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The Zambeef Products PLC Group is one of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and …

The Zambeef Products PLC Group is one of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and
the region, involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef,
pork, chickens, eggs, milk, dairy products, edible oils, flour and bread throughout Zambia
and West Africa.

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  • 1. CONTENTS Profile / Vision / Strategy Financial Highlights Group Structure Where Zambeef is Today Farming and Processing Distribution and Retailing Geographical Representation Growth Prospects
  • 2. 1
  • 3. OUR PROFILE The Zambeef Products PLC Group is one of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and the region, involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, pork, chickens, eggs, milk, dairy products, edible oils, flour and bread throughout Zam- bia and West Africa. The company is also one of the largest cropping operations in Africa with 4 380 hect- ares under irrigation of row crops. The Group is in the process of rolling out a 20 000 hectare palm plantation. Zamleather Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is involved in the tanning of hides for export to the Far East and Europe as well as the production of finished leather, shoes and industrial footwear, mainly for the domestic and regional markets. 2
  • 4. OUR VISION To be the most accessible and affordable quality protein provider in the region. 3
  • 5. OUR STRATEGY - To increase efficiency and capacity in primary production facilities ensuring Zambeef is a low cost protein producer in the region. - To expand the retail and wholesale distribution channels in order to increase market penetration in the region. 4
  • 6. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Zambeef’s 5 year financial performance in ZMK and US$ Turnover Profit after Tax Dividend Payout Kwacha Turnover up by 199% Kwacha Profit after Tax up by 157% Kwacha Dividend payout up by 97% US Dollar Turnover up by 305% US Dollar Profit after Tax up by 248% US Dollar Dividend payout up by 166% 5
  • 7. Fully Diversified Turnover 6
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  • 11. ZAMBEEF, FLYING HIGHER! IN THE BEGINNING WHERE ZAMBEEF IS TODAY Humble beginnings 15 years ago One of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and the region 60 Employees 3 400 Employees Slaughtering 180 cattle per month Slaughtering 60 000 cattle, 3.5 million chickens, 35 000 pigs and producing 8.5 million liters of milk and 50 000 tonnes of crops per annum Two butcheries in Lusaka 105 retail outlets throughout Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana Small rented abattoir 8 Abattoirs strategically located around Zambia Delivering meat in Land Rover Transport fleet of over 200 units No capital Crushing 36 000 tonnes of oil seed and producing 24 million liters of oil per annum 10
  • 13. FARMING AND PROCESSING BEEF & FEEDLOT -Largest meat company in Zambia slaughtering 60 000 cattle per annum -Largest feedlotter of quality beef in Zambia feedlot- ting 12 000 grain-fed cattle per annum -8 abattoirs strategically located around Zambia 12
  • 14. FARMING AND PROCESSING MILK & MILK PROCESSING -State of the art dairy milking 850 cows per day produc- ing an average of 20 000 liters of milk per day -Milk pasteurised and homogenised in modern process- ing plant -Further value added in producing yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese, butter, cream and milk based juices -Juice line with assorted flavours 13
  • 15. FARMING AND PROCESSING CHICKEN & EGG -Largest chicken producer processing 3.5 million chickens per annum -Major egg producer currently producing 20 million eggs per annum -Zambia’s only national egg supplier 14
  • 16. FARMING AND PROCESSING MASTER PORK -Largest Pork Processor in Zambia processing 35 000 pigs per annum -Largest piggery in Zambia producing circa 7 300 pigs per annum -Produces full range of cooked, smoked and processed meat products -Expanding pig production and processing operations 15
  • 17. FARMING AND PROCESSING CROPPING -One of the largest cropping operations in Africa -Producing Maize, Soya, Wheat and Lucerne -4 380 hectares under irrigation -1 500 hectares of dry land crops -Harvested 50 000 tonnes of grain during 2008 -Silo storage capacity of 32 000 tonnes 16
