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  2. 2. YOU NEED A TRUS TED FOUNDATION “mySAP ERP enables us to successfully cope with the challenges of our business environment. There is no other company or product on the market that could help us more effectively than SAP.” Paul Renaud, Vice President and CFO, Biomet Europe BV
  3. 3. . . . TO ACHIEVE BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION mySAP™ ERP: YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR FUTURE, YOUR SUCCESS The mySAP™ ERP application is the trusted foundation for business excellence and innovation, providing organizations with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution they need to gain strategic insight, competitive differentiation, increased productivity, and business agility. With mySAP ERP, SAP has transferred its vision of increasing efficiency within an organization to ERP applications that help automate end-to-end business processes and extend those processes to the entire business ecosystem, including customers, partners, and suppliers. With mySAP ERP, you can increase your employees’ productivity and provide them with the insight needed to make decisions that set you apart from the competition. mySAP ERP is powered by the SAP NetWeaver® platform. SAP NetWeaver unifies technology components into a single platform, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity and obtain more business value from their IT investments. It provides the best way to integrate all systems running SAP® or non-SAP software. SAP NetWeaver also helps organizations align IT with their business. With SAP NetWeaver, organizations can compose and enhance business solutions rapidly using enterprise services. As the foundation for enterprise services architecture, SAP NetWeaver allows organizations to evolve their current IT landscapes into a strategic environment that drives business change.
  4. 4. AS YOUR BUSINESS EVOLVES MANAGING TODAY’S BUSINESS CHALLENGES In today’s business climate, you are • Streamlining operations and functions and personalized information under pressure to address challenges optimizing the use of corporate access and reporting. And it scales to posed by globalization, shrinking resources and assets support business requirements of mid- business cycles, heightened customer • Accelerating time to market and size and large organizations, whatever expectations, and demands for increased time to value their industry or global reach. With profitability. At the same time, you need • Delivering higher levels of service full support for core business processes the flexibility to respond to business and more individualized products – such as customer relationship man- change – without sacrificing profitabil- and services agement, supply chain management, ity, transparency, and internal control. • Enhancing customer satisfaction supplier relationship management, and product life-cycle management – You need ERP applications that help mySAP ERP helps organizations address mySAP ERP provides a foundation you address the following challenges: all these challenges and offers advanced for growth, innovation, and process • Taming the complexity of corporate integration functionality powered by excellence. structures, market access, and the SAP NetWeaver platform. mySAP business processes ERP provides an extensive range of DRIVING EFFICIENCIES, ENHANCING PRODUCTIVITY In a period of business growth, the The latest version of mySAP ERP people managing your company cannot enables organizations to adapt business afford to waste time. The quality and processes to changing market condi- efficiency of your business processes tions while simultaneously maximizing can be the difference between success productivity in unprecedented ways. and failure. But achieving this excel- Based on industry best practices, mySAP lence is no small endeavor, since these ERP builds on more than 30 years of processes include aligning business SAP experience and integrates business strategy and plans with how your orga- processes in heterogeneous system nization is run, enhancing employee landscapes like never before. mySAP productivity, and providing increased ERP delivers the powerful function- access to enterprise information, to ality, global orientation, and flexible name a few. Choosing the right ERP enhancement options you need to solution significantly impacts your increase efficiencies, maximize produc- ability to successfully compete in tivity, gain a sustainable competitive today’s economy. advantage, and position your organiza- tion for growth.
  6. 6. mySAP ERP PROVIDES THE FOUNDATION A FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION mySAP ERP consists of a set of proven, robust ERP solutions with extended cross- enterprise functionality. As a result, you can better manage corporate assets and critical business processes. mySAP ERP helps you manage IT costs more effectively by protecting and lever- aging the investments you’ve already made. In addition, it helps you extend the skills and training of your staff as well as gain access to data locked away in legacy and non-SAP software systems, to further reduce operational costs. And, as new business scenarios and technologies emerge, it helps you position your organiza- tion for accelerated change. Significant benefits of mySAP ERP • Improved human capital manage- include the following: ment and alignment of strategic and individual goals – Integrated • Better financial management talent management functionality and corporate governance – enables managers to align individual Management accounting functions goals, objectives, and training plans enhanced with business analytics with corporate strategy, allowing give managers deep visibility into the individuals to understand how their organization and their individual contribution helps create value and areas, enabling them to improve drive profits. profitability and risk management. Comprehensive analytics and report- • Increased support for mobile ing in all areas make information technology and radio frequency more visible and accessible, which identification (RFID) – mySAP ERP improves corporate governance. helps improve employee productivity through enhanced support of mobile solutions and improves operational efficiency through the support of RFID and tagging technologies. • Improved usability – Through role-based application design, mySAP ERP empowers everyone in your organization with the information they need to react efficiently and respond proactively to market changes and competitive challenges.
