGooglePlus)
  18. 18. Save Time. Save Money.Rating & FeedbackFeedback represents your reputation as an agent. Its madeup of ratings and comments left by customers who havebought from you. It helps you recognize and reward loyalcustomers, which encourages them to buy from you again.
  19. 19. Save Time. Save Money.SmartPhone AppAgentsbids app is available for all Smartphones, so nomatter where you are, you can post your proposal, placeyour bids, create your deals, get notifications and sendmessages anytime.
  20. 20. Save Time. Save Money.Refferal ProgramThe Agentsbids referral program is a great way for you toearn commissions by referring your colleagues and otheragents and get unlimited monthly payout cheques. It is freeto join and easy to use
  21. 21. Save Time. Save Money.Trusted AgentsTrust is a major part in the foundation of interpersonalrelationships. We believe in best services so that we tie upwith top best agents and agencies. We help to build yourbrands influence, reputation, and, of course, profits.
  22. 22. Save Time. Save Money.Generate InvoiceYou can generate an invoice online once your proposal getsaccepted.
  23. 23. Save Time. Save Money.Free MembershipConfused about buying paid membership? Register for freeand decide later. We guarantee you will love Agentsbids.
  24. 24. Save Time. Save Money.24x7 SupportWe provide an amazing customer support round the clock.Need help? Just pick the phone and give us a call or you canalso email us anytime atsupport@agentsbids.com.
  25. 25. Save Time. Save Money.Earn money and grow your businessSee more features
  26. 26. Save Time. Save Money.tThanks Website: www.agentsbids.comEmail: info@agentsbids.comhttps://www.facebook.com/AgentsbidsCopyright © 2013 AgentsBids. All rights reserved.