ERP Run – Offering a Business Aware Approach to Managing Your ...


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ERP Run – Offering a Business Aware Approach to Managing Your ...

  1. 1. Application Outsourcing the way we do it ERP Run – Offering a Business Aware Approach to Managing Your ERP Applications As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Our unique business-aware approach platforms evolve from highly capable, towards ERP applications—a customized business solutions into transformational lifecycle approach to more standardized and mature ERP applications management that not only suites, organizations face a dilemma. reduces costs, but drives innovation and Do you make a step-change to change to deliver business value— implement a closely aligned ERP is the driver for delivering ERP Run. platform to support growth and risk disruption and associated expenditure? ERP Run is a flexible service that can be Or do you continue with a program provided in the context of a long-term of incremental changes to support transformation, and applied as such, our the dynamics of today’s business and ERP applications can deliver measurable risk system complexity and fragility? business value through greater cost- Capgemini helps clients solve this containment, support for business dilemma by offering a way to achieve growth and better alignment of IT to a safe mix of growth and change. the business. ERP Run combines applications maintenance and Creating long-term business flexibility support, hosting, through service-oriented ERP starts with a step-change in managing your current applications.
  2. 2. ERP Run Overview – Capgemini User Support Capgemini is known for Application Maintenance and Bug Fix Maintenance Controlled Enhancements its collaborative business and Support Innovation Impact Analysis Enhanced ERP Technology-specific Support (optional) experience. In 2007, Operation of Application and Infrastructure RightshoreTM Environment Capgemini was ranked Applications Production Support Hosting SAP Administration second worldwide among and Service Management Database Administration Network Administration 100 global outsourcing Secured Hosting Environment Disaster Recovery (optional) service providers by the Flexible Utility Pricing Pricing Transformation Capex Smoothing International Association of Models Transparent Application Patching Outsourcing Professionals. Upgrades Managed ERP Application Upgrades Periodic and Formalized ERP Environment Reviews Healthcheck Business and ERP Alignment Assessments ROI and Business-growth Needs Assessment utility pricing, upgrades and gradually transitioned. Once the healthchecks to support your contract is set up, dynamic service business today, while adding on-going level agreements adjust support, so service evolution to better support that initial cost reduction and service it tomorrow. improvement benefits do not erode over time. Customers of SAP and Oracle (including Siebel, PeopleSoft, By blending the fix, enhance and extend E-BusinessSuite, Retek, JD Edwards skills of our global experts, we learn and other Oracle suites) are able to how your business operates in order to safely and securely evolve these move the application in step with the critical systems towards a more changing demands of the business. business-focused and dynamic Service Traditionally, treating ERP applications in Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform. a support-only role means treating ERP as a legacy system and considering the Cost-effective Management initial investment as sunk cost. However, of ERP Services Capgemini can help you use ERP Unlike inflexible fixed-price contracts, applications as a platform for continual Capgemini’s ERP Run service cost- innovation, modernization and business effectively bundles infrastructure, transformation—delivering ongoing operations and applications on and added investment value. We are flexible pricing models (e.g. user/ providing hosted, managed service capacity-based) per month. As a innovation in this way for major result, pricing fluctuates with your global organizations. usage. Engagements could cover implementation and running of a Sustainable and new ERP solution, management of Continual Change existing applications, or rationalization Our collaborative approach is at of an existing SAP or Oracle platform. the heart of our ERP Run service, It could be completely outsourced or and it is what ensures our ability to 2
