Business ethics


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Business ethics

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY-Aftab.Mulla
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION…Indias economy today is a standing monument to thecorruption and inefficiency of four specific departmentsnamely, Customs, Central Excise, Income Tax and theEnforcement Directorate.It is the evasion of the taxes and the failure of thesedepartments to check illegal activities that hascrystallized into the large percentage of black money inthe economy.Whole industries today depend on the black economy.The film industry, a substantial part of theconstruction industry and a large number of smallindustries are run on the basis of black money
  3. 3. Implementation of Zero Tolerance ofCORRUPTION…Implement the zero tolerance strategy for checking corruption which meansprompt effective punishment of the corrupt? To begin with, we have to understand themechanics of how India became so corrupt country.As We see, the growth of corruption in India after Independence has taken placethrough a two-stage process. The first stage was the corrupting of the institutions andthe second stage was the institutionalization of corruption. Experts can go on toanalyze what was the exact point of time when the corrupting of institutions started inIndia.We inherited from the British a working bureaucracy and we gave ourselves aconstitution with the three major wings executive, judiciary and the legislature toensure effective governance of the country.When there is contempt for the law and this is combined with the criminalization ofpolitics, corruption flourishes.
  4. 4. Introduction to corruptionCorruption is the lack of duty, morality and honesty. In spite of variouspolicies, implemented rules and regulations and reinforcement of anti-corruptionbureaus, corruption is still making its surface that needs to be addressed veryseriously, thoughtfully as well as by not affecting by going to the roots of a cause.In almost every aspect of our diurnal activities corruption comes up in one of its manyavatars in the electricity or telephone office, hospital and even in educational institutions.Scams pile one upon the other and corruption at high levels has become routine of theday.Newspaper reports of officers arrested while accepting bribe or the picture of apoliceman extorting money from a truck driver are gulped down with our tea. Yet, everygovernment clerk continues to ask for under-table transactions as his right beforeopening the file.
  5. 5. Causes ofCorruption inIndia:-1)Lack of effective managementand organization.2) Lack of economical stability.3) Lack of economical stability.4) Lack of values.5) Lack of love for country.6) Lack of satisfaction.7) Lack of employment.8) Lack of seats and educationalinstitutions.
  6. 6. Corruption in the Indian society has prevailed from time immemorial in oneform or the other. The basic inception of corruption started with ouropportunistic leaders who have already done greater damage to our nation.People who work on right principles are unrecognized and considered to befoolish in the modern society. Corruption in India is a result of the connectionbetween bureaucrats, politicians and criminals. Earlier, bribes were paid forgetting wrong things done, but now bribe is paid for getting right things doneat right time.In today’s scenario, if a person wants a government job he has to pay lakhs ofrupees to the higher officials irrespective of satisfying all the eligibilitycriteria. There is adulteration and duplicate weighing of products in food andcivil supplies department by unscrupulous workers who cheat the consumersby playing with the health and lives of the people. In the assessment ofproperty tax the officers charge money even if the house is built properlyaccording to the Government rules and regulations.
  7. 7. An anti-corruption program has 3 essential elements-1) Education2) Investigation3) Enforcement
  8. 8. BANK FRAUDS :-
  9. 9. ROLE PLAYED BY IT SECTORIN PREVENTION OF FRAUDS AND CORRUPTION...“IT is India’s tomorrow.”Due to IT, the registration and transferof property which normally takes aLonger time under the present practiceis done in few hours instead weeks ormonths.
  10. 10. CASE STUDY