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Prototyping a Distance Learning Environment on Internet
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Prototyping a Distance Learning Environment on Internet


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 1Prototyping a DistanceLearning Environment onInternetMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT,MANUU
  • 2. 2IntroductionVirtual NetworksEmulated RoutersGoal of Virtual NetworksImplementationArchitectureConclusionIndexMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 3. 3ICT & Distance EducationInformation Communication Technology which has became an integral part of everysphere of life.Growth of ICT has became very fast in last 2-3 decades.Distance Education is benefiting a lotwith extensive applications of ICTs.ICT services for Distance Education:1. Email2. Telex3. Fascimile4. Bulletin Board systems5. Teletext6. Voice systems7. Voice Message systems8. Teleconferencing9. Video conferencing & so on.All the above services provides theoratical Knowledge or information to the studensMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 4. 4Differentiating a Theory & Practical is similar to that of“Separating a White & Yolk of an egg”Mrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 5. 5Teaching PracticalsWith in an EducationalInstitution teachingpracticals often requires1. Proper Labs & infrastructure2. Latest Technology3. H/w & S/w devices4. Latest Technology5. Moreover longer blocks oftimeMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 6. 6Implementation of Virtual Exercise Module ofan IP router ConfigurationA Virtual Environment refers to the useof integrated technologies withcommunication systems toprovide a form of simulation inan interactive world.Features of Virtual Lab:1. Offers much more robust environment2. Students can access remotely real network devices3. Students allowed to make errorsRemote experiments are used in:1. Nano-science2. Engineering3. Computer networks & othersThe Experimentation module is notexisting in reality but is simulatedBut Simulation should match realityMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 7. 7Virtual NetworkstudentVirtual N/w consisting of EmulatedRoutersW/bInterfaceMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 8. 8World Wide WebClient/server EnvironmentConsists of:i. Presentation Servicesii. Presentation Logic2 Tier ArchitecturePreserving state by cookieCommon Gateway InterfaceBuilding 3 Tier or Multi TierArchitectureWWW is a Half DuplexFunctionalityhe World Wide Web, abbreviated as WWW and commonly known as The Web, is a systMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 9. 9Configuration Applet & N/wExampleMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 10. 10Implementation ArchitectureIt includes:1.Client (web browser)2. Server(Web server)3. Administrator(Java Program in w/s)4. Microvar(virtual Routers)5.Mrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 11. 11User InterfaceWhile a student uses Virtual Routers for her configurationexperiments:She goes through the following steps:1. Login page2. Create/change n/w Applet3. Configuration is loaded4. Applets allow to create or Delete routers5. Configuration Applet6. Test configuration is correct or notMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 12. 12ClientAppletAdministrator(java Program) ServerJava Applet(c)Administrator RouterCommunication b/w Administrator & AppletTCP Connection establishment & TerminationRequest & ResponseMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 13. 13Configuration AppletMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 14. 14Create/Change Network AppletSelect AppletMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 15. 15Message Exchange between Client,server & RoutersMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT
  • 16. 16Thank YouMrs.Afrah Fathima, Asst.ProfDept. of CS&IT