  3. 3. Application Outsourcing the way we do it deliver not only a cheaper and faster or by extending an existing service. experience, but also better and The ability to evolve the application, more innovative support. both in technology and business terms, ensures that you are continually tuning Traditional ERP applications the application to better meet the needs customization has always been of the business. fraught with problems. Modification of the current generation’s solution This business-aware view helps can make upgrades difficult or Capgemini move in pace with both impossible. Capgemini keeps your the evolution in ERP applications and ERP environment aligned with your the changes demanded by business business needs using Innovation growth. Using domain experts and and Impact Analysis Workshops to a blend of onshore and offshore provide blueprints for ERP upgrades. support customized to your level of Our service level agreements also business change helps us deliver a have built-in flexibility to keep lower total cost of ownership (TCO) your ERP service synchronized and a higher degree of assurance that with your changing business needs. money invested today will yield the right returns tomorrow. Capgemini implements a business- centered support structure, and takes ERP Excellence advantage of middleware to provide Our global ERP experience is truly a safe and effective mechanism for world class. We have more than 5,000 customization, without inhibiting SAP experts and more than 5,200 upgrades. To facilitate this, Capgemini Oracle experts covering Core ERP, creates clear business service Business Intelligence, CRM, Enterprise architectures that represent the core Portals, HR, NetWeaver, Supplier functionality of ERP applications. Relationship Management, SCM, We then use these architectures to E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JDE, determine how the change should be Siebel, G-log, i-flex and Oracle and integrated into the system, whether via SAP databases and middleware. the delivery of a new business service, ERP Run Service Model Continuity / Middleware Enhancements Services ERP Run Utility-based Computing Application Management Functional Application Technical Application Service Desk Maintenance Maintenance Monitoring On-Demand ERP Run Request Processing Storage Capacity On-demand Infrastructure Management Service Management Data Center Services Connectivity Network Infrastructure Processing Management (incl. Security) Storage ERP Run – Offering a Business Aware Approach to Managing Your ERP Applications 3
  4. 4. Our experience spans the globe Capgemini is ISO-90012000, ISO- We can maintain applications in line throughout the Americas, Europe and 27001 and CMM certified. Our with the business service architecture, Asia Pacific, and crosses major sectors ERP Run service is in line with and define and implement the and industries. Our strong partnerships SAS70 regulations. evolution map of those applications with both SAP and Oracle have been to offer Service Oriented Architecture running for more than 10 years; we Delivering Now, Preparing benefits, including significantly greater hold SAP Gold Partner and Oracle for the Future collaboration with other internal Certified Advantage Partner status, Delivering ERP Run services in the and external systems. and according to industry analysts, context of a transformation makes up Capgemini is a leader in a part of Capgemini’s approach to full Capgemini thrives on collaboration implementing ERP solutions. lifecycle solutions. We can lay the and delivering tangible business foundation for migration for a more improvement. Reflecting that Capgemini’s methodologies, flexible Service Oriented Architecture commitment, our ERP Run solution accelerators, Collaborative Business by supporting and maintaining current creates long-term business flexibility Experience and strong Rightshore™ ERP applications from a business through a step-change in managing capabilities set us apart and enable service perspective. current ERP applications. us to provide significant value to our clients. Applications are designed, built Capgemini provides these facilities To find out more about how our and supported from Capgemini’s: within a utility-based pricing model business-aware ERP solutions can ■ Accelerated Solutions that gives organizations a sustainable help your organization, visit business solution to overcome the Environments (ASEs) challenges of maintenance, change outsourcing/applications. ■ Advanced Delivery Centers (ADCs) and migration. ■ Applications Management Service Centers (AMSCs) ■ Infrastructure Management Service Centers (IMSCs). About Capgemini and the Collaborative Business Experience Capgemini, one of the commitment to mutual success and the world’s foremost providers of achievement of tangible value, we help Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing businesses implement growth strategies, services, has a unique way of working with leverage technology, and thrive through its clients, called the Collaborative Business the power of collaboration. Experience. Capgemini employs approximately 80,000 Backed by over three decades of industry people worldwide and reported 2006 and service experience, the Collaborative global revenues of approximately Business Experience is designed to help $9.625 billion or EUR 7.7 billion. our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results through seamless More information about our services access to our network of world-leading and research is available at technology partners and collaboration- focused methods and tools. Through GENL_ERPRUNFLR_080207_17 Cory Schwarzschild Tel: +1 646 415 8859 Copyright © 2007 Capgemini. All rights reserved.