Africa In Me


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AIESEC in Africa Unifying Strategy Booklet.

Prepared in AfroXLDS 2013.

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Africa In Me

  1. 1. Africa in MeAIESECAfricaUnifying StrategyBooklet
  2. 2. 2456789101112131415161Purpose of documentAIESEC Africa in NumberDefinition of Africa in MePurposePrinciplesAfrica in Me roadmapArea of ImpactCareer DevelopmentHealth ImprovementEconomic DevelopmentEducation and Literacywww.africainme.orgFAQsUseful informationCONTENTS
  3. 3. 2Purpose of this documentThe purpose of this document is to :-• Increase understanding and clarity of theAfrica in Me strategy so that it is implementedby all AIESEC entities in Africa.• Highlight the output/pilot projects ofAfroXLDS 2013 in Ethiopia under each areaof impact.• Provide link of essential documentssupporting the implementation of Africa in MeThis document is an updated version of the ACPbooklet as an output of the consolidation ofAfroXLDS 2013 in Ethiopia workshops.ACRONYMSACPAiMCSREAPiGCDPiGIPLCMCoGCDPoGIPTLPTMPXPActive Contribution ProgramAfrica in MeCorporate Social ResponsibilityEmpower Africa Programincoming Global CommunityDevelopment Programincoming Global InternshipProgramLocal CommitteeMember Committeeoutgoing Global CommunityDevelopment Programoutgoing Global InternshipProgramTeam Leader ProgramTeam Member ProgrameXPerience
  4. 4. 3“The time to activelycontribute for thedevelopment of ourcontinent is NOW! It’s timefor the Lions to Move forsomething bigger, It’s timefor AFRICA!”Daúdo Vali, AIESEC Africa Regional Responsible11-12
  5. 5. AIESEC in AFRICA in numberswww.africainme.org65 Active in more than 65Universities in Africa More than 65% ofexchange delivered inAfrica are iGCDP19 AIESEC is present in 19Countries in Africa.3 Divided in 3 sub regions – SouthernAfrica (4 countries), East Africa (5countries)and West Africa (10countries.2 2 Sub Regional conference –WACS in West Africa andPIONEERS in East Africa inNovember5000 More than 5000 Team MemberExperience delivered in 20123000 More than 3000 Team LeaderExperience delivered in 20122500 More than 2500 Exchangeexperiences delivered in term 2012
  6. 6. 5Definition of Africa in MeAiM is a strategy for AIESEC in Africato develop massive amount of youngpeople, especially African youth, byoffering them a leadership platform.We do this in relevance to our marketand society, for a sustainabledevelopment of the African continentbecause, we believe that strongeryouth leadership is developed in thatcontext. We commit to partner indelivering this strong youth leadership.AiM is represented by a map of Africaresembling the shape of a heart to show thecompassion, love and caring attitude of theAfrican people and the aim of AiM isrepresented by the hands in the midst ofAfrica, a hands-on attitude for impactful andsustainable positive change in Africa.
  7. 7. 6Purpose• Unify and align AIESEC in Africa on its activities and projects.• Focus the region on the implementation and delivery of the fullrefreshed AIESEC Experience to deliver more and better AIESEC XPs• Foster a collaborative and innovative environment.• Increase external and internal positioning,• Bring financial sustainability to entities and generate revenuethrough our programs (GIP, GCDP, TMP&TLP) and from funds/grants.“Africa is theuntold story, andcould be the bigstory, on the nextdecade.”Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-cola. Africa:Coke’s last frontier, October 2010
  8. 8. 7Principles1. Entities can develop different and innovative projects, as far as they are relevant to theirsocieties, respond to specific needs, have a long-term impact and fulfill the principles foreach area of impact2. All projects should contribute directly to the delivery of AIESEC Experience, considering all itsphases (EwA, ELD, LLC) with focus to ELD programmes.3. All projects should actively engage current and potential TN takers, EPs and TMP/TLPparticipants to create more AIESEC XPs.4. All projects related to exchange (GCDP and GIP) must connect the interns with localcommunities and should have externals involvement from the creation to the delivery.5. Entities can name the projects freely, as far as they are connected with the description andpurpose of the program and areas of impact.6. All projects should be financially sustainable through direct sales and/or financial models thatenhances sustainability.
