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Phonegap Phonegap Presentation Transcript

  • What is PhoneGap?Its a tool for building mobile apps using web-tech. HTML for layout ( Better yet HTML5 ) JavaScript for accessing device functionality CSS for rich look and feel. ( Better yet CSS3 )
  • The Situation?iPhone – Objective C. Android – Java Blackberry – Java Windows Mobile - .NET or unmanaged C++ Nokia – C++, Java, Python, Flash, WRT Palm – Web Tech
  • The Distribution?Apple App Store Android Market Blackberry App World Nokia Ovi Store Samsung App Store LG Application Store Windows Marketplace and many more ….
  • So What Happens?Fragmentation. Cost. Nightmares.
  • Why HTML ? Scalability. Platform Independent. Custom User Interface Custom fonts Free: as in freedom.
  • Going Native ! Create an HTML5 App that can work offline. Join hands with PhoneGap! Use native features using JS! Compile Applications for multiple platforms Publish and Share !
  • How To Build A Mobile Appvar idea = "An app than solves all your problems";[ios,android,blackberry].forEach(function(platform){createMobileApp(idea,platform);})// using native APIs and toolsfunction createMobileApp(idea,platform){ var app,profit; platform.registerForDeveloperProgram(); platform.downloadAndInstallSDK(); platform.learnNativeAPIs(); app = platform.writeNativeApp(idea); app.buildForPlatform(); profit = app.submitToAppStore(); return profit; }
  • Same with PhoneGapaddJavascript(" phoneGap.js ",head);var idea = " An app than solves all your problems ";var HTML5app = writeAppWithHTML5(idea);createMobileApp(HTML5app, [ios, android, blackberry]);function createMobileApp (HTML5app, platforms){ var app, profit = 0; platforms.forEach(function (platform) { platform.registerForDeveloperProgram(); platform.downloadAndInstallSDK(); app = platform.buildNativeAppWithPhoneGap(HTML5app); app.buildForPlatform(); profit += app.submitToAppStore(); }); return profit; }
  • Phone Gap isCross-PlatformiOS, Android, BlackBerry 4.6+, webOS, Symbian...Open Source - MIT outbound, MIT + Apache inbound Web Technologies - defer to native support Extensible – any[many] native code available any JS libraries available through <script>
  • Core
  • PhoneGap apps are just web pages?- Yes, web pages that access device functionality.- Apps can still provide a rich experience, especially with CSS transitions and tweening animations.- There are even games built with PhoneGap! Bubble Drop >
  • What Native APIs are available ?Geolocation Accelerometer Notifications Media playback Camera Device info Contacts Online/Offline SMS / Telephone Magnetometer!
  • Geolocation !function getLocation() {debug.log("Getting your Current Location");navigator.notification.activityStart(); var win = function(p) { debug.log(p.latitude + " - " + p.logitude); navigator.notification.activityStop(); }; var fail = function() { debug.log("You Have no Location. Bump!"); }; navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(win,fail); }
  • Accelerometer!function needforspeed() {debug.log("Watching the Accelerometer"); var win = function(a){ debug.log(roundNumber(a.x)+" - "+roundNumber(a.y)+ " - "+roundNumber(a.z)); }; var fail = function(){ //We never fail right ? }; navigator.accelerometer.watchAcceleration(win,fail,{frequency:100}); }
  • Contacts!function thirdPerson() {debug.log("Getting the Second Contact"); navigator.contactManager.get(function(c) { debug.log("Contact 2: " + c.contacts[1].name); });}
  • Vibration!navigator.notification.vibrate();//grrrrrrrr
  • ASK !
  • Now... go write some apps!*http://phonegap.com Reach The Presenter Twitter @afzaalace