  • 18. FARMING AND PROCESSING CROPPING -First commercial palm plantation in Zambia -Germination nursery accommodating 600- 800 000 seedlings -Main nursery accommodating 500- 600 000 immature palms -Planting first 3 000 hectares during 2009 -Expected plantation size of 20 000 hectares -Set up in Northern Province of Zambia 17
  • 19. FARMING AND PROCESSING MILL & BAKERY -State of the art wheat mill commissioned in Novem- ber 2007 -Capacity to mill 3 000 tonnes of wheat per month -State of the art bakery -Currently baking 20 000 loaves per day 18
  • 20. FARMING AND PROCESSING EDIBLE OILS -The largest edible oils plant in Zambia -Produces 24 000 tonnes of edible oil per annum -Crushes 36 000 tonnes of oil seed in crushing plant -Produces 20 000 tonnes of animal feed cake per annum -Margarine production of 2 400 tonnes per annum -Plastics plant to produce full range of plastic bottles for oil -Commencement of mineral water production during 2009 19
  • 21. FARMING AND PROCESSING STOCK FEED -Currently producing 120 tonnes of stock feed per day in own stock feed plant -Self sufficient in stock feed requirements -Modern fully automated stock feed plant to com- mence operation during 2009 to increase capacity to 6 000 tonnes per month in order to add value to the protein by-product from the Zamanita Oil Crushing plant and supply stock feed to Zambeef and third parties across Zambia and the region 20
  • 22. FARMING AND PROCESSING LEATHER & SHOES -Currently processes 60 000 hides per annum through tan- nery -Exports to South Africa, Europe and the Far East, valued at US$900 000 per annum -Shoe plant now major producer of industrial footwear, school shoes and casual shoe range for the local and regional mar- kets -Major producer of Leather protective clothing for the mining sector including gloves, smelter suits and welding aprons 21
  • 23. 22
  • 24. DISTRIBUTION & RETAILING BUTCHERY OUTLETS -Sells high quality beef, chicken, milk, eggs, processed meat and bread in 98 outlets throughout Zambia and West Africa -In store butcheries in Shoprite supermarkets in Zam- bia, Nigeria and Ghana -New outlets due to open in Zambia and West Africa in 2009-10 23
  • 25. DISTRIBUTION & RETAILING FAST FOOD OUTLETS -Popular fast food chain selling fried chicken and chips -7 Zamchick Inns with more planned during 2009-10 24
  • 26. DISTRIBUTION & RETAILING TRANSPORT & DISTRIBUTION -One of the largest trucking and transport fleets in Zambia in excess of 200 units -Own modern workshop to service and maintain fleet 25
  • 27. 26
  • 28. GEOGRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION -The largest retailing network in Zambia with 103 retail outlets distributed countrywide -Processing plants situated in Lusaka, Chisamba and Kitwe -8 Abattoirs situated in different parts of Zambia -Major farming operations in Chisamba, Lower Zambezi, Sinazongwe, and Muma Butcheries 96 Abattoirs 8 Farms 4 Zamchick Inns 7 Processing Plants 3 27
  • 30. GROWTH PROSPECTS INTEGRATION OF ZAMANITA & MASTER PORK -Investment in upgrading and increasing the capacity of the Oil Seed Crushing plant and the Oil Refinery, AND refurbish- ment and expansion of processing and piggery operations. -Ensure valuable synergistic opportunities from acquisitions are taken advantage of to provide better value to all stake- holders of the Zambeef Group. PALM PLANTATION -Planting of first 3 000 hectares of palm from main nursery as part of pilot phase. -Upon verification of fresh fruit bunch yields, to expand plantation to 20 000 hectares. GROWTH IN WEST AFRICA -Zambeef expects strong growth in West Africa with new outlets due to open and the completion of the new pork pro- cessing plant in Lagos. -Further opportunities exist to replicate the Zambian growth model in Nigeria, commencing with Zambeef leasing 500 acres North of Lagos to commence beef abattoir and poultry operations. RETAILING -Greater focus on the retailing operations of the Group with improved product reach & efficiency. -Re branding and refurbishment of top stores. -Opening of 12 new stores across Zambia and West Africa. -Improvement in product process engineering. STOCK FEED -Development and commencement of a modern new stock feed plant to service Zambeef internal requirements and third party clients and add maximum value to the protein which is the main by-product of the Zamanita Oil Crushing plant. CROPPING -Completion of the irrigation expansion scheme for Chiawa Farms to take total irrigation hectarage to 2 200 hectares. 29
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