  9. 9. 8
  10. 10. AreaofImpact9
  11. 11. 10iGCDP Pilot ProjectLEAD & BridgeErnst & Young 2011 Africa AttractivenessSurveyThis area of impact aims tocreate and strengthenprofessionalism, leadershipand entrepreneurial capacityon African youth talent, todrive and prepare them foremployment and for strongcontribution towards thedevelopment of theircountries.
  12. 12. This area of impact aims toimprove the quality of life bycreating a healthy anddisease free environment.iGCDP Pilot ProjectProject Grace11
  13. 13. iGIP Pilot ProjectBusiness Solution“The World Bank, March 2011This area of impact aims tocontribute for the economicgrowth of different Africancountries, by tapping andcapitalizing into the topsectors that will offer thegreatest potential for Africadevelopment in the nextyears.12
  14. 14. This area of impact aims to provideaccess to practical educational platformsto achieve equal opportunities andcommunity development. Initiativesunder this should provide education todifferent target groups for specificmeaningful purposes, on different fields.iGCDP Pilot ProjectReach 2 TeachoGCDP Pilot ProjectPrimary education qualityiGIP Pilot ProjectTeachingErnst & Young 2011 AfricaAttractiveness Survey13
  15. 15. is an online portal whose purpose is to :-1) Promote Africa as a first choice destination for internships in the AIESECnetwork through creation quality standards for reception to provideunique experiences.2) Showcase experiences in Africa and African experiences outside thecontinent.3) Promote opportunities in Africa and share regional GCPs.ePIC MomentsPowerful African stories captured in images.EssenceSensing the essence and culture of Africa.African AmbassadorsRepresenting AIESEC Africa in OGX countries, to support them in recruitment of EPs to Africa.14
  16. 16. • Area of Impact (Pillars) is not equal programs.• We are creating Leadership for Africa through AIESEC’s program.• Pillar/Area of impact is a strategy to deliver AIESEC XP programs in our market.• Do I have to implement all Four Pillars? No, you can only focus on the one that drives your program focus.• Why did we change from ACP to Africa in Me? for better clarity of the initiative, and communication internallyand externally, as an initiative to drive AIESEC programs in Africa.• What is MC-LC’s Role in this? MC - National Alignment with Key National program focus. LC - LocalImplementation, communication and reporting.• What happen if I implement Africa in Me but I don’t follow all the principles? Then you’re not implementingAfrica in Me. The purpose of the program is not to control and limit entities, is to ensure alignment, quality and focusfor AIESEC in Africa.• How can I incorporate Africa in Me in my plan? There are different ways to incorporate Africa in Me in your plan,for example have as part of a strategy to grow in 1 or 2 specific ELD programmes (e.g. projects around economicgrowth for GIP ICX growth). You can also plan having the areas of impact as focus areas.• Why should my LC contribute to Africa in Me? What do I gain? Africa in Me is a strategy to make AIESEC inAfrica bigger, better and stronger. Its a way to contribute for a positive development of the continent together, whileshowcasing the impact of it in a large scale. You gain coaching and support, toolkits and guidelines, access to acollaborative network with GCPs, ideas, strong branding and exchange cooperation’s, etc.Frequently Asked Questions15
  17. 17. • AfroXLDS 2013, Ethiopia conference sessions• iGCDP pilot project – AfroXLDS output• oGCDP pilot project – AfroXLDS output• GIP Proposal – AfroXLDS output• Implementation guide – iGCDP• Africa in Me strategy wiki• Branding activities InformationIf you need moreinformation,please contact :-• AI VP EntityDevelopment responsiblefor Africa• Regional Coordinatorfor AIESEC Africa atsean.fourmacou@aiesec.net16
  18. 18. Together fulfilling the BIG promise of 2015