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"Management Thoughts and Quotes"
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"Management Thoughts and Quotes"


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"Management Thoughts and Quotes"

"Management Thoughts and Quotes"

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  • 1. Management Thoughts and Quotes
  • 2. MBA Schools in India• About 1500 Managemt. Schools• About one lakh graduates/annum• TN has 105 Business Schools• Top 100 B Schools – Pune has 9; TN has 6• Ranking : LIBA 34; PSGIM 39; BIM 44; Amrita IM 47; RECT/NITT 70; Inst. for Tech. & Mgmt. Chennai 97.
  • 3. The IIMs of India - Existing• Ahmadabad• Bangalore• Calcutta• Indore• Kozhikode• Lucknow
  • 4. The IIMs of India - Proposed• Chattisgarh• Haryana• Jharkhand• Uttarakhand• Jammu and Kashmir• Rajiv Gandhi IIM, Shillong• Tamil Nadu
  • 5. Employability• NASSCOM Report• McKinsey Study• Only 25 % Engg./Mgmt. Grads. employable• Only 12% of HE cohort enter University• 160,000 Indians go abroad/annum for HE• Over 50 yrs. of under investmt. in HE• 450 Univs., 20,000 Colleges & 12m Studs.
  • 6. Research & Development• ASCI reports 80% of Indian Cos. –zero spend on R & D• No. of papers in Internatl. Journals:• India China• 2000 11,000 10,000• Now 19,000 50,000• Reduction of Science content• Analytical, Design, Innovation Skills
  • 7. Shortage of Faculty• IISc, Bangalore : 210 for 478• NITs : 2603 for 3747• IITs : 2983 for 4267 [Lok Sabha,Dec. 2009]• Paucity of qualified Scientists for R & D• Need of the hour: A Scientific Culture• Natl. Foundn. For Sc. & Engg. Proposed with Rs. 1000 Crore budget/annum ! -- PM
  • 8. Management Jargon-1• SWOT Analysis• TQM/ ISO• Turnover• Inventory• Production/Productivity• GDP – 3 Sectors; Per Capita GDP• ERP – SAP - BHAN
  • 9. Management Jargon-2• Bench Marking• Q1 Profit• Operation Research• Tag Line• ITES• Decade/Century/Millennium• Million/Billion/Trillion• Mega/Giga/Tera
  • 10. Management Thoughts-1• PLATO : The beginning is the most important part of the work. Truth is eternal.• DESCARTES : I think, therefore I am.• Chndogya Upanishad : Where there is creation, there is progress.• KURAN : God helps those who persevere.• Sir ISAAC NEWTON : If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • 11. Management Thoughts-2• Think! There must be a better way.• Knowledge is the antidote to fear.• GARY PACKER : The harder I worked, the luckier I got.• When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.• The best photograph in the world is no good, if it is still in the camera
  • 12. Management Thoughts-3• Management : To manage men tactfully!• Managing the certainty is routine; managing the uncertainty is the real thing.• Planning is commanding the future, rather than being commanded by it.• If I have 8hrs. to chop the wood, I would spend 6 hrs. sharpening the axe.
  • 13. Management Thoughts-4• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.• The test of an organization is not its genius, but its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance.• R L Stevenson: An aim in life is the only fortune worth funding; and it is not to be found in foreign lands; but in the heart itself.
  • 14. Management Thoughts-5• To love the beauty life imparts, To know the joy of giving, To hold a song within your heart, This is the art of living!• A good organizl. Structure doesn’t guarantee good pfce., just as a good constitution doesn’t guarantee good Presidents; but poor organizl. structure makes good perfce. Impossible.• Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself!
  • 15. Management Thoughts-6• Graveyards are full of indispensable people!• If you offer peanuts, you’ll get only monkeys!• A cheap employee is very costly!• Hire people smarter than you!• NAPOLEAN : There are no bad soldiers; only bad officers!• The human mind is like a parachute; it works only when open.
  • 16. Management Quotes-1• The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep; And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep! – Robert Frost• Change the traditional role from: Commander to Coach; Manager to Mentor; Director to Delegator; One who demands respect to One who facilitates self respect. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • 17. Management Quotes-2• Jawaharlal Nehru’s Convocation Address at Allahabad University in 1947 December:- A university stands for Humanism, Tolerance, Reason, Adventure of Ideas and the Onward March of the Human Race!* Martin Luther King : Science has overcome religion; therefore we have Guided Missiles and Misguided Men!
  • 18. Management Quotes-3• Martin Luther King : In the end, we will remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends!