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The invasions of england
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The invasions of england

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  • 1. Group presentationDr. Thana’a Al-Gabashi
  • 2. Contents The Roman Invasion The Anglo-Saxon Invasion The Viking Invasion The Norman Invasion The French Invasion
  • 3. The Roman Invasion A brief chronology of English Roman invasion of Britain by55 BC Julius Caesar. Roman invasion and occupation.AD 43 Beginning of Roman rule of Britain. Roman withdrawal from Britain436 complete.
  • 4. The first Romans to campaign extensively in Britain werethe forces of Julius Caesar in 55 and 54 BC, but the firstsignificant conquest did not begin until AD 43, under Claudius.
  • 5. The Anglo-Saxon Invasion Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Why did they come? Where did they settle? How did England get its name?
  • 6. Invasion of the Jutes from Jutland, Angles from South of Denmark and Saxons from450 Germany. - Britain is divided up into the Seven Kingdoms750 of Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Essex, Sussex and Kent.450 Saxons Hengist and Horsa settle in Kent.460 St Patrick returns to convert Ireland The Battle of Mount Badon: British victory510 over the Saxons St Augustine brings Christianity to Britain597 from Rome and becomes Archbishop of Canterbury617 Northumbria becomes the Supreme Kingdom Mercia becomes the Supreme Kingdom and779 King Offa builds a Dyke along the Welsh Border
  • 7. The Viking Invasion of England • The name “Vikings”. • Who were the Vikings? • Why did they travel to England?
  • 8. They bulid a wall to protect their right.
  • 9. The Norman Invasion • The Origin of Normandy • The Normans invaded England.
  • 10. The French Invasion• The loss of Normandy and war with France• King John was evicted from his continental lands back to England• barons invited French troops under Prince Louis to land• uneasy peace held for most of the 13th century• the Hundred Years War was fought on French soil• King Henry V renewed security to England
  • 11. This Project Done by Esra’a Al-Najar Manal Al-Ghanem Maram Sadhan Najah Al-Mutairi Tahani Al-Hammami