The Patch June 2013 - New features from social media
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The Patch June 2013 - New features from social media

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A monthly executive update on the main new features of social media. This month: ...

A monthly executive update on the main new features of social media. This month:

-> Target Facebook ads by recency of activity
-> Join Youtube's new subscription channels
-> Include call to actions with Twitter Lead Generation cards

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  • 1. The PatchSocial media new features updates for marketersJune 2013•  Ads per recency on Facebook•  Verified pages on Facebook•  Lead generation cards on Twitter•  Subscription channels on YouTube& more
  • 2. FacebookVideo ads & ads per activity recencyHot stat: 50% of engagement on FBhappens during the first 30min•  Video ads to be launched into usersNewsfeeds•  Target users on Facebook byrecency of activity. Stores couldadvertise to users who have checked-in in their shops the past week anddeveloper can promote their app topeople using it the last three days•  Unpublished posts will allow yourcontent to be targeted specifically,without spamming your Page timelineor User newsfeed
  • 3. FacebookNew reputation toolsHot stat: 75% of a TV program’s page aremore likely to watch it•  Users can now upload pictures andinformation to unclaimed Pages: evenif your business is not on Facebook,there will be user-generated content•  Facebook introducesVerified pages & profiles for people,institutions with large audiences
  • 4. TwitterLead generation cards & TV-to-TW adsHot stat: Users who saw a tweet from anautomotive industry were 4x more likely toconvert on other funnels (newsletter, website)•  Twitter Cards are updated with aCall to Action button embedded intothe tweet. Upon click, user info is sentto the brand.•  Amplify TV commercials on Twitter bytargeting/engaging users speaking ofit thanks a new Dashboard
  • 5. TumblrNew ads in users’ dashboardsHot stat: 11.4% of Tumblr top 200K-blogsare adult-material related•  Sponsored posts are now available tobe published in users dashboard
  • 6. PinterestPin videosHot stat: Pinterest has the highest averageorder by social referrer with $80.54•  Users (and brands) can nowpin videos within their mood boards,it’s now a good platform to browsevideos•  The new mobile app is on: you canmention users, get notifications
  • 7. LinkedInMore curation & a new app: Check-inHot stat: 35% LinkedIn users access theirprofile daily•  LinkedIn Today, the content discoveryarm of the professional network, addsoptions to be able to follow channelsand get content•  LinkedIn launches “CheckIn”, an appfor recruiters to get easy access tocandidates data during an event (atthe booth)
  • 8. YoutubeNew paid channels starting $0.99/moHot stat: 1 million channels on Youtubegenerate revenue for their creators•  A selection of channels are now ableto offer a monthly subscription forusers, starting $0.99. Each has a 14-day free trial.
  • 9. FoursquareNew filters, and check-in data accessibleHot stat: 75% of top American retailers areon Foursquare•  Users can now add hours of anybusiness (moderated by super users)•  New filters for exploring placesaround on the desktop & mobileversion: price range, been there ornot, specials…•  Basic data from every check-in arenow available through Gnip, a dataprovider, for marketers & research
  • 10. Thanks!Martin Pasquier, Agence TeslaMartin.pasquier@agencetesla.comFollow us on Twitter @agencetesla