  7. 7. . . . FOR SUCCESS • Increased number of add-on • Improved business insight and • Improved extensibility – solutions – mySAP ERP enables you transparency – mySAP ERP Organizations can extend mySAP ERP to augment capabilities and business combines leading functionality in to add the right mix of customer processes through the implementa- analytics, business intelligence, and relationship management, supply tion of the SAP xApps™ family of performance management to help chain management, product life-cycle composite applications, which adhere you proactively identify opportunities management, and other to the same quality standards as all and align strategy across your entire functionality as business needs SAP applications. You can choose business. It simplifies access to enter- evolve. from a growing number of SAP xApps prise information and streamlines or partner composite applications the design and deployment of from SAP’s expanding ecosystem of strategic and operational dashboards. software partners. • Lower cost of integration – The • Improved collaboration – By open SAP NetWeaver integration and significantly extending the reach application platform enables your of business processes, mySAP ERP organization to adapt rapidly to enables organizations to engage and business requirements, while helping connect more people in real time reduce total cost of ownership signif- within and beyond an enterprise – icantly. With mySAP ERP, organiza- including customers, suppliers, and tions of all sizes can protect and partners. Easy access to a consolidated leverage the investments they’ve and consistent view of each business already made in SAP applications and process encourages wide use and non-SAP software and deploy only collaboration. the components they need, which helps reduce IT costs.
  8. 8. ACHIEVE PROCESS EXCELLENCE mySAP ERP OFFERS THE FUNCTIONALITY YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE PROCESS EXCELLENCE ACROSS YOUR ENTERPRISE • Financials to control your corporate • Sales and service to increase the finance functions while providing number and quality of sales orders support for compliance to rigorous and reduce administrative costs regulatory mandates • Corporate services to optimize • Human capital management to both centralized and decentralized maximize the profitability potential services for managing real estate; of your workforce, with support for project portfolios; business travel; talent management, workforce environment, health, and safety; deployment, and workforce process and quality management • Easy-to-use self-services and role- based access to information and • Complete support for procurement services to empower your employees, and logistics execution to sustain boosting productivity and efficiency cost savings and improve customer service • Performance management that enables you to evaluate business • Product development and manu- performance and analyze your facturing to bring innovations to operations, workforce, and financials market faster and deliver the right on a corporate and individual level product on time for strategic and operational insight “The upgrade is our first step in realizing the increased value of mySAP ERP to drive continuous business process productivity and innovation. The upgrade was accomplished easily, quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to our business.” John Wheeler, CIO, NOVA Chemicals Corporation
  10. 10. AUTOMATE AND EXTEND YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES mySAP ERP SUPPORTS THE FOLLOWING KEY BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Self-Services Financials Procurement and Logistics • Enable innovative support for • Ensure compliance and predictability Execution employees’ business roles with views of business performance • Sustain cost savings for all spending of information tailored to their needs • Gain deeper financial insight across categories by automating routine • Empower employees and managers the enterprise and tighten control of tasks, such as determining sources through simplified access to relevant finances and converting requisitions into information for human capital • Automate financial and managerial purchase orders, and by allowing management, financials, operations, accounting and financial supply employees to use electronic catalogs and analytics, while boosting motiva- chain management to order products and services tion, productivity, and efficiency • Provide rigorous support for • Reduce costs through process auto- financial reporting and corporate mation, integration of suppliers, and governance mandates such as the better collaboration Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Basel II • Improve resource utilization with support for cross-docking processes Human Capital Management and data collection technologies • Attract the right people, develop such as RFID and bar codes and leverage their talents, align their • Enhance productivity of all activities efforts with corporate objectives, and related to incoming and outgoing retain top performers physical goods movements • Increase efficiency and help ensure • Reduce transportation costs through compliance with changing global better consolidation and collaboration and local regulations by using stan- dardized and automated workforce Product Development and Performance Management processes Manufacturing • Improve business insight and produc- • Enable creation of project teams • Shorten time to market through tivity by delivering real-time, person- based on skills and availability, moni- streamlined new-product develop- alized measurements and metrics tor progress on projects, track time, ment and introduction processes • Provide executives, managers, and and analyze results • Deliver higher quality products business workers with access to infor- • Manage human capital investments and ensure delivery of promised mation such as business statistics and by analyzing business outcomes, orders through optimal planning, key performance measurements pre- workforce trends and demographics, scheduling, and sequencing on sented in the context of business tasks and workforce planning the factory floor • Improve visibility and transparency in real time across all shop-floor processes, including availability checking and costing
