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Miles de empresas de todo el mundo han elegido las soluciones de LinkedIn para encontrar, atraer y contratar el mejor talento del mercado. …

Miles de empresas de todo el mundo han elegido las soluciones de LinkedIn para encontrar, atraer y contratar el mejor talento del mercado.

Al participar en este webcast (gratuito), podrás descubrir los beneficios del uso de todos los productos ofertados por LinkedIn, entre los que hablaremos de:

Gestión estratégica del flujo de talento.
Selección personalizada de nuestro target.
Cómo potenciar nuestra imagen de marca.
A través de la combinación de las eficientes funciones de análisis que ofrece LinkedIn, podrás aumentar significativamente tus beneficios, medidos a través de la cantidad y calidad de los candidatos contratados.

Únete a nosotros y aprovecha el potencial de la mayor red profesional del planeta, con más de 300 millones de miembros, entre ellos 6 millones en España.

Published in: Social Media

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  • 1. What social recruiting is and how it grew in the last few years
    2. Goals, numbers and growth of the biggest professional social network
    3. How did Recruiters start thinking and operating like marketers?
    4. What the key KPIs in social recruitment are & how LinkedIn can help you in measuring them

  • Noto anche come Social Hiring, Social Recruitment e Social Media Recruitment non è tanto uno strumento quanto un metodo di reclutamento del personale basato sulle reti sociali che include una presenza dell’azienda con un profilo corporate e la sua interazione con tutti i suoi stakeholder (dipendenti, clienti, investitori, potenziali collaboratori, ecc.).

    Internet sourcing: the process by which recruiters use social media profiles and online communities to search for and find info about potential candidates

    Employer Branding: the process of using social media platforms and networks as a way to distribute info about a company’s employee value proposition (EVP), culture, way to do things, benefits and eventually jobs.

    In fact, the use of social media has become an essential part of most companies’ current recruitment strategies. According to Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruitment Survey, 94 percent of the 1,500 respondents are already using social recruiting and plan to increase their investment in candidate recruitment by 73 percent. Reaching top employees via the social Web is more important than ever; for instance, 55 percent of Millennials now say a prospective employer’s online reputation matters as much as the job it offers, according to a survey by Spherion Staffing. (Forty-seven percent of all workers agree.)

    Now in its sixth year, Jobvite’s annual Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive survey of its kind.
    The survey was conducted online in June 2013. 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals completed the survey in response to either an email or a social media invitation.
  • +20% rispetto al 2010 hanno assunto persone attraverso i social network
  • One-third of the 600 million professionals on the planet are LinkedIn. This represents the largest group anywhere of influential, affluent and educated people.

    We’ve become the world’s largest professional network by helping our members be more productive and more successful at all the stages of their careers.

  • >2 New members per second as of 12/31/13 based on internal estimates
    187M Monthly unique visitors for Q4’13 according to comScore using LinkedIn + SlideShare
  • Time on LinkedIn isn’t simply spent. Time on LinkedIn is invested in professional development. We call this the professional mindset.

    The professional mindset clearly distinguishes LinkedIn from Facebook and Twitter, which exist primarily in a personal context.

    The professional mindset is aspirational, members are thinking about how to achieve their ambitions and provide a better life for their families.

    As a result, our members are highly receptive to advertising, content, and experiences from companies that can help make them more knowledgeable and, ultimately, more successful.
  • Implementing this core solution will help to develop your talent brand, strategically source, and target the right candidates with opportunities.

    There are three key things companies do to dramatically increase their hiring effectiveness on LinkedIn:
    The first is using LinkedIn to find and engage the very best passive talent. Recruiter is the best sourcing tool out there, and recruiting teams are using Talent Pipeline features to become more proactive in managing pipelines of talent. Since organizations typically don’t have the bandwidth to source every hire proactively, it’s critical to be able to scale your recruiting efforts.
    The second element of the solution is personalized job targeting. Since we know that your target talent is on LinkedIn, we first need to ensure that all your professional roles are on the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn’s matching algorithm will serve up the right job to the right candidate, to ensure that only qualified candidates will be exposed to your open opportunities.
    The third element is developing a talent brand on LinkedIn. Companies are tapping into their employees’ networks and leveraging company pages to promote their brand and attract talent.

    These aren’t three independent pillars, but rather three elements of a single solution that reinforce one another.
    When companies post all professional jobs on LinkedIn, these jobs make their employer branding content more relevant for each candidate.
    Likewise, communicating a rich talent brand and leveraging employee profiles to connect with candidates creates a more compelling reason for candidates to apply to your job postings.
    Finally, when candidates understand what opportunities are available and have encountered your employer brand, they’re much more likely to respond to outreach from your recruiters, which makes your team’s proactive sourcing efforts more effective.

