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The Patch, Dec. 2013: Google+ is your (workplace's) friend, Pinterest getting sexy for ROI
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The Patch, Dec. 2013: Google+ is your (workplace's) friend, Pinterest getting sexy for ROI


In this end of year, social media networks keep innovating and differentiating to attract users and tempt advertisers to bet on their platforms. The "battle for the teens" we talked of last month keep …

In this end of year, social media networks keep innovating and differentiating to attract users and tempt advertisers to bet on their platforms. The "battle for the teens" we talked of last month keep raging, with Facebook admitting losses.

As always, a few trends emerge from the mass of data we have compiled this month to make them more actionable.

Google+ keeps improving a lot and becomes quite a good place for collaborative work and your office place. Seriously, stop thinking of followers or fans on Google+, it's just not about that. In addition to the quite cool Circles, Hangouts, Communities already there, Google+ adds this month Restricted Communities to make it your internal social network for employees. Hangouts too are becoming increasingly easy to use within a corporation.

With Streak, a CRM tool integrated to Gmail (and Google Apps if you use them as a business), and Drive (Google's cloud, which integrates the best to date shared document system with Google Docs), Google becomes a one-stop-shop for the connected workplace. Yes, this is social media too, far from the Likes and campaigns we also practice, but ROI in terms of productivity, ease of use and price is very clear.

This month also shows that money helps, if we had any doubt. Pinterest, after more than $200m of funding, is expanding both geographically (Nordic countries) and in terms of features. With "Place Pins", they transform visual curation and bookmarks into inspirational maps. The best thing? With a "booking" button to be integrated soon, it will confirm its position as a key driver for traffic and conversation.

Advertising keeps maturating slowly but surely: Instagram ads reaches 3-5% conversion rates, Twitter intertwines TV and Twitter ads with great results, and even good old Facebook now allows for micro-targeted ads. How about a (social) offer for women actively buying women's accessories, or for auto intenders of the last Subaru? This is all possible now!

We wish you a fruitful last month of 2013, and meet you again with The Patch early January. We will *not* make any predictions, forecast or bullshit for 2014, but we'll probably wrap-up the best of last year.

