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Creativity project

  1. 1. Brol BarbaraBrol Barbara Gonera AgataGonera Agata Sas AnnaSas Anna Witkowska AnnaWitkowska Anna „There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.”
  2. 2. General information about theGeneral information about the lessonlesson Level: intermediate Topic: 7 Wonders of the World Age of students: 16 – 18 years old Number of students: 15 Time: 90 minutes Working methods: pair work, group work, individual work
  3. 3. The aims of the lesson:The aims of the lesson:  to develop students’ speaking and reading skills,  to introduce new vocabulary connected with „7 Wonders of the World”,  to develop students’ creative thinking,  to revise geographical terms
  4. 4. ProcedureProcedure Warm up: The teacher asks students’ questions:  „Do you like travelling?”,  „Where would you like to go? Why?”, „Have you got any ideas for holidays?” The teacher sticks a map of the world with some marked points to the blackboard. The students’ have to guess what the marked points are connected with. Time allocated: 10 minutes
  5. 5. Task 1Task 1 The teacher shows students pictures of 7 Wonders. They are supposed to match the names to the pictures. Later on, they have to match particular picture to the appropriate country. Time allocated: 10 minutes
  6. 6. Task 2Task 2 Students watch film about „7 Wonders of the World”. They have to watch this film very carefully, looking at every detail. After watching this film they have to answer for 13 questions. LINK FOR FILM: v=Zte_b_kXzJA Time allocated: 20 minutes
  7. 7. QUESTIONS CONNECTED WITH THE FILMQUESTIONS CONNECTED WITH THE FILM 1. What gesture/position does the Christ present? Can you show it? 2. How many towers were in the Taj Mahal? 3. Was there any water in front of the Taj Mahal? 4. Where was the door (in which of the 7 Wonders of the World)? 5. How many lamas have you seen? 6. Where is the Christ Statue? 7. How many pyramids have you seen? 8. What is the shape of the Colosseum? 9. How many windows have you seen in the Colosseum? 10. How many big domes have you seen in the Taj Mahal? 11. In which of the 7 Wonders of the World was the statue? 12. What kind of strange animal have you seen in the China? 13. In which of the 7 Wonders was a camel?
  8. 8. Task 3Task 3 Students read the text about 7 Wonders. They have to match the appropriate name of Wonder to the particular description. The text is send with this presentation. Time allocated: 5 minutes
  9. 9. Task 4Task 4 After reading students do TRUE/FALSE exsercise:  1. Christ Redeemer symbolises Brazilian hospitality as well. T/F  2. The Taj Mahal is an emblem of true love. T/F  3. Machu Picchu is situated below sea level. T/F  4. The creator of The Taj Mahal spent some time in a prison. T/F  5. The Pyramid at Chichen Itza is the oldest wonder. T/F  6. Machu Picchu was probably left by its native inhabitants because of disease. T/F  7. The Great Wall of China was built to protect the country from others nations. T/F  8. The Roman Colosseum is associated only with brutality of Roman Empire. T/F  9. The Great Wall of China is the biggest natural monument. T/F Time allocated: 5 minutes
  10. 10. Task 4Task 4 Students work in pairs. One pair tries to describe one of the seven Wonders and other pairs have to guess the name of this Wonder. The students who answer correctly score points. Time allocated: 10 minutes
  11. 11. Task 5Task 5 Techer plays seven songs from different countries, where you can visit 7 Wonders of the World. Students have to match appropriate country to the right song, and later write the Wonder. Time allocated: 10 minutes
  12. 12. 1.1. 2.2. 3.3. 4.4. 5.5. 6.6. 7.7.
  13. 13. Task 6Task 6 Students create the advertisement one of the wonders. They work in groups of three. Later they advertise it in front of the class. Time allocated: 20 minutes
  14. 14. HOMEWORKHOMEWORK Students think and write about the place that might be the 8th Wonder of the World and justify their opinions.