GIVE Project presentation: Volunteering in Ireland for migrants


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GIVE Project presentation: Volunteering in Ireland for migrants

  1. 1. GIVE something … GET something
  3. 3. If you are not sure…  …what is volunteering?  …what is Volunteer Centre and how can it help you?  …if you can volunteer in Ireland?  …why volunteering is good for you?  …what can you do as volunteer in Ireland?  …where to find interesting opportunities?  …how to apply for them?  …how to start volunteering? You are in the right place! ?
  5. 5. Volunteers in Dublin in 2013 1,028 120 18% 2% Ireland 14,871 Volunteers in Ireland 56% 254 4,5% 5,697 765 Asia 15 0,26% 13,4% Dublin 279 5% 44% 5,7% Europe 3,193 N America 324 Africa Australia S America Unknown of volunteers newly registered in Dublin were migrants 29% of volunteers newly registered in Ireland were migrants
  7. 7. What is volunteering? Volunteering is giving your time and energy for the benefit of…    people outside your family society the environment Volunteering is done…   of your own free will without payment except for the reimbursement of out of pocket expenses such as lunch or travel
  8. 8. Who can volunteer in Ireland? Everyone! People of any:  Nationality  Gender  Race  Age  Immigration status (international  Family status (single parent etc.) student, refugee, asylum seeker,  Martial status (single/ married/ migrant worker etc.) divorced etc.)  Employment status (working/  Sexual orientation unemployed/ retired etc.)  (Dis)ability  Religion …CAN volunteer in Ireland!
  10. 10. Who are we? We are your local Volunteer Centre. We help people like you find meaningful opportunities to volunteer in local charities and not-for-profit organisations. We work with volunteers and organisations in Dublin City.
  11. 11. What do we do? I need volunteers I want to volunteer VOLUNTEER CENTRE VOLUNTEERS ORGANISATIONS We match people wishing to volunteer with organisations seeking to involve volunteers. You will volunteer with those organisations, not with us.
  12. 12. How can we help you? Registration for Volunteering We can help you register with our service. Information We can help you understand what volunteering is, how, why, when and where to volunteer. Access to volunteering opportunities We can show you how to access our online database, search and apply for volunteering.
  13. 13. WHY VOLUNTEER?
  14. 14. Volunteer…to GIVE! Your time for something you care about and enjoy. Your skills and expertise to help other people or your environment. Your energy to make a positive difference/contribution in the society. Something back to your local community. Inspiration to others with your enthusiasm and commitment.
  15. 15. To GET even more… An opportunity to do something you love New friends and professional connections Self-confidence and sense of fulfilment Knowledge of Irish and other cultures New skills and work experience References from Irish organisations English language practice Some fun and positive energy!
  16. 16. WHAT CAN I DO?
  17. 17. What can I do? Whatever your skills, abilities or interest – there is something for you! Here are some examples of areas you can be involved with:
  18. 18. Animals and environment
  20. 20. What to think about before you start? Your Motivation WHY WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE you want to volunteer; your goal. you want to support and you would like to do; your interests. are you available; how much time you have to volunteer; how long you stay in Ireland. the role is based – are you willing to travel to get there? Check on ? volunteer with. Google Maps how far the role is based from your home.
  21. 21. What to think about before you start? Your English You need basics You will need at least basic English to volunteer. Don’t worry if your English is not perfect you can still volunteer! Volunteer! Our website has volunteering opportunities for people with various levels of English – from basic (i.e. local area clean ups, gardening) to proficient (i.e. teaching, administration; communications). Improve Once you start volunteering your English will only get better! Don’t be afraid to talk to the staff and other volunteers. Attend English classes or conversational groups. Ask us for advice and the list of your local English classes.