  11. 11. . . . WITH mySAP ERP Sales and Service • Increase the number of sales orders processed and reduce administrative costs through automation of sales order management and the use of profitable Internet-based solutions such as e-commerce • Deliver greater customer satisfaction by providing easy access to accurate, timely information • Streamline processes that facilitate cost-effective mobile access for field employees • Improve the management of incen- tives and commissions to maximize productivity and boost sales Corporate Services • Reduce travel costs by using online functions for planning, booking, and expense accounting while ensuring that company policies are applied to all processes • Realize more effective real estate management, supported by tools that streamline and manage every stage of the real estate life cycle • Adhere to environmental, health, and safety reporting requirements
  12. 12. IMPLEMENT A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION mySAP ERP SOLUTION MAP: UNLOCKING BUSINESS VALUE mySAP ERP supports your most impor- coherent, integrated, and comprehen- tant business processes and provides sive IT solution. They also show how tools to help you understand how these various processes are covered, includ- processes work. One of these tools is ing the processes that SAP and its part- the solution map shown on this page. ners support. With solution maps, you quickly understand business solutions Built using input from customers and and the value they can bring. The solu- industry analysts, plus the technical tion map for mySAP ERP is also avail- expertise SAP has acquired through able at extensive business experience and research, SAP solution maps are multi- level blueprints of processes. They help you visualize, plan, and implement a End-User Service Delivery Strategic Enterprise Analytics Financial Analytics Operations Analytics Workforce Analytics Management Financial Supply Management Financials Financial Accounting Corporate Governance Chain Management Accounting Human Capital Talent Management Workforce Process Management Workforce Deployment SAP NetWeaver® Management Inventory and Procurement and Supplier Inbound and Transportation Procurement Warehouse Logistics Execution Collaboration Outbound Logistics Management Management Product Development Production Manufacturing Product Life-Cycle Data and Manufacturing Planning Execution Development Management Incentive and Sales and Service Sales Order Aftermarket Sales Professional-Service Commission Management and Service Delivery Management Enterprise Project Environment, Real Estate Travel Quality Global Trade Corporate Services Asset and Portfolio Health, and Management Management Services Management Management Management Safety Figure: mySAP™ ERP Solution Map
  13. 13. . . . A N D D O I T Q U I C K LY W I T H S A P S E R V I C E S A TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNER Drawing on over 30 years of experience The SAP Services portfolio of service dramatically improves operational in the ERP arena, SAP has created offerings provides the expertise and efficiency. With SAP Services, you unique ERP applications that grow with advice you need to ensure that your have access to the broadest and deepest your business, whether you are looking projects are completed efficiently and expertise in the industry, including for organization-wide solutions or sim- that you receive the fastest return on consulting, education, support, custom ply want to standardize your current IT your investment. This dynamic network development, hosting, and business environment. Even if you currently use includes all the services groups within process outsourcing. Delivered by SAP earlier versions of SAP software or other SAP to help you implement, operate, and its partners, these services will be ERP applications, you can transition enhance, and upgrade your SAP enter- tailored to your unique business easily to mySAP ERP and bring a new prise solution. Leveraging the experience requirements to help you achieve the dimension of business efficiency and gained during thousands of customer maximum benefit, lowest total cost of flexibility to your ERP infrastructure. implementations, SAP Services fosters ownership, and least disruption and business process innovation that risk when you upgrade to mySAP ERP. In any case, integrating other systems with SAP solutions is far easier with the SAP NetWeaver platform. SAP NetWeaver not only connects IT systems; it also leverages existing IT infrastructures by linking users, information, and business processes across technology boundaries and across the organization. Moreover, you can implement addi- tional solutions and enhancements incrementally. This evolutionary approach protects your existing IT investments and can result in con- siderable savings. mySAP ERP is also available as modular building blocks that combine software, best practices, and services.
