The Future of Travel


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The Future of Travel - A presentation I made for the Marketing Genius Challenge 2012 (Belgium).

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The Future of Travel

  1. The Future ofTravel by Rob van Alphen +32 (0)494 15 01 14 @Adgenius
  2. 3 factors determining the Future of Travel: 1 The changing consumer 2 Technological (r)evolutions 3 Ecological and economical change 4 A changed business mindset
  3. 1. The changing consumerx, x -x
  4. 5 stages of travel: the Internet will remain the most prevalent tool for researching and booking travel due to its ease, low cost & accessibility.1. Dreaming 2. Planning 3. Booking 4. Experiencing 5. Sharing
  5. Death of the travel agency?:the customer is smarter than you: they are better informed and can find outwhatever they need any time and anywhere.Travelers seek information from friends, family andrecommendations of others. - Integrity is key.
  6. Growth :there will be 2 key target groups in the future of travelSingle-person households Active (!) elderly (women)Traditional households keep on changing and Baby boomers will celebrate their 65thdecreasing in family size. One person households birthdays this year at the rate of 10,000will be one of the prime sources for growth in people a day! They are empowered,travel. Mini-breaks vs. one big trip. independent and have a passion for learning.Key: adventure, city trips, money is not sacred Key: have time & money, ‘experience’
  7. 2. Technological (r)evolutionsThe future is already here,it’s just unevenly distributed - William Gibson
  8. Short term (already here):mobile and social will become inherent in a traveler’s customer journey1. Voice search 3. In-flight entertainment “Book a first class flight from Brussels to New York on January 3rd AM.” (Siri not up for it yet ) 2. Mobile payment / NFC iPads installed for entertainment & information purposes such as watching movies and researching destination info. Near Field Communication to check-in, pay (incl. hotel, food) & receive personalized interaction.
  9. Short term (already here):travel crew will follow mobile and social innovations1. Mobile devices as work instruments British Airways arms crew with iPads to help with on-board customer service. Personalized interaction with passengers is made possible due to social profile info. Alaska Airlines dumps paper flight manuals.
  10. 3. Ecological and economical changeTill now man has been upagainst Nature; from nowon he will be up against hisown nature. - Dennis Gabor
  11. Global change impacts how we travel:RISKS: Economic turmoil CO² emission increase Rising fuel & energy costs Security threats1. Long-distance travel for pleasure will decline.→ City trips & weekend breaks on the rise.
  12. 4. A changed business mindset
  13. 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience,but only 8% of their customers agree. - Bain & Company
  14. Customer-centricity is key1. Find out your customers’ expectations2. Fulfill their needs in context and on-demand3. Go beyond expectations (under promise, over-deliver) offering Return on Return on Business goals VALUE Human goals Investment Interest delivery Service design model, Stefan Moritz
  15. Be there when they need you.. (every touchpoint)!
  16. Random acts of kindness:Surprise people, and make it part of your company culture.KLM surprised people checking in with Foursquare atthe airport with a small gift based on their interest. Great! ..but make it a MINDSET, not a campaign! Prepare your company. Tell a story. This is NOT about technology!
  17. People will pay the equivalent of whatever amount generates an incremental number of units of personal satisfaction.
  18. Social LBS Eco. media peers changes mobile always- Econ. on changes Changing organizational model: The flexible company. Corporate infrastructure and processes need to be flexible to easily & rapidly adapt to the changedenvironment. A people-oriented organization will be best prepared for the future of travel.
  19. FEAR CHANGE?.. youre going to likeirrelevancy even less!