  22. 22. What to think about before you start? Your Culture Be aware Your culture is different from Irish and other volunteers. Depending on our culture, we all may have different ideas what is appropriate or normal. Observe Be positive Cultural differences can be observed in: - Eye contact, facial expression, gestures and posture, distance between people, touch etc. - Time perception - Gender roles - Power distance - Relationships When you don’t understand something or want to know why someone has behaved in a certain way – simply ask. Be open and say if you feel uncomfortable doing something. Ask Irish people and other volunteers about their culture and tell them about yours. (Individualistic or collective) Be patient and learn!
  23. 23. What to think about before you start? Garda Vetting What is that? It’s a police check of person’s criminal record. Currently this process take 8 weeks. 8 weeks Who needs it? Who can apply? How to apply? All people, Irish and non-Irish, who work or volunteer with children, older or vulnerable adults (disabled, homeless etc.) People who have lived in Ireland at least 6 months. The organisation applies for you. They give you a form to complete, which must be returned to the organisation. You will not have any direct contact with the police.
  24. 24. The good news! There are many volunteer roles that DO NOT require Garda Vetting! Check frequently updated ‘Quick start’ volunteering list on our website Examples:      Festivals & events Practical work Some charity shops Social media Environment & conservation  … and more
  25. 25. WHERE DO I START?
  26. 26. 4 steps to start volunteering STEP 1: Register with us To register visit our website or call to make an appointment to tell us what you would like to do. STEP 2: Apply for volunteering Go to ‘Find an opportunity’ and look for categories to find an area that interests you. Apply for chosen volunteer role(s). STEP 3: Screening Wait for organisation(s) to contact you.
  27. 27. STEP 1: Register 1 Go to: 2 3 1. Visit our WEBSITE 2. Go to VOLUNTEERS section on our homepage 3. Click REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER 4. Complete the registration form  Once you register, you can start applying for volunteering immediately.  Our Placement Team will be in contact shortly.  Check your email (including junk mail/SPAM box) for our response.
  28. 28. STEP 2: Apply  Click FIND AN OPPORTUNITY on our website.  Pick your search criteria. SEARCH BY KEYWORD Use it only to search for a specific keyword i.e. name of the organisation or your interest. Otherwise leave it empty as search results will show volunteering from all over Ireland. TOWN/COUNTY CAUSE: Leave it empty or always write down DUBLIN. choose from the list who/what you would like to support. (i.e. older people, arts, animals etc.) ACTIVITY: choose from the list what exactly you would like to do (i.e. administration, catering etc.)
  29. 29. How to apply for volunteering?  Browse for opportunities and apply ROLE DESCRIPTION SEARCH RESULTS Show list of opportunities matching your search. Click VIEW to see the role description and to apply. Check time commitment, screening details (i.e. Garda Vetting, interview), supports provided (i.e. cover of your expenses , training). Press APPLY at the bottom of the page if you think that’s something for you.
  30. 30. STEP 3: Screening How long will it take before I can start?  After applying organisation should contact you within 1 week. If they don’t - let us know or contact them directly. Check your email for response (including spam/ junk mail).  The screening may take various time – from an immediate start (check our ‘Quick start’ volunteering list) to a few months.
  31. 31. STEP 3: Screening What is involved?  Depending on role organisations may ask you to provide references, fill application form, apply for Garda Vetting, have an informal interview or undergo a training.  Referees should not be your relatives; think of someone who knows you through a more formal relationship (employer, doctor, solicitor, teacher, course tutor, social worker, religious leader, volunteer coordinator, sport coach, student’s union leader etc.).
  32. 32. STEP 4: Volunteer! Everyone is welcome…
  34. 34. Is GIVE Project for you?  Do you come from outside of the European Union?  Are you planning to stay in Ireland for 1 year or more? If answer for BOTH questions is YES contact: Aga, GIVE Project Officer Email: Mobile: 087 7386929
  35. 35. All other volunteers can contact: Dublin City Volunteer Centre 76 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Email: Tel: 01 4737482 Like us on Facebook:
  36. 36. THANK YOU! No-one can do everything… …but everyone can do something!’