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Тренинг для продвинутых разработчиков и администраторов Oracle. Посвящен самому известному и распространенному на планете инструменту для разработки, тестирования, управления и оптимизации баз данных и приложений для СУБД - продукту Toad от Dell Software.

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  • Is the database server activity normal? How are you notified of issues? Once you are alerted to a problem, how do you resolve it?Do you spend a lot of time trying to diagnose performance issues? Do you work with a number of DBAs? How do you manage your schedule? Do you spend a lot of time creating and maintaining scripts or reports? Have you had trouble resolving performance issues because not enough information was available? Do you support multiple DB environments, Clustered Databases etc. ? How many applications rely on the Databases you manage? Are there SLAs in place? 
  • The foglight management server ( FMS ) is the central component to this solution.It runs on a dedicated server and uses a database repository to hold all collected data from the monitored databases. This repository database can be MySQL, Oracle or SQL ServerWe deploy cartridges on the FMS to determine what questions we need to ask, how often and what results we should be getting back.One such cartridge would be the Oracle cartridgeOnce the cartridge has been added we can then start to tell it which databases we want it to connect to to collect monitoring data.It is a lightweight , low level collector of information that tells us the overall health of the database being monitored
  • For customer needing deep diagnostic database monitoring to help answer the question“Why was the system slow at 9am this morning and what exactly was running”We have Performance Analysis ( this collects deep information at typical rates of 50 times per second )Performance Analysis is a standalone product that uses a thick client. You typically connect to one database instance at a time to diagnose historical performance problems.Performance Analysis requires an agent to be deployed to the database server. Collected data is then sent to the Performance Analysis database repository ( again a dedicated database server ).Customers that want to integrate PA with Foglight can do so allowing both 24 * 7 monitoring & alerting ( Foglight ) with Deep diagnostic information ( PA )
  • Customers wishing to deploy Foglight; must purchaseAFoglight management Server – the main foglight monitoring management componentThen the relevant database cartridges depending on what database they wish to collect monitoring information about. i.e. Oracle, SQL, DB2 or SybaseAnd if they also require deep diagnostic information they can purchase Foglight Performance Analysis for <DB>. This also requires a management component(s) to be setup.Whilst Foglight Performance Analysis is a standalone solution and is sometimes used as suchCustomers requiring both Foglight 24 * 7 monitoring and the deep diagnostic information can purchase both components together at the reduced price. This is the Foglight Database Performance Suite. Available for Oracle, SQL & DB2 only.
  • Foglight uses fixed & variable threshold to determine alarms. The default alarms are emails.
  • Here is the foglight web view showing databases being monitored.
  • In everything we do, we’re focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and more effective outcomes – giving customer the power to do more – so they can overcome obstacles, achieve their ideas and pursue their dreams. Above all, we are committed to helping them realize the superior long-term value they need to grow and thrive.
  • Tips and Tricks for Toad

    1. 1. Toad for Oracle Martin Rapetti Business Development Manager
    2. 2. 2 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring Agenda • Toad For Oracle – Toad for Developers – Toad for Database Administrators • Oracle Database Monitoring & Performance Diagnostics – Foglight for Oracle
    3. 3. 3 Confidential Emerging Markets TOAD
    4. 4. 4 Confidential Emerging Markets Toad Toad® is a comprehensive database tool for development and administration that enables you to perform daily tasks efficiently and accurately. It has grown over the past 15 years into the most advanced and widely-used tool of its kind. Toad provides tremendous value to DBAs, Developers, Development Managers and Analysts by providing the following key functions: – Browse multiple Oracle databases and view and administer database and schema objects efficiently – Write, debug and tune code accurately – Smooth workflow allows users to easily move from one task to another – Tasks can be automated and scheduled – Extensive reporting capabilities deliver quantifiable data and documentation – Toad World community membership for access to Toad resources and expertise