    Adopting this holistic strategy will help an organization to hire more of the right candidates for their roles.
  • The best recruiters in today’s market act like marketers.
    Why is this?
    Because individuals have never had so much choice in the history of employment.
    20, 40, 50 years ago the idea of flexi-time, working from home, work-life balance were alien. A job was for life.

    Today with the amount of choice we have in every walk of life we can be more selective about the business we interact with - that goes from a candidate and hiring manager perspective.

    We can’t just expect to go for the hard sell and still place the right people in the right jobs.
    We have to spread ourselves thinner. Cover more ground.
    I see sales as being more of a one to one interaction.
    Marketing is a one to many.
  • Visibility to both Jobs and Brand via the creative Picture yourself
  • View targeted jobs
  • Follow company grow a selected follower base
  • Massive recruitment tool
    Hr utilizza strumento Marketers
    Gestione in recruiter creazione talent pipeline

    Ave. Open Rates
    Ave. Response
    Rates 5-15%
    Can achieve response rates 15-20% higher if run in sync with advertising campaign
  • By becoming more strategic and less reactive, companies are able to increase the efficiency of their teams and increase quality of hire.
  • How can we measure your employer brand? We start by looking at the reach and engagement you have with external talent

    TALENT BRAND REACH: Includes the people who know what it’s like to work at your company—those that are familiar with your company as an employer

    TALENT BRAND ENGAGEMENT: Includes the subset of people within your reach who are interested in you as a potential employer

    Research shows that people familiar with what it’s like to work at your company are the same people connected to and engaging with your employees on LinkedIn

