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Agency Entourage's Fall 2011 Internship Program Requirements - Web Development, Design


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Gain great agency experience at Agency Entourage this fall! We are now accepting resumes for our Fall 2011 Internship Program. Send your resume and cover letter to

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Agency Entourage's Fall 2011 Internship Program Requirements - Web Development, Design

  1. 1. Agency Entourage Summer Internship Program: Web Development & DesignTake Our Word For It!Ask our Spring, Summer, and Fall 2010-11 interns about their experience with Agency Entourage. Findthem on Twitter:@Addison_W @jonathanforhire @William_kentSee what our interns think of Agency Entourage here: Our Team at Agency Entourage!We are excited to announce that weʼre taking resumes for Fall 2011 Internships. We feel confident thatbeing a part of Agency Entourageʼs internship program will give you the experience and knowledge youare looking for through any Web Design or Web Development internship.The Agency Entourage internship program consists of a number of exciting and engaging projects thatwill be completed by you during the semester. Projects include building custom landing pages, workingwith custom email HTML, working with various platforms such as WordPress, Twitter, etc., assisting ourInteractive Developers with their accounts, and finding someone to fill your shoes when the internship iscomplete.Your work schedule will be determined based on your school schedule and, if it is offered at youruniversity, may count for school credit. During the assigned working hours, you should devote your fullprofessional time, energy and attention to the performance of your duties for Agency Entourage.We promise that participating in our Internship Program will launch you into work experiences andnetworking opportunities that will lead to your future success.Please send resumes to by Friday, August 5, 2011.Design Intern Skill Set:Our design intern needs to have an eye for design and should have a portfolio available for review. He/she should be proficient at Photoshop and needs to have an understanding of optimizing images for web,including slicing. They should also have enough knowledge of the logic of web development tounderstand how to slice and save images of a design to be ready for coding.Web Developer Intern Skill Set:Our developer intern will be working on development projects for the web, email, and Facebookapplications. He/she should should be proficient at HTML/CSS. Any knowledge of Javascript, and PHP isa plus. Previous experience in email or Facebook development is not required but would be helpful. 1700 Commerce Street Suite 950 Dallas, Texas 75201
  2. 2. Intern Testimonials:Jonthan Joyner, University of North Texas - “Did you ever think youd have to Google search "IanSomerhalder shirtless," follow Ashley Tisdale on Twitter, or track what mommy bloggers are saying aboutguacamole at work? Neither did I. I did all of those things and spent hours on Facebook. Before you writeme off as the worst employee ever, let me say, it was all work-related. (Well, most of the time.) I internedat Agency Entourage--much cooler than your advertising internship B-T-Dubs. At Agency Entourage, Iblogged for the CW, designed websites and Facebook landing pages, and did research for WhollyGuacamole. I got to do work for actual clients, help with brainstorming, and experience a little bit of eacharea of the advertising industry.“Will Meier, Baylor - “Iʼve learned more here in the last month than two years of schooling it feels like! Iloved interning at Agency Entourage.“  1700 Commerce Street Suite 950 Dallas, Texas 75201