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See LocalAdLink helps small business gain local traction on the Internet and drive traffic to their websites. See how selling LocalAdLink can help provide you with financial security, in your spare time, part-time, or full-time!

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Local Ad Link Introduction 2009 06 18 X

  1. 1. Local Internet Advertising for the 21st Century Welcome, and thank-you for your valuable time. Tonight we’ll introduce you to a game-changing product
  2. 2. Legal Disclaimer Please take a moment to read The expressed views, opinions and concepts of the presenters are just that, opinions. Interested parties should conduct their own due diligence prior to making a commitment to join LocalAdLink as an Independent Associate. The income numbers that are contained in this presentation are for illustrative purposes only and are not warrantees by LocalAdLink, the associate or presenter in regards to how much you will earn or your particular level of success. You determine your earnings by your attitude, skill level, ability and efforts. Success as a LocalAdLink Associate is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual’s specific efforts, not all LocalAdLink Associates make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as a LocalAdLink independent associate. LocalAdLink, its associates, agents and employees do not provide financial advice and are not soliciting the sale of stocks. The stock options discussed in the presentation are facts and offered by LocalAdLink as part of the compensation structure. The presenter in no way is soliciting for the sale of stocks nor can anyone predict the performance of the stock today, tomorrow or in the future. Independent agents for LocalAdLink do not provide any tax advice, please consult your tax advisor for tax advice. This presentation is being given to you unknowingly by the presenter/trainer whether or not you are or are not marketing any other company in the world of MLM. It is not the intention to knowingly solicit, interfere, or attempt to induce sales associate/independent contractor to leave his or her service with any company. It is not the interest of the presenter/ trainer to encourage you to discontinue promoting any other companies products or services.
  3. 3. Congratulations You have been invited to join an organization that has just launched This is a ground-floor opportunity Official Launch: June 2009
  4. 4. LocalAdLink Is a Game-Changer In On-Line Advertising LocalAdLink brings the power of the Internet to local advertisers at low cost LocalAdLink’s technology changes the Internet from a passive source of information into an active source of traffic for local retailers and service providers LocalAdLink is a game-changer in the world of on-line advertising
  5. 5. The Inspiration & Experience Behind LocalAdLink CEO Robert McNulty Wrote the original business plan for Home Depot: another game-changing company $70 Billion Company (2008) 130,000 Employees (2008) Started Home Club in Southern California, took public. 7,000 Employees. Sold for $151MM Started Shopping.com, sold in 2.5 years to Compaq for $290MM - $220MM Cash!
  6. 6. Internet Advertising Enjoying Explosive Share Growth myspace.com – 140 Million + Users Sold to Rupert Murdoch for $585 Million 3-year advertising rights sold to Google for $900 Million
  7. 7. About the Company Who are we? What do we want to accomplish?
  8. 8. We are Part of a Larger Conglomeration Parent Company: Beyond Commerce (stock traded as BYOC) Three Subsidiaries Boomj – A quickly growing social networking site i-Supply – On-line retail store fronts that provide a way to monitize websites LocalAdLink – A local advertising web company
  9. 9. The Beyond Commerce Family
  10. 10. Mission Statement What Are We Here to Accomplish? The mission of Beyond Commerce, Inc. is to be the low cost provider, offering best in class solutions in the E-commerce, Local advertising, and Social networking markets. We pursue innovative ideas and technology applications. We foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and are committed to best practices in corporate governance by providing complete transparency and are committed to the highest standards of excellence.
  11. 11. Who Should Advertise? Experts Agree: 30% of revenues should be put back into growing any business through advertising o Swimming Pools o MLM business o Gourmet Grocer o Tax Preparer o Chiropractor o Real Estate Agent Broker o Dentist o Doctor o Deli o Printer o Tailor o Day Care Center o Parts Shop o Computer Repair o Mechanic Shop o Carpet Cleaning o Car Dealer o Attorney’s o Catering Business o Gym / Sports Club
  12. 12. A Paradigm Shift is Occuring Traditional Advertising is in Decline
  13. 13. A Paradigm Shift is Occuring Advertising is Moving On-Line
  14. 14. The Current Recession Quickens the Migration Online 16% US Online Advertising Advertisers are beginning Spending as a Percent 15.20% to spend more on Internet 14% of Total Media Advertising Spending, ads and less on 13.80% 2007-2013 placements in traditional 12% 12.30% media such as 11.20% newspapers, radio, 10% 9.90% magazines and TV. 8.70% 8% In 2009, nearly 10 percent 7.60% of all ad dollars will be 6% spent on the Internet. That percentage will soar to 4% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 over 15 percent by 2013. Source: www.eMarketer.com , April 2009
  15. 15. LocalAdLink Actively Links Customers to Businesses Our Online Hub
  16. 16. Geo-Targeted Technology We Can Tell Where the Consumer Is By targeting only consumers most likely to visit a company, waste is vastly reduced, stabilizing advertising prices
  17. 17. We Deliver Enormous Online Visibility to our Customers Our Conglomerate Just a Few of our 940,000 Partner Sites Sites *LocalAdLink's advertising network of partners is subject to change at any time without notice. Display of ads on third-party websites and platforms is not guaranteed.