Agence Tesla

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  • 1. The Patch Social media new features updates for marketers December 2013 • 5-stars rating coming to Facebook Pages • Google+ Restricted Communities for the workplace • 3-5% conversion rate with Instagram ads • LinkedIn Showcase Pages for your products • Pinterest “Place Pins” on maps: Travel should care
  • 2. Facebook 5-star rating incoming for Pages Reputation of brands on Facebook less on volume, more on value, with star ratings: • Stars now coming to Desktop for a selection of pages and users, initially it was a feature to rate businesses on mobile (after checking-in, for instance) • Implication: more granularity and sentiment beyond the “Like”. => If reputation on Facebook = Talking about this + Star rating, more value needs to be offered
  • 3. Facebook More and more granularity on Facebook ads Three features to try out this month with Facebook Advertising: • Facebook Ads merging "Interests" and "Broad Categories" to help better target your audiences • Ads in News Feed tested with no Like or comment options, to drive more conversions to website • “Partner Categories” have doubled since inception in April, you can for instance target easily active buyers of women's accessories or Auto intenders in the market for a Subaru Outback => Why not trying a Facebook campaign with us for a very specific target for Chinese new year?
  • 4. Facebook Facebook losing ground on teens & social logins Facebook loses dominancy bits by bits with two “weak signals” to bear in mind • Currently, Facebook login holds 51% of social logins, down 1% from the previous quarter, while Google+ has risen 2% to 26%. • A “social login” is when you log to a new website through your social media profile rather than registering from scratch • Facebook admits losing momentum on Teenagers, a key target, and opens new options for the 13-17 to publish “public” posts and be “followed” by anyone. => Again, Google+ is not an option anymore in your digital strategy, just don’t see it as a “Facebook #2” Market share for social logins on websites, Q3 2013
  • 5. Google+ More collaborative tools for the office with Google+ Two cool features to enhance work group and collaboration at the office with Google+ • Restricted Communities are like mini, in-house social networks, with G+ features (Hangout, Circles) • You can now invite more easily employees to a Hangout or Community with “Global Address List” => Consider these communities as a substitute to Yammer or Facebook groups as it’s free with more features. If you’re a Google Apps users, it’s even more easy to join
  • 6. Google+ Google Helpout: a paid-for Hangout with an expert A Google+ experiment to check in the B2B field with Google Helpout: • Same Google Hangout technology (realtime video) with curated experts & brands (such as Sephora) • Google+ certifies its community of helpers, you can apply in Computers, Cooking, Repair, Health… => An awesome opportunity for anyone B2B or B2C to sell skills & increase the efficiency of idle times
  • 7. Youtube Youtube Capture 2.0 pushes forward video-editing Youtube now offering even more tools to create, remix videos with Capture 2.0: • You can do multi-clip editing, stitching a few ones into a new video • You can import soundtracks and manage pause/resume of the recording => The internet culture is about remixing more than creating, do try to produce content with Capture
  • 8. Instagram 3-5% conversion rates on Instagram Ads! Instagram ads rolls out and make a hit in conversion statistics: • The first ever Instagram ad by Michael Kors (pictured) got 3x as many likes as average post (150k vs 50k) • “Like” percentage can reach as high as 5%, says Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom • 71% of the world’s top 100 brands are on Instagram. Why? Mobile, easy, part of Facebook. => You’re in the luxury, travel, art business: think of your content strategy in pictures, and prepare to experiment these mobile-only and quality ads.
  • 9. Twitter Twitter advertising gets more accurate on mobile Twitter advertising gets better with three things to remember this month: • Twitter ads rolls out in the UK, Ireland, Canada. Companies can pay per follow or action on post • Twitter ads also allows now to target users based on mobile device, os or wifi connectivity => More than ever, data on users (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights) must drive campaigns
  • 10. Twitter Twitter advertising + TV advertising = wow Twitter ads which target users talking of a TV show help decrease acquisition cost and increase sales: • “TV Conversation targeting” is easy: identify #program and target users talking of it • Twitter and TV are highly complimentary as data from this Twitter study show => You don’t even need to be part of a TV program to play  Be creative, and get into the TV conversation on Twitter.
  • 11. LinkedIn Linkedin for people: new certifications for your MOOCs LinkedIn keeps expanding its “economic graph” with certifications from MOOCs • Online courses you took at Coursera, EdX, Udacity or Udemy now recognized in certifications • MOOCs? Free online courses provided by top universities in the world. Get your employees on it. => These last months, LinkedIn has launched a LOT of personal branding features (Stats for your updates, Endorsements, University pages with a place for alumni…) Don’t miss a great B2B/HR tool.
  • 12. LinkedIn Linkedin for business: Showcase Pages for your products Create sub-pages dedicated to your products, markets or line of businesses with Showcase Pages: • HP has for instance Showcase Pages for Apps, Converged Infrastructure… • Showcase Pages acts like company pages: they can be followed, publish news, push ads => Again, tons of new opportunities this year for B2B on LinkedIn, check them with us.
  • 13. Pinterest After raising money, Pinterest launches APIs Pinterest, reputed to be good to drive traffic to websites (2nd to Facebook), launches APIs: • Websites can now show Top pins (on a keyword), Most Recent, or Related Pins • First set of brands includes Disney, Walmart, Nestle, Zappos => For the retail/e-commerce, media & women-related industries, Pinterest is a key driver for traffic
  • 14. Pinterest Pinterest plays with location to create great maps of pins You can now “Place Pins” and a location to your favorite pictures on Pinterest: • You can design easily “maps of Pins”, as TimeOut London did for a Christmas map of gifts • The “travel” category will get increased opportunities, as Pinterest wants to focus on trip-planning with partners such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic => Why not creating a brand’s vision of every big city with Pinterest?
  • 15. Foursquare Brands without location can now push ads Foursquare adds a new channel for advertisers without a location: • MasterCard is the first to push its offers to nearby locations • Ads remain on a cost-per-action basis, not per impression, so it’s ROI-focused => Other brands who partner with merchants and local businesses should try out this type of Ads.
  • 16. Thanks! Agence Tesla, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Martin.pasquier@agencetesla.com Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or www.agencetesla.asia Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features.