Next steps to extend healthcare coverage in the state budget.


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State leaders update Ohioans on the status of Medicaid expansion in the budget. They share talking points that are working, identify key lawmakers to contact, and discuss ongoing advocacy efforts and the next steps for action.

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  • Action opportunity: sign up with Advocates for Ohio’s Future
  • Next steps to extend healthcare coverage in the state budget.

    1. 1. Next Steps toExtend HealthCoverageCall in at: 213-416-1560Guest Access Code: 198 678 477#
    2. 2. Featuring:Cathy LevineExecutive Director of UHCAN Ohio and Co-Chair of Ohio Consumers forHealth CoverageMark DavisCo-Chair of Advocates for Ohio’s Future and President of the Ohio ProviderResource AssociationJulie DiRossiDirector of Policy and Public Affairs at the Ohio Association of CommunityHealth CentersTeresa LamplAssociate Director, the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family ServiceProviders
    3. 3. Talking Points toExtend HealthCoverage
    4. 4. Talking Points• Health policy is economic policy.• Our people are our states greatest resource.Healthy people work, raise families, and are thebackbone of our economy.• Obamacare – love it or hate it – it’s the law.• Ohioans and Ohio’s economy benefit by takingadvantage of some components of health carereform – such as extending health coverage to lowincome, hard working Ohioans.
    5. 5. Talking PointsExtending health care coverage:• Helps more than 275,000 low income and hardworking Ohioans• Invests $13 billion in federal taxes in Ohio• Creates 30,000 jobs• Reduces the state tax burden• Supports Ohio’s small businesses• Supports Ohio’s hospital capacity• Invests resources for addiction and mental healthservices
    6. 6. Next Steps: WhatCan You Do to HelpExtend HealthCoverage?
    7. 7. Act Now!Make two phone calls:• Call Senate President Keith Faber• Call your local Senator.You can reach them at 1-888-844-5009Spread the word!• Encourage others to call and e-mail SenatePresident Keith Faber and your Senator.
    8. 8. Tell Them….Extending health care coverage to 275,000 low income andhard-working Ohioans is a good investment that supports Ohio’seconomy, creates jobs, and builds strong communities with ahealthy workforce. It supports families and invests in the healthof all of our citizens – our neighbors, friends, parents,grandparents, and young people.Expanding Medicaid may not be the path forward you wouldhave chosen, but it IS the best option to move Ohio forward. Forthe health and competitiveness of all Ohioans, I urge yoursupport in extending Medicaid to strengthen families andcommunities in Ohio.
    9. 9. Next steps: What you can do Today?• Call the Senate President and yourlocal Senator• Join the coalition of over 400organizations.• Endorse Advocates for Ohio’s Futuretoday.• Like us on Facebook• Follow us on Twitter @Advocates4OH
    10. 10. Next steps: What you can do over thenext few weeks?• Meet with your local Senator• Review our “effective legislative visits”webinar here.• Use our county fact sheets to discussthe local impact of Medicaidexpansion.• Don’t forget to send thank you’s andlet us know how your visit went.
    11. 11. Next steps: What you can do over thenext few weeks?• Participate in critical action alerts• Educate yourself – participate inAdvocates for Ohio’s Future webinars• Use our talking points to talk to yourlawmakers about how your workstrengthens families in yourcommunity.• Submit your story to OhioSPEAKS
    12. 12. CONTACTAdvocates for Ohio’s Future510 East Mound Street, Suite 200Columbus, OH 43215www.advocatesforohio.orgWill Petrik | 614-602-2464wpetrik@advocatesforohio.orgGail Clendenin |