Unleashing the potential of Consultative Selling by Shieny Aprilia


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Presentasi dari Shieny Aprilia, Co-founder dan Solution Guild Master Agate Studio dalam event Talent Development Saturday Agate Studio. http://agatestudio.com

Talent Development Saturday adalah acara sharing crew Agate Studio dengan berbagai topik, mulai dari Art, Programming, Game Production, dan general business/management. TDS ini dilakukan tanggal 8 Februari 2014 di Bandung Digital Valley.

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Unleashing the potential of Consultative Selling by Shieny Aprilia

  1. 1. @agatestudio Unleashing the Potential of Consultative Selling (from a book by Richard Grehalva ) Shieny Aprilia Solution Guild Master Agate Studio @shienchou
  2. 2. @agatestudio Consultative Selling? @shienchou
  3. 3. @agatestudio Top 5 Sales Myths • You think you sell? • Selling is an art • Sales people who are “Good Talkers” with a “Great Pitch” win the most • Selling is close, close, and close • You can actually sell B2B & B2C @shienchou
  4. 4. @agatestudio Sales Mapping • Connecting the dots of: – – – – – Best Practices from the top performing sales people Communication Skills Strategy & Tactics Sales Project Management An Effective Presentation @shienchou
  5. 5. @agatestudio Rapport • The foundation of communication – It creates a state of mutual trust and respect existing between two or more people @shienchou
  6. 6. @agatestudio Record – Listening with a Purpose • Do you spend more time talking than listening? • Do you come up with a response in your head before they finish speaking? • Are you eager to talk about your solution? • Do you daydream while your prospect or client is talking? • Do you jump in and finish their questions? • Do you ask so many questions, the client or prospect does not have time to think and answer them? • Do you make a judgment about what is said before the speaker has finished? • Do you answer a question with a question? • Do you frequently interrupt? • Are you quick to provide advice even when not asked? @shienchou
  7. 7. @agatestudio Release – Problem & Result • P+R=S • Why do People Buy? – Want – Way – Will @shienchou
  8. 8. @agatestudio Replace - The Solution Gap • The gap table @shienchou
  9. 9. @agatestudio Replace – The Solution Gap (2) • Gap analysis table – what will the competition do? @shienchou
  10. 10. @agatestudio Replace – The Solution Gap (3) • Winning Tactics – – – – Big Bad and Bold Change the Game Let’s Team Up… Partner Wait • Unique Selling Points – – – – The problem is …, This is causing you not to get …, What we will do is …, Success will be measured by … @shienchou
  11. 11. @agatestudio Remember • Remember how your clients buy @shienchou
  12. 12. @agatestudio Presentation • Present P + R = S • Top 5 mistakes of presentation – – – – – Bad Attitude No Planning Little or No Preparation Word Presentations Disconnected from Audiences @shienchou
  13. 13. @agatestudio Winning Presentation • What do you want me to do? • Do you understand what I need? – Who is coming? – WIIFM • Why are you in business? (are you qualified and do you have the experience to solve my problem?) • Why you are here? • Do you understand the problem? • How will you solve the problem? • How will I know you solved the problem? • What makes you different? • A call to action • What language are they speaking? • Rehearse and record @shienchou