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Gold key advisors   boost your online presence
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Gold key advisors boost your online presence


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The goal of this presentation is to help Great-West Life Gold Key advisors and financial planners maximize their financial website, get the most out of online marketing tools available to them, …

The goal of this presentation is to help Great-West Life Gold Key advisors and financial planners maximize their financial website, get the most out of online marketing tools available to them, explore social media and increase their ROI.

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  • generate leads and referrals – demo form live
  • Measure how well your website performs – these statistics are sent automatically once per quarter.
  • i.e: educational, time saving …this is usually the case for most pieces of content: image, text, video, graphs …even if you don’t, let the owner know that you are using his contentif so, submit a request once you have received the 3rd party approval – email sufficethis is particularly true for government forms i.e: tax form, immigration
  • Visitors: should give you an idea of how many different individuals visited your website. The more the better.Page Views: how many pages of content have been viewed by your visitors. Higher page views may indicate the level of interaction your visitors have with your website. Ultimately you want them to end up on a goal page like your contact page or any form that can be filled out.Top Pages: gives you an idea of which pages on your site are the most popular. For many advisor websites we have found that the most popular pages include biography pages (many consumers will now do on-line research about the product or service they are about to buy)Time on site: give you an idea of your customer engagement with you site. How long they stay on the site.Search term: the terms your visitors are using in search engines such as Google or Yahoo to get to your site (better know as keywords)Referring sites: indicate which sites are linking to your website and how much traffic they bring . Common referring sites include Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo), Social Networking sites (like and, Client sites, Directories etc.
  • We will create a sitemap.xml for your website. You can add it to your Google webmaster tools account to make you Google indexes every single pages on your site.
  • 3 ways Nelson uses his website:Prospecting: emails client: Hey John, looking forward to meet you this Friday: check my process page, products + map to office Instant credibility, Customer Service, Online ResearchReferrals: plants the seed by mentioning that at 1 point he will ask for a referral Once the client signs up with Nelson, he sits down in his office with the client and demonstrate the tell-a-friend page in front of them, asking for a referral on the spot.- Loyalty: position his site as a portal for all his clients’ financial needs
  • Here are few samples of customized websites:
  • Use to get a winner and offer 1 month free of usage
  • Transcript