  18. 18. Big Exposure on Boomj.com
  19. 19. We Drive Traffic To Customer’s Websites Many businesses have websites but don’t know how to drive traffic to that website. We solve this problem! For Example We Put Our Customer’s Ad A Consumer is Directed A Consumer Can Click to On a Partner Site To LocalAdLink Customer Website
  20. 20. Contextual Spider Technology Attract Consumers While They Research LocalAdLink exposes our client advertisers to consumers who already have a legitimate interest or need for their service BEFORE they search for a provider through contextual reading technology our partnership website network our 940,000 outside partners
  21. 21. Contextual Spider Technology Pushing Listings Out Where it Counts!
  22. 22. Contextual Spider Technology Let’s See it Work! Ads appear based on the content of the page being read or looked at
  23. 23. LocalShoppingLink powered by i-Supply Powerful On-line E-Commerce Our customers can add a large LocalShoppingLink store directly onto their websites LocalShoppingLink gives businesses, school systems, and non-profits the opportunity to make money with their websites!
  24. 24. LocalShoppingLink powered by i-Supply Free On-line E-Commerce Our customers can choose which of any of 2 million products they want or don’t want in their on-line store. Each time a product is sold, the organization earns 30% of the profit margin. (You: 70%) LocalAdLink owns the advertising rights to these stores, and pushes our local advertisers onto millions of these online stores.
  25. 25. So Far Geo-Targeted Technology Eliminate waste by pushing ads out only to those consumers most likely to visit a business Drive Traffic to Websites Spider Technology Send out pertinent ads out to owned and partner websites based on the content of the webpage the consumer is reading Provide e-Commerce solutions for customers
  26. 26. LocalAdLink’s Interface with the Consumer
  27. 27. See Photos and Videos
  28. 28. Our Online Coupons Powerful Tools for our Advertisers! Fact: 13% of On- line coupons were redeemed in 2008 versus only 1% of paper coupons!
  29. 29. Pricing for Our Product Remember our mission: to be the low cost leaders!
  30. 30. Traditional Media Costs Thousands per Month Local Newspaper – Source: Las Vegas Review Journal Daily Classified Ad, no bold, web address or email. Approx 1 inch x 1 inch $30 for Mon-Sat, $30 for Sunday, $200 for 7 days = $840 for one month Distribution: 130,000 readers Local Radio – Source: Smooth Jazz, Las Vegas Typical aired commercial for 30 seconds, played 7 times a week for one month $4,375 (not including professional recording) for one month Distribution: 47,000 listeners Local Cable TV – Source: Cox Cable Las Vegas Commercial 7x/week in prime time on a cable channel over one month $8,000 (including one-time commercial production) for one month Distribution: 32,000 viewers Local Mailers – Source: business owner comments as approached Sending out a single letter or brochure (“junk mail”) one time per week $400 per 20,000 homes x 4 weeks = $1,600 for one month Includes printing, postage, and rental of a mailing list
  31. 31. Big Box Pricing for Effective Advertising! We are the Low Cost Leaders for Truly Effective Advertising!
  32. 32. Why Joing LocalAdLink? Join the game-changing revolution in on-line advertising Become part of a company at the forefront of the biggest growth segment in advertising Everyone needs a “plan-B” to make it in today’s economy
  33. 33. Are You Financially Secure? Do you have a “Plan-B”? With America’s Economic SLOWDOWN The FACTS are Clear The Average Household is in Trouble! • Americans are losing their homes All Time High • Americans losing equity in homes All Time High • Americans Losing Jobs All Time High • Americans Savings All Time Low • Pension Plans Being Eliminated • 401K’s Not Performing • Social Security Going Broke Everyone needs to have a Plan B
  34. 34. Powerful Endorsements of Multi-Level Marketing Also known as network marketing or direct sales companies Fortune Magazine, 2004 “[Network Marketing] Is the BEST kept secret in the business world” Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad “With Network Marketing a person is actually BUILDING an income generating ASSET…with very low risk and very low financial commitment” Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway The 2nd wealthiest man in the world now owns 3 Network Marketing companies: “Dollar for dollar it’s the BEST investment he’s ever made”
  35. 35. Be Realistic! Success as a LocalAdLink Associate is NOT GUARANTEED, but rather influenced by an individual’s specific efforts; not all LocalAdLink Associates make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as a LocalAdLink Independent Associate. You determine your earnings by your attitude, skill level, ability and efforts
  36. 36. Join as an Account Executive For Zero Cost! FREE
  37. 37. Join as a Brand Builder for Multiple Income Streams!