    5. 5. Oct. 1998 v5 – Initial Quest release. Yahoo! Groups and established June 1999 v6.1 – Already has 70 distinct screens Feb. 2000 v6.3 – Debugger, SQL Modeler, Oracle 8 object support Dec. 2000 v6.5 – DBA Module April 2001 v7.0 – Toad Reports May 2003 v7.5 – Team Coding, Data Grid support for advanced data types Toad™ for Oracle Release History July 2004 v8.0 – XML Support, Code Xpert, Script Debugger, Rebrand to Toad for Oracle June 2005 v8.5 – JIT debugging, Citrix, RAC and enhanced 10g support Oct. 2006 v9.0 – Merged Editor, improved Code Xpert integration, ADM, ADDM AWR Mgmt. Nov. 2007 v9.5 – Integration with SQL Optimizer v7.2, Debugger, Profiler, Code Xpert updates, StatsPack Browser, Oracle 11g support Sept. 2008 v9.7 – Data Generator, RMAN scripts, Trace File Browser, Subversion support, Toad AppDesigner, StatsPack and AWR Advisories October 2009 v10.0 – Unicode Support, Data Generator, new Data Grids, Improved ERD multi-tasking, enhanced Health Check, New Licensing system Dec. 2009 v10.1 – Toad Data Modeler included with all Toad for Oracle Editions, 11gR2 support, more automation April 2010 v10.5 – Enhanced Editor, more automation, Auto Optimize, DBMS_ OUTPUT debug, TFS support, improved CRM RAC in Health, contextual Spotlight integration Sept. 2010 v10.6 – Performance improvements, enhanced Editor and Code Road Map, Actions in Project Manager, Toad Idea Pond, Support for TFS 2010 and Perforce Sept. 2011 v11.0 – New Code Analysis, Editor productivity updates, enhanced DB Health Check, production DB protection, improved reporting April 2012 v11.5 – Enhanced Query Builder, Code Analysis with custom rules and naming conventions, APEX support, Exadata Health Checks and community collaboration Oct 2012 v11.6 – Code Analysis enhancements Enhanced Code Tester for Oracle integration, Reports and Documentation localized in East Asian Languages Web application for remote script execution Cloud based script sharing Jun 2013 v12.0 – Forum window with Connected Intelligence Jump search Multiple Schema Compare & Sync Team Coding enhancements Windows 8 Oracle 8i Oracle 9i Oracle 10g R1 (Nov. 2003) Oracle 10g R2 Oracle 11g R1 (June 2007) Oracle 11g R2
    6. 6. 6 Confidential Emerging Markets Toad ® for Oracle Toad for Oracle is a productivity toolset that provides efficient and accurate development and administration to Oracle database professionals of all skill and experience levels. It is the most widely-used tool of its kind on the market. Which version is right for me • Toad for Oracle Freeware ( available from ) • Toad for Oracle BASE edition • Toad for Oracle Professional edition • Toad for Oracle Xpert edition ( includes SQL Optimizer for Oracle ) • Toad for Oracle Development Suite • Toad for Oracle DBA Suite ( Exadata, RAC and non-RAC versions available )
    7. 7. Recommended Toad® edition by job function Analyst Application Developer PL/SQL Developer Database Administrator BI Suite Xpert Edition Development Suite DBA Suite An integrated solution that improves decision making by enabling users to fully leverage their BI environments and corporate information. Build code with a focus on ensuring standardization and that the most optimal code possible is being used. Employ a best-practices approach to database development, which encompasses code quality, performance and maintainability. Includes Toad Data Modeler and SQL Optimizer for Oracle A complete productivity toolset that automates maintenance, boosts performance and Mitigates the risks associated with changes. Includes Toad for Oracle Xpert plus Benchmark Factory and Code Tester for Oracle Includes Toad for Oracle Xpert, Spotlight on Oracle, Benchmark Factory and Backup Reporter (RAC and Exadata Editions avail.) Includes Toad Data Point, Toad Decision Point and Intelligence Central
    8. 8. Help guarantee application success by employing a database development best practices methodology that encompasses code quality, performance and maintainability. • Ensure high quality code is delivered to production • Maximize SQL performance, to reduce bottlenecks and avoid service interruptions • Reduce maintenance costs through coding standards and testing • Collaborate among team members and leverage their expertise and existing work • Maximize productivity to meet deadlines through automation, templates and intuitive interfaces Toad for Developers
    9. 9. 11 Confidential Emerging Markets • Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition (includes Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle): Ensure efficient & accurate development, utilising a best practices workflow & validate database code for the best-possible performance • Quest Code Tester for Oracle : Perform thorough, automated functional code testing • Benchmark Factory for Databases Oracle Edition: Validate code against performance SLAs and test code for performance and scalability before deployment • Toad Data Modeler : visually create database structures and provide documentation or make changes to existing models Toad® Development Suite
    10. 10. 12 Confidential Emerging Markets Demo SQL Profiles
    11. 11. 13 Confidential Emerging Markets • QCTO is a tool that automates the process of building & running tests for Oracle PL/SQL program units • Rather than write test code & manually verify results, you describe the expected behaviours of a program • QCTO stores those behaviours as test cases in a repository • It generates the test code as a PL/SQL package • It runs your tests & automatically verifies results Code Tester for Oracle
    12. 12. 14 Confidential Emerging Markets CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION betwnstr ( string_in IN VARCHAR2 , start_in IN PLS_INTEGER , end_in IN PLS_INTEGER , inclusive_in IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE ) RETURN VARCHAR2 DETERMINISTIC IS BEGIN RETURN (SUBSTR (string_in, start_in, end_in - start_in +1)); END; Code Tester for Oracle – SUBSTR
    13. 13. 15 Confidential Emerging Markets Look deeper at what we have string_in start_in end_in abcdefg 2 4 abcdefg 2 100 abcdefg 0 4 NULL 2 4 abcdefg -1 -4 abcdefg 3 NULL Are you thinking. What are the expected outcomes ? Code Tester for Oracle – SUBSTR
