Country Description - Gabon


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AIESEC help guide for Gabon.

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Country Description - Gabon

  1. 1. CENTRAL AFRICA: GABON Capital: Largest city: Languages: Demonym: Currency: Calling code: Libreville Libreville French Gabonese or Gabonaise Central African CFA franc (XAF) +241 The Gabonese Republic is a sovereign state on the west coast of Central Africa. Located on the equator, Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west. It has an area of nearly 270,000 square kilometers (100,000 sq mi) and its population is estimated at 1.5 million people. Gabon’s tourism industry is still in its infancy stage, but beautiful weather all year round, there is almost never a bad time to explore Gabon. The bigger cities like Libreville and Port-Gentil are full of restaurants, but we particularly like the country’s parks and beaches, so be sure to check out our top recommendations. Gabon’s various ecosystems include everything from pristine coastal beaches to lush rain forests, and the country's biodiversity and low population ensure that the savanna and forests are teeming with a huge variety of wildlife—not tourists. Elephants Libreville Flag
  2. 2. CENTRAL AFRICA: GABON If you are looking for perfect photo spots in Gabon, it’s worth your while to include Lopé National Park on your itinerary. The protected rain forest and savanna areas of the park are home to elephants, buffalo, and hogs. Keep your eyes peeled for the colorful and sometimes intimidating mandrills, too. It is not easy to get to Mayumba, but the rewards are rich for those who find Mayumba, located near the Congolese border. With its white, serene beaches, Mayumba is a premier resort area in Gabon. During a season of the year, it is a place where you can see thousands of humpback whales swimming in the sea and leatherback turtles nesting in the sand, and you can feast on freshly caught fish every day. Covering 790 square miles in the southeastern part of Gabon, Bateke Plateau National Park is hard to reach but an amazing site to visit. The ancient volcanic area is full of elephants, buffalo, lions, gorillas, and other animals. Take a walk through the park and cross the large bridges that span the rivers. When in Libreville, we recommend visiting the National Museum of Arts and Tradition for a few hours. A walk through the halls of the museum, which include sections on statues and masks, will introduce you to the traditions and art of Gabon. Another worthwhile site in Libreville is the Cathedral of St. Michael. The cathedral has 31 carved wooden columns that depict various biblical scenes. While you are near the border with Congo, you should also check out the Cirque de Léconi, a beautiful, circular, red rock canyon. The view of the canyon in the waning sunlight is unforgettable. Remind also to include in your destinations, a visit to Presidential Palace, Cap Estérias for a quieter beach experience and Pointe Denis Beach which is recognized for its versatility.