  14. 14. C H O O S E W I S E LY SET A COURSE FOR PROFITABLE GROWTH With mySAP ERP, enterprises can achieve superior operational performance in all areas of their organization, adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing require- ments, and deliver business insight to a broad and highly productive community. mySAP ERP also helps organizations reduce operating costs and provides business flexibility, enabling rapid implementation of industry-specific business strategies. The following illustrates how mySAP Reducing Costs Through ERP delivers a fast return on Increased Flexibility investment: • Improves process standardization, efficiency, and adaptability via Improving Productivity and enterprise services architecture Insight for a Broad Business • Enhances access to transactions, Community information, and collaboration • Increases productivity and offers functions across a broad business better cost control through community proficient management of key • Reduces costs by enabling simple business processes across the addition of needed functionality to organization support evolving business • Improves operational efficiency and requirements productivity through significant • Reduces IT costs by protecting and extension of the reach of business leveraging existing investments in processes within and beyond the SAP solutions enterprise • Enhances efficiency and response to Optimizing IT Spending Delivering Faster, Higher ROI market changes and competitive • Eliminates high integration costs due • Enables faster ROI through rapid challenges to tight integration and optimization implementation techniques that are of business processes less than half the cost of traditional • Reduces capital outlay by eliminat- approaches ing the need to purchase third-party • Provides rapid access to needed software, thanks to broad and deep functionality through preset defaults functionality and prepackaged, industry-specific • Improves cash flow and reduces versions costly borrowing by offering flexible • Enhances the value of existing options to incrementally deploy software investments through additional offerings from the mySAP improved use throughout the Business Suite family of business enterprise applications
  15. 15. . . . AND SELECT PROVEN APPLICATIONS FOR ERP ENHANCE BUSINESS PROCESSES AND DELIVER NEW VALUE ACTIVITY BENEFIT SELF-SERVICES • Reduced time and effort by providing managers and employees with immediate and personalized access to relevant functionality • Increased employee productivity with innovative role-based portal • Improved usability and easy access to relevant information PERFORMANCE • Improved responsiveness to business change and support for decision making with MANAGEMENT insight into all business processes • Enhanced ability to plan, measure, and control organizational processes through sophis- ticated analyses, evaluations, and key performance indicators tied to business objects FINANCIALS • Deeper financial insight across the enterprise and more effective control of finances through an extensive range of integrated financial accounting, management accounting, and financial supply chain management functionality • Reduced risk of noncompliance with extensive corporate governance support and transparent financial reporting HUMAN CAPITAL • More efficient human resources management and legal compliance by using MANAGEMENT standardized workforce processes and best practices • Improved employee productivity and staff retention rates • Higher staff morale and job satisfaction through e-recruiting options, e-learning opportunities, and self-service offerings PROCUREMENT AND • Sustained cost savings for all spending categories with end-to-end procurement LOGISTICS EXECUTION support for complete business cycles, from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment • Increased customer service levels and reduced costs with an integrated and proven logistics solution for warehouse management, transportation management, and inbound and outbound logistics PRODUCT • Innovations brought to market faster with a complete and collaborative solution for DEVELOPMENT AND product development and life-cycle data management MANUFACTURING • On-time delivery of the right products with a complete and proven manufacturing solution for all industries that performs production planning and manufacturing execution integrated with shop-floor systems SALES AND SERVICE • Increased number and quality of sales orders and reduced cost of sales with a flexible solution for all industries that encourages the use of profitable sales and interaction channels, automates sales order management, and ensures greater customer satisfaction by delivering accurate, on-time information to customers • Improved uptime, yield, and productivity through the delivery of services for internal assets CORPORATE SERVICES • Lowered administrative costs of corporate services in areas such as real estate management; project and portfolio management; travel management; and environment, health, and safety • Increased transparency and dramatic reduction of errors caused by manual data entry • Improved adherence to corporate guidelines and legal requirements If you would like to know more about mySAP ERP and how it can help your company operate more efficiently and profitably, please visit
  16. 16. /contactsap 50 065 201 (06/05) © 2006 by SAP AG.AG in Germany and in several other countries all overxApps, xApp, SAP NetWeaver, and othernamesproducts and services mentioned herein as well ascompanies. Data logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP All rights reserved. SAP, R/3, mySAP,, the world. All other product and service SAP mentioned are the trademarks of their respective their respective contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies ("SAP Group") for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.