    14. 14. 16 Confidential Emerging Markets Code Tester for Oracle • Things to notice –I specify what my program should do –I do not write any test code –Code Tester tells me where/if my code fails to work as expected –I can re-run the tests whenever needed Ref :
    15. 15. Toad for DBA’s Improve operational efficiency to lower costs through a systematic approach that automates maintenance, ensures optimal performance and mitigates the impact of planned changes. • Ensure maintainability through task automation, reducing the risk of inconsistencies • Maximize performance by accurately diagnosing and efficiently resolving inefficiencies • Understand the impact of changes to reduce risk before deployment • Work more productively and be more proactive with workflow automation, consistent processes and greater accuracy
    16. 16. 26 Confidential Emerging Markets • Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition (includes Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle) simplify database administration through task automation and validate code to ensure the best-possible performance • Toad DB Admin Module compare and synchronize database schema, objects and data and assess your risk for security vulnerabilities • Spotlight on Oracle visualize database components in real time and pinpoint performance problems quickly so you can easily eliminate bottlenecks • Benchmark Factory for Databases (Oracle Edition) replay database workload to test performance under production-like conditions or run standard benchmarks like TPC-H , Scalable Hardware, etc • Backup Reporter for Oracle Shows the status of your RMAN backups across all the managed databases • Toad Data Modeler visually create database structures and provide documentation or make changes to existing models Toad® for Oracle DBA Suite
    17. 17. 27 Confidential Emerging Markets Demo SQL Profiles
    18. 18. 30 Confidential Emerging Markets Backup Reporter for Oracle ( added to DBA Suite 11.5 ) • Read-only reporting tool for reporting on the status of your RMAN backups across all the managed databases as well as providing reports, health check advisories & policy violations
    19. 19. 36 Confidential Emerging Markets Use Toad World – realize the power of connected intelligence Login to the newly-redesigned Toad World community • Connect with peers and world-renowned subject-matter experts • Share knowledge and become one of the experts • Get help and access resources from inside Toad for Oracle
    20. 20. Foglight Database Monitoring for Oracle
    21. 21. 38 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring Challenges that Customers Face with Database Performance Monitoring • Database Administrators and Managers are challenged with establishing consistent visibility across heterogeneous database environments, as well as delivering deep insight into transaction analysis. • The Major pain points include: – Lack of visibility into the health of the database environment – Inability to diagnose and analyze real time and historical performance issues – Being Proactive - fixing problems before they affect users – Clear and consistent reporting (automated) – Proving that the source of problems is not tied to the database (if a problem isn’t in the database) – Productivity of the staff (cross training DBAs across multiple platforms) – Each database platform is monitored by a separate tool – Native tools are real time only and cumbersome – Ensuring consistent service levels
    22. 22. 39 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring • Database Performance Monitoring solutions enable database administrators to gain control of their database environments through: – Complete visibility into the health of the environment – Diagnostic capabilities into performance problems – Delivering a proactive approach to fixing problems before they affect the users Why Foglight
    23. 23. 40 Product Marketing Foglight for Databases Architecture
    24. 24. 41 Product Marketing Foglight Performance Suite
    25. 25. 42 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring Foglight Database Monitoring Foglight Database main features – Cross platform management – Static threshold & baseline deviation alerting – Robust alarm management – Deep dive problem diagnostics – both real time & historical – Easy to interpret technical visualizations Foglight Database Performance Suite main features – Dimensional analysis of query performance – Granular wait state analysis – Transaction level comparisons – Performance Advisories – Query tuning & optimization
    26. 26. 43 Product Marketing Foglight uses Workload baseline deviation • Intelligent Baseline Alerting – Continuously learns and profiles the behavior for each metric – Builds an adaptive baseline representing “normal” performance – Continuously detects unusual behavior Baseline Deviations
    27. 27. 44 Product Marketing Global view
    28. 28. 45 Product Marketing Take a look at an alarm
    29. 29. 46 Product Marketing Correlate with other activity
    30. 30. 47 Product Marketing Diagnose deeper
    31. 31. 48 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring • In Summary – Foglight provides ONE global view giving you consistent monitoring across your DBMS platforms —Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase. – Our built-in workflows reduce the costs of managing multiple tools and improve triage across teams – Time to resolution is quick - Just a few clicks away from identifying the issue – Componentised solution so can extend to bring in additional cartridges such as virtualization, storage, Application Foglight for Databases
    32. 32. 49 Confidential Database Performance Monitoring