Version Control using Plastic (SCM) by Tonny


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Version Control using Plastic (SCM) by Tonny

  1. 1. @agatestudio Version Control using Plastic SCM Tonny Publishing Agate Studio
  2. 2. 2014/04/12 BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY Tonny K Agate Studio
  3. 3.  Introduction  Version Control  Comparison  Introduction to Plastic SCM  About  Terminology  Features ▪ Branch ExplorerView ▪ XLink ▪ Code Review ▪ SyncView  HowTo  What’s Next
  4. 4. Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later. Centralized version control ex: SVN, Perforce,TFS Distributed version control ex: Git, Mercurial (Hg)Plastic SCM
  5. 5.  Developed By Codice Software (Spain)  Initial Release: July 2007  Platform : .Net/Mono  OS :Windows/Linux/Mac OS X  Stable Release: v4.1 (Feb 2012)  Latest Release: 5.0.xx  Licences:  Community Edition License (Free For 15 users)  Perpetual License  Annual Subscription License
  6. 6.  Auth :  User – Password, Local users, Local users (Name + ID), Windows Active Directory, LDAP  DB BackEnd  Firebird (Embedded), SQLite (Embedded), PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server & MS SQL Server Express, MySQL, Oracle,SQL Server Compact Edition (Embedded)
  7. 7.  Task Driven Development Task Branch Release Integration Task Branch
  8. 8.  Repository Stores a complete directory tree & the entire development history of the directory tree  Workspace Is just a directory tree on your computer , with a two-way data path to a repository
  9. 9.  Items Consist of files, directories, and symbolic links that are under source control  Changeset Each time you check in a set of new revisions, Plastic SCM records the entire set of revisions as a changeset .
  10. 10.  Branches and Labels  Plastic SCM supports "parallel development" or "concurrent development" practice with branches  A label is a user-defined name that can be attached to a changeset
  11. 11.  Branch ExplorerView / Distributed Branch Explorer  Provides an interactive diagram of repository's development activity  It shows: Branch hierarchy, individual changesets, merge operations
  12. 12.  Xlinks Plastic SCM encourages using separate repositories for different projects and components, and access shared components by "mounting" them in the project repository through Xlinks
  13. 13.  Code Review  A code review is essentially about reading code and leaving comments.  Plastic SCM organizes the conducting of reviews on individual changesets or on entire branches.
  14. 14.  DistributedVersion Control
  15. 15.  SyncView The new synchronization view lets you configure your relations with other servers and replicate with a single click all the changes
  16. 16.  Trigger Allows the execution of user commands at certain points in the client or server execution workflow  Task & IssueTracking provides integration with diverse control tracking tools such as Bugzilla, DevTrack, Mantis, OnTime, Trac, JIRA,VersionOne, FogBugZ and Rally.