    Research also shows that people who are interested in working at your company are the same ones who are taking that extra step on LinkedIn to learn more: browsing/applying to jobs on LinkedIn, following your company, and visiting your company and career pages.
  • This year’s results delve into how recruiters are leveraging social recruiting in addition to whether or not they are using it. Much like marketers, recruiters use social networks as part of a multi-channel strategy to find leads and nurture them to hire. The best candidates are always “shopping” for a new job and have more information at their fingertips than ever before. To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market, recruiters have started to use a marketer’s approach to find and cultivate the top talent.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Webcast: Cómo sacar el máximo partido a mi solución recruiter
    • 2. Raúl Suárez Account Executive Manager Africa Muñoz Customer Success Manager
    • 3. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS  Social recruiting  ¿Qué es realmente LinkedIn?  La solución holística de LinkedIn para los departamentos de HR  Midiendo resultados  Preguntas Agenda:
    • 4. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Social recruiting  Social Recruiting es el proceso de encontrar, atraer y reclutar talento a través de plataformas de social media  Los seleccionadores utilizan cada vez utilizan varias vías:  Internet sourcing  Employer Branding
    • 5. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS La tendecia al Social recruiting se ha incrementado y ya se están viendo resultados LinkedIn no es sólo la fuente más utilizada, sino la que con diferencia consigue mejores resultados
    • 6. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Recruiters de todo el mundo piensan incrementar su inversión en social recruitment y esto es debido al ROI obtenido
    • 7. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 7 Los tiempos están cambiando
    • 8. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 1 de cada 3 profesionales En el planeta pertenece a la red de LinkedIn 8
    • 10. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 300 millones de personas ¿Un único objetivo? 1 – The Mindset Divide research study, TNS, September 2012 Top 3 types of content expected1 Pasar tiempo Personal Información sobre conocidos Intereses personales Entretenimiento Invertir tiempo Profesional Información sobre carreras profesionales Información sobre compañías Información sobre su propia industria 1 2 3
    • 11. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Reclutamiento estratégico y pipelining Métricas y análisis de datos Targetización de anuncios de empleo Desarrollo de marca como empleador LinkedIn Talent Solutions te permite conectar con el talento de una forma estratégica y automática  LinkedIn Jobs  LinkedIn Recruiter con Talent Pipeline  Página de Carreras en LinkedIn  Profile ads  Recruitment Ads 11
    • 12. “Los mejores recruiter son los mejores marketers…” 12
    • 13. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Fortalecer la marca como empleador incrementa la efectividad en la atracción del talento Reclutamiento estratégico y pipelining Métricas y análisis de datos Targetización de anuncios de empleo Desarrollo de marca como empleador View Targeted Jobs Networking con empleados Receive targeted message Sigue una compañía Aplica a una oferta de empleo Encuentra un nuevo empleo 13 Advertising spa Marco Fernández 500+ Connections 2nd Digital sales manager Marco Fernández Visualización de ofertas de empleo Recibe mensajes personalizados
    • 14. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Profile Ads: Picture Yourself ¿Cuál es la actividad número uno en LinkedIn? Networking con tus empleados Visualización de ofertas de empleo LinkedIn puede facilitarte información sobre qué tipo de profesionales visitan vuestros perfiles
    • 15. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS ¡Tus empleados son tus mejores embajadores! La retención del talento es mayor cuando la contratación ha sido una referencia de empleado
    • 16. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Página de carreras de LinkedIn Donde todo converge El 40% de las visitas a la página de carreras se convierte en un candidato que aplica su candidatura Visualización de ofertas de empleo Recibe mensajes personalizados Aplica a una oferta de empleo Sigue una compañía
    • 17. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Geography Industry Job Function Seniority Company Size Genera una experiencia única Desarrollando un mensaje único orientado al talento objetivo
    • 18. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Recruitment Ads: Seguidores de una compañía el mensaje adecuado al candidato perfecto Personalizar es clave, y con LinkedIn puedes elegir, geografía, industria, puesto actual, empresa, grupos... Sigue una compañía Recibe mensajes personalizados Marco, get the latest on Banco Santander Jobs, News & more
    • 19. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS …allí donde Marco vaya a buscar información En su Inbox En la pantalla de inicio In Marco’s Groups
    • 20. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn Talent Direct Envía un mensaje personalizado …. Homepage Inbox Message Hasta 2.500 personas Botón con el que pueden mostrar su interés Recibirás la candidatura en Recruiter Creatividad/ video/imagen Aplica para una oferta de empleo Recibe mensajes personalizados
    • 21. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Ve directo al Talento… con LinkedIn Recruiter ©2012 LinkedIn 21
    • 22. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional Los equipos de adquisición del talento se están convirtiendo cada vez más en departamentos estratégicos Estratégico Bajo coste Eficiente Orientado a la calidad Proactivo: Creación de un propio pool de talento Reactive Alto coste Poco eficiente Orientado en la cantidad Reactivo 25
    • 23. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 26 Medición de resultados Algunos de los KPIs más importantes en Social Media son: # de impresiones Tráfico en la página de carreras Click Through Rate Open Rate Aumento de followers ¡Y LinkedIn puede ayudarte y asesorarte en el proceso! Incremento de aplicantes Impacto de Recruiter en tus contrataciones Talent Brand Index
    • 24. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Lo primero en lo que podemos ayudarte es a medir lo que llamamos “Talent Brand index” Talent Talent Brand Index 293,661 members members 64,605 Talent Brand Reach El talento que está familiarizado con tu marca Talent Brand Engagement Es el talento que está interesado en tu empresa Está visitando los perfiles de tus empleados Conecta con tus empleados Busca información en tu página de carreras Sigue tu compañía Revisa tus ofertas y aplica 27 ABC company Talent Brand Index 22%
    • 25. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS  El número de aplicantes aumenta en un 231%  Talent Brand Index mejora en un 73%  En 30 días se contratan 8 personas a través de LinkedIn  El número de followers aumenta en un 31%, es decir 3,800+ followers nuevos 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Consumer goods Case Study Piloto de Core Solutions 28 Situation/Objectives  Empresa de consumer tiene sólo 15 puestos en LinkedIn  Después de ver qué durante el año pasado contrataron 50 usuarios de LinkedIn, deciden empezar un piloto con LinkedIn con todas las soluciones.  El objetivo era reducir el tiempo en los procesos de contratación Solution Resultados (en 3 meses)  50 Job Slots  Recruitment Ads y Talent Direct campaign  Profile Ads  Página de Carreras  Licencia Recruiter Número total de aplicantes Talent Brand Index Implementación Core Solutions TBI = 6.4% TBI = 11.1% 530K usuarios 34K Usuarios 64K Usuarios 580K usuarios DiciembreSeptiembre Posible Atraído
    • 26. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved El Reclutamiento 2.0 ya no es una tendencia, el 78% de los reclutadores ha contratado ya a través de alguna red social Los reclutadores han reducido el tiempo de selección en un 33%, aumentado la calidad de los candidatos en un 49% y la cantidad en un 43% LinkedIn no sólo te da las herramientas sino también te da el acceso a datos que te ayudarán en tu estrategia Conclusiones Key takeaways
    • 27. Any Question?