    • 1. Learn to Maximize your Advisor Website
      Live Gold-Key Website Tour
      April 21, 2010
    • 2. Quick Tour of sample website
      Website layout – allows for a professional and trustworthy look and feel
      Products page – list all the products you can sell
      Prominent buttons – generate call-to-action
      Tell a friend page – generate leads and referrals
      Contact page – map your office and provide contact information
      Site stats – displays quarterly statistics
    • 3. Research Shows Websites Influence 97% of Clients’ Purchasing Decisions
    • 4. Tell a friend
      Hi Michael,
      I thought you might appreciate John’s help. He provided some great financial advice and I thought you might find his services useful.
      You should check out his web site at or you can email him at
      You received a web site referral
      Date: Friday, April 16, 2010
      Your client: Loic Jeanjean(
      Has referred you to: Michael
      Email address:
      Phone: 604-761-6053
      Here are the comments that were sent from your website:
      “I thought you might appreciate John's help. He provided some great financial security advice and I thought you might find his services useful.”
    • 5. Site statistics
    • 6. Customize your website
      Adding content – relation with compliance departments
      Adding photos
      Adding links and resources
      Adding Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps
    • 7. Adding Content
      • Having fresh, engaging content is key for the success of your website
      • 8. We can add text, pictures, pdfs, videos and many other type of documents on your site
      • 9. Send your content to and we will submit to compliance on your behalf
      • 10. Once approved, we will add your content on your site
    • Adding photos
      Based on our experiences when it comes to websites we have noticed that advisors with a picture will generally see more usage.
    • 11. Adding links and resources
      • Will the content be valuable to your customer?
      • 12. Is the material copyrighted?
      • 13. Do you require 3rd party approval from the content owner?
      • 14. Do you require approval from your compliance department?
      • 15. Will the content change over time?It is recommended to link directly to the original site rather then hosting forms and/or content on your site.
    • Adding Google Analytics
      • Google analytics provides you with a very good idea of how your visitors are using your website, how many visitors you are getting  and ultimately you can determine whether you are generating good exposure and value from your web presence or if there is room for improvement.
      • 16. Data that will be beneficial to you:
      • 17. Unique Visitors
      • 18. Amount of Pages viewed
      • 19. Top Pages viewed
      • 20. Time on site
      • 21. Search term
      • 22. Referring sites
      Free to signup:
    • 23. Adding Google Sitemaps
      Google Sitemaps help Googlebot quickly find new content on your Web site. They allow you to tell Google what’s important, what’s new and what changes often. The tools provided to Webmasters through the program can play a vital role in helping you understand how the search engines (especially Google) view your Web site.
      Free to signup:
    • 24. Adding RSS Feeds
      Free to signup:
    • 25. Marketing your website
      • Add your website to your email signature
      • 26. Add your website to your voicemail
      • 27. Add your website to your business card
      • 28. Use your website over the year to touch base with your clients
      • 29. Embrace social media
      • 30. SEM
      • 31. Case study
    • Add your website to your emails
      • You should add your website address to your email signature and make it stand out by increasing the font size. You may also want to include a call to action.Sample call to actions include:
      • 32. Please visit my new brand new website at
      • 33. A referral is one of the biggest compliments a client can give me. You can now send a referral through my website at
      • 34. Check out my latest newsletter at
      • 35. My website contains some very useful resources, please feel free to review these resources at
    • Add your website to your voicemail
      As a busy business professional, you may not always be available to take a phone call. you can use your voice mail to promote your advisor website. Here is a sample voicemail message:
      “Hello, you have reached John Doe. I am unable to take your call at this time but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also visit my website at Thank you.”
    • 36. Add your website to your business card
      Your website is an important
      touch point for your
      consumers. Make sure you
      prominently include your
      website address on your
      business cards. Tips:
      When you meet new clients, point out your web address and tell them about your site
      Highlight the web address before you hand out your card (people are more likely to visit it)
    • 37. Touch base with your clients
      Use your website over the year to set multiple and recurrent touch points with your clients. You can achieve this by building a client emailing lists
      Items you can send:
      Quarterly newsletters
      Monthly Market Commentary
      Events invitations
      RRSP documentation
      Annual ‘Thank you’ card
    • 38. Social Media
      There are companies that are utilizing social media to find customers, to build up a reputation, and to get the upper hand on landing the big deal. Here are four of the best social media sites you should be using:
      LinkedIn and Groups
      Twitter for business
      *verify your eligibility with your
      Compliance department
    • 39. LinkedIn: Profiles
      Set up Your Profile on LinkedIn
      • Setting up a LinkedIn Profile is free and quick. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your profile and then you are set to expand your network.
      Complete Your Profile
      • Your profile should be 100% complete. Add work experience, schools, and other relevant information. A complete profile will increase your visibility and help you get found by prospects.
      • 40. Upload a profile photo. People are more likely to connect with you if they recognize your face and they feel like they are connecting with a real person.
      • 41. Get recommended. Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, partners, and clients. This will speak to your experience and add to your credibility in your industry.
      • 42. Promote Your Company. Include a link to your company’s website. LinkedIn allows you to list up to three websites so you can also link to your blog and social media accounts.
    • LinkedIn: Network Building
      • Connect with people with whom you have worked or done business, or generally people with similar interests or work in your industry. Invite thought leaders in your industry to connect so that you might establish a relationship with them and, eventually, gain access to their network.
      Find Meaningful Contacts
      • Start with people you know
      • 43. Find people by company
      • 44. Start asking and answering questions on LinkedIn Answers
      • 45. Update your status often. Your status appears on your profile and in the LinkedIn Network Updates email to your connections. Thus, others may take notice of what you are working on and decide to connect or click through on links in your status.
      • 46. Connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
    • LinkedIn: Groups
      • LinkedIn groups give you a great opportunity to reach and engage potential customers online. However, there are still a lot of industries or groups of professionals not yet represented in LinkedIn groups. If no one has created a group for your industry, go create one.
      • 47. Find LinkedIn Groups that relate to the topic(s) you write about or provide on your site.
      • 48. Get involved in the conversations.
      • 49. Post your blog articles and/or relevant content.
      • 50. Answer LinkedIn Questions and position yourself as an expert in your field.
    • Twitter for business
      Twitter receives over 40 million unique monthly visits
      Chances are that your target market is there
      Look at Twitter as a way to build and retain customers
      Share information
      Update your clients
      Speak to your audience directly
    • 51. Facebook for business
      • Over 350 million people use Facebook
      Facebook continues to establish itself as a valuable business platform.  If you're stuck in the mindset that Facebook can only be used as a social mechanism to connect with friends, it may be time to reconsider.  Businesses are increasingly understanding the business value of Facebook and are using the social networking site to achieve their goals.  Chances are you can benefit from it, too.
      • Look at Facebook as a way to connect with your clients
      • 52. Share information
      • 53. Join groups and give value
      • 54. Speak to your audience directly
    • Slideshare for financial advisors
      More than 30,000 slideshows are being uploaded each week on Here is why:
      Online version of presentation (reduce attachments size)
      Promote your ideas (link presentations to social networks)
      Build online connections and be found by others
      Link back to your website for further reading
      Publicize your presentations
    • 55. Learn more about Social Media
      To learn more, contact our approved vendor:
      Geoff Evans
      Contact: Geoff EvansEmail: geoff@socialmediacoach.caWeb: www.socialmediacoach.caApproved Vendor Code: GEVANS
      Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
      Geoff Evans is a Social Media Strategist and the Owner of Social Media Coach.  After 15 years in the financial services industry as a trainer, business coach, and financial advisor Geoff now works with businesses across North America.
    • 56. Search engine marketing
      Here are other ways you can promote your business:
      Search Engine Optimization – increase traffic on your website
      Pay per click– drive paid leads to your site
      Banner ads – attract traffic to your website by embedding an advertisement into another site
      Email marketing – communicate commercial or fundraising messages to your audience
      To learn more about Search Engine Marketing, get in touch with Loic Jeanjean:
      or on Twitter @jjloic
    • 57. Case study – Nelson Simoes
      Prospecting: distinct competitive advantage
      Referrals: approx. 5-10 referrals per month
      Customer convenience & Online loyalty: use your web site to build loyalty with existing customers (i.e. calculators, logins and useful information)
      Nelson Simoes B.B.A.Member of the Million Dollar Round Table
      “I consistently receive over 10 referrals every month using my website. It’s proven to be a great tool for my business and would highly recommend it to other advisors.”
    • 58. Unleash CSS power
      Upgrade your website design using CSS
      Get in touch with our approved vendor
    • 59.
      • As of March 1st, you have the ability to chat live with one of our team member directly from our website (fast and free support)
      • 60. Alternatively you can also email our team at
      Customer Support
    • 61. Prize draw
      Who currently has a website with us?
      Enter your url in the chat box.
      If you don’t have a website with us yet, here is a coupon code: 2MO41 (2 months for $1)
    • 62. Questions & Answers