La basilica del carmine


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La basilica del carmine

  1. 1. Slide and elaboration by Antonio Florino
  2. 2. To tell the story of this Church must begin with how the fairy tale: Once upon a time a group of monks who, fleeing persecution in Palestine by the Saracens, coming to Naples, they took a picture of Madonna venerated on Mount Caramel, the birthplace of their order. In Naples, at sea off the town, there was a small chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas that was given to the monks, who then settled there. And now let's jump straight to 1439. The small chapel has become a large church, and in that year, the artillery of Alfonso of Aragon, led by his brother Peter of Castile, and bombarded the city from the sea, a big shot ended up against the basilica, the apse and breaking hitting the tabernacle in which he had placed a crucifix of the fourteenth century. Like a miracle - and in Naples we count many - the crucifix was found intact but with the right humerus head tilted and eyes and mouth closed as if to dodge the blow. It was thought then to move, however, since intrasportabile result, since it is still the same place. In 1500, the Holy Year, the confraternity of tanners brought to Rome in procession the crucifix and the Black Madonna, and during the journey and the pilgrimage, there were many miracles. On his return to Naples, the image of Our Lady before the pilgrimage had been moved from the main altar, was put back where it was first framed by a wooden kiosk and then by another marble. the June 24, 1500, two months after the triumphant return of the painting, many of the faithful suffering from incurable diseases, gather facts by Frederick of Aragon in the Basilica del Carmine, hit by a ray of light effect is said of a new miracle, were cured or were relieved of their ailments. In 1700 due to the interest of King Charles of Bourbon and his wife Amalia, devoted to the Virgin Mary Brown, the basilica was restored by Nicholas Tagliacozzi Channel who also built the beautiful sacristy. The octagonal columns of granite of the great cloister were reinforced in the seventeenth century and incorporated in the pillars built in the eighteenth century. He was then commissioned by Maximilian of Bavaria, the monument to Conrad of Swabia, the last scion of the family of Hoenstaufen, who was executed in Naples in the Market Square. The facade of a Baroque church is not very happy with the work of John Gaizo. Definitely more elegant but is the bell tower, 75 meters high, consists of three floors with pilasters, Ionic, Doric and Corinthian architect Giovan Giacomo ConfortoL'interno of the church, full of polychrome marble, is characterized by a wide nave, flanked by a number of chapels which houses works of Neapolitan painters of the '600. On the right wall here is the pulpit from which the Neapolitans Masaniello spoke a few hours before the gunmen killed him in the corridor of the convent. Under the arch of the transept, within a large tabernacle we can admire the wooden crucifix that we talked about the opening. The Christ really seems to have bowed his head to avoid losing the bullet, so even the crown of thorns. The bullet that struck the cross is preserved in the museum of the basilica. On the door of entrance is the monumental organ of the basilica, known for being the first instrument to spread by radio, to the then EIAR, the organ concerts held by Maestro Franco Michele Napolitano.Ogni year, July 15, in during the festivities in honor of the Virgin is the spectacular burning of the tower that is enclosed in a proper frame of fireworks that are lit at night. E 'be remembered, finally, in this basilica was the funeral of Toto in 1967 and most recently in 2006, those of Mario Merola.
  3. 3. We start the tour from Porta Nolana
  4. 4. continue between sales to traders street Soprammuro
  5. 7. In Piazza Guglielmo Pepe begin to see the bell tower of Carmine
  6. 12. Our guide provides all the historical information
  7. 15. Only the bell tower is 75 meters high
  8. 22. The image of the Madonna Bruna The Christ of the Miracle of bombing
  9. 23. Interior wonderful fairy tale
  10. 34. The beautiful old organs
  11. 39. Some images of the Cloister
  12. 46. La Puerta del Carmen was an ancient port city of Naples, built in 1484 and demolished in 1862.There is certain information on the presence of the door since the fourteenth century, it was located atmouth of the the area known Lavinaio ( so called because of the mass of water that usually engulfed the road ) , nearthemarket . The door was also called the Market and Portanova precisely.
  13. 50. Unfortunately, the Piazza of Mercato has been somewhat degraded but we have committed ourselves, all true Neapolitans , to its recovery. See you soon   Antonio Florino [email_address]