ERP Portfolio Assessment


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ERP Portfolio Assessment

  1. 1. IBM Business Consulting Services ERP Portfolio Assessment Aligning your ERP applications strategy with your business goals
  2. 2. Enterprise resource planning in flux — System harmonization through integrated a time of uncertainty ERP applications The acquisition of PeopleSoft by Oracle in December 2004 Many organizations using applications from multiple software altered the enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape dra- vendors may already have a world-class ERP portfolio in matically, causing sweeping changes throughout the software place, and simply need help to build upon it through integra- industry. While companies that use ERP applications from a tion. An effective solutions infrastructure redesign should be single vendor are optimally positioned for future growth, others done holistically, beginning with expert assessment and plan- that use solutions from multiple ERP vendors — often in fi- ning. The ERP Portfolio Assessment can assist you in gaining nancial management and human resources — may soon be an accurate view of your current solutions infrastructure and forced to make crucial decisions about their application soft- provide recommended steps for improvement. ware infrastructure. The hidden costs of a nonintegrated As consolidation among ERP vendors continues, companies ERP portfolio that mix and match software applications may be forced to The more ERP applications and vendors you use, the greater undergo two or more upgrades — or in many cases, full re- the cost in desktop and technical support, training, develop- implementations. Others may be concerned that their current ment, security and maintenance. In addition, data integrity applications will no longer be supported as the ERP land- issues and delays in access and reporting can arise. These scape shifts. With entire product lines undergoing change, IT issues can impact organizational responsiveness and affect executives may question whether their current portfolio will your ability to comply with legislation such as the Sarbanes- continue to support their organization’s business goals — and Oxley Act, which requires real-time reporting. whether consolidating their ERP software applications may be the best strategy.
  3. 3. Organizations in many industries have lev- eraged IBM’s differentiating tools and pro- cesses to help reduce their cost and risk in migrating from multiple ERP packages to On the other hand, an integrated single-vendor ERP solution a single, unified solution. helps to reduce overall complexity, and it can be maintained by fewer resources, potentially yielding a lower total cost of • A US$10 billion global medical device ownership (TCO). A consolidated system validates transactions manufacturer determined that its pack- at the source, rapidly providing accurate data. And by reduc- aged ERP application did not suit its ing interfaces, an integrated ERP environment helps reduce growth strategy or global needs. IBM the risk of inaccurate data and improve data timeliness for assisted the client in replacing 16 reporting and compliance purposes. instances of its legacy ERP solution with a single instance of SAP thereby help- , The ERP Portfolio Assessment ing to streamline and standardize its To help companies fully understand their enterprise applica- financial and supply chain processes. tions landscape, IBM Business Consulting Services offers the ERP Portfolio Assessment. This two-day facilitated planning • An US$11 billion utility company wished workshop is provided at no cost to companies that use ap- to replace its standalone HR/Payroll plications from multiple ERP vendors. The goal of this assess- packaged solution and leverage its ment is to help decision-makers determine whether to migrate existing SAP infrastructure. IBM assisted to a consolidated, integrated ERP platform, and if needed, to in accelerating the migration to a fully integrated SAP solution, thereby help- devise an effective migration plan. ing to reduce supporting costs, improve The workshop includes pre-assessment preparation, in which reporting and decrease the number of IBM uses proprietary tools to gain a preliminary understanding interfaces. of the client’s ERP portfolio. An onsite assessment then brings seasoned IBM consultants to the client’s location to work with • A leading global entertainment com- pany transformed its financial appli- key stakeholders, and includes an assessment of the compa- cation landscape by migrating from ny’s functional and technical processes — utilizing automated its legacy ERP application to a single tools to evaluate the software applications in question. Finally, SAP integrated solution. By utilizing our a post-assessment phase helps to determine the feasibility of conversion tools and accelerators, IBM the company’s moving to a unified ERP portfolio, and devise a helped the client significantly reduce roadmap for getting there. The deliverables provided include: the time, effort and risk associated with such a migration. • A business case for moving to an integrated enterprise applications architecture • A high-level project plan with timelines, resource requirements and estimated costs • Training requirements and change management processes.
  4. 4. About IBM Business Consulting Services With more than 60,000 consultants and pro- fessional staff operating in more than 160 countries, IBM Business Consulting Services © Copyright IBM Corporation 2005 is one of the world’s largest consulting ser- IBM Global Services vices organizations. Over the last several Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 years, IBM Business Consulting Services U.S.A. has established itself as a leader in optimiz- Produced in the United States of America 05-05 ing, integrating and managing client busi- All Rights Reserved ness processes, including human resources, IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of International financial management and customer care. Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. For more information Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. To learn more about IBM Business Consult- References in this publication to IBM products ing Services and ERP Portfolio Assessment, or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which contact your IBM representative or visit: IBM operates. G510-6122-00