  38. 38. Optional License to Give Away LocalShoppingLink Stores
  39. 39. Compensation Plan: AE’s/BB’s Residual 50% Commissions On All Ad Sales Sell Basic+ Package for $69.98 & earns ► $35 Commission + 3 Stock Options Residual = Commission for the Sell Standard Package for $149.99 & earns 2 month nd ► $75 Commission + 3rd month 7 Stock Options 4th month etc. Sell Premium Package for $249.99 & earns ► $125 Commission + 12 Stock Options 42
  40. 40. When Clients Buy in Advance, You Get Your Commissions in Advance Many Advertisers Buy For Multiple Months Discounts: 3 Months 5%; 6 Months 10%; 12 Months 15% Sell a 6 Month Standard Package for $599.94 (6 x $99.95) minus 10% Discount of $59.98 = $539.96 and the AE/BB earns ► $269.98 Commission at Start of Advertising AND $269.98 Residual Commission Every 6 Months Sell a 12 Month Premium Package for $2,999.88 (12 x $249.99) minus 15% Discount of $449.98 = $2,549.90 and the AE earns ► $1,274.95 Commission at Start AND $1,274.95 Residual Every 12 Months
  41. 41. Extra Income Stream for BB’s: Team Building! Two Teams (Binary System) ed eQualifi You’r Left Team Right Team You Sell BB You Sell BB Advantage Advantage Package Package & Get 300 & Get 300 Points Points
  42. 42. This Means You’re Qualified for Cycle Bonuses (Potential Fortune!) Every time you get 300 points on your left AND 300 points on your right, you get a cycle bonus! $50 Cash Bonus 5 stock options of Beyond Commerce Stock
  43. 43. Cycle Bonuses (Potential Fortune!) Team Building Bonus LEFT TEAM - JOE RIGHT TEAM - TOM BB BB 300 points 300 points Total: $0 + Cycle Bonus = $50 + 5 Stock Options
  44. 44. Build Your Organization To Unlimited Depth Potential Fortune! 100 50 100 50 LEFT TEAM - JOE RIGHT TEAM - TOM 100 50 BB BB 300 points 300 points 100 25 100 BB BB 50 300 points 300 points BB BB 50 100 300 points 300 points 25 BB BB 25 BB BB 300 points 200 points 300 points 300 points BB BB 100 25 100 25 300 points 300 points 50 25 UNLIMITED DEPTH
  45. 45. Even More BB Compensation! Star Bonuses (Potential Fortune!) LEFT TEAM - JOE You Personally Sponsor A 3rd BB 5 4th RIGHT TEAM - TOM BB BB $500 $700 BB BB BB BB $1200 $900 $1300 $800 BB BB $1800 $1400 BB BB $1800 $1100 BB You Are Now 1 Star Qualified You Are Now 2 Star Qualified* 5 4 3 1 Personally Sponsored BB On Each Side 2 3 Personally Sponsored Stars 5 4 Personally Sponsored Stars $900 (20% Matching Bonus on 11st Generation) (10% Matching Bonus on st Generation) (50% (40% (30% BB nd Team 3 Generation) 1st (+ 20% Matching Bonus on 2 rd Generation) 1st Generation TeamonTotal= $1200 Generation Bonus Total =$1620 $3420 $1600 st (+ 10% Matching Team Total = $4820 1 GenerationBonus on $120 (+ 3% Star Bonus = $324 Matching $1026 4th Generation) 2 (+ 2% Matching Bonus on 5th Generation) nd Generation Team Total = $4200 * See comp plan for complete details and requirements Star Bonus = $4319 $2768
  46. 46. BB’s: A Minimal Investment to Start Your Own Business ADstarter Package: $199.99 + 49.99 for back office (includes coupons worth $712.47 in advertising!) ADvantage $399.99 + 49.99 for back office (includes coupons worth $1,424.94 in advertising) Includes online training, weekly mentoring calls/webinars, brand-builder status, and personalized website
  47. 47. Advantages of Joining LocalAdLink as a Brand Builder Become a Business Owner Spare Time, Part Time, Full Time Tax Advantages from having a home- based business Add income to your bottom line Create teams – work smart – leverage yourself “it costs the average tax payer between $200 to $600 per month not to own a business. By joining Local Ad Link for $299 or $399 you not only get much more than that in advertising but you can qualify to begin receiving an extra $200 to $600 per month from your job on your very next pay check”. Ken Fox Check with your CPA, tax preparer or accountant. We are NOT providing tax advice.
  48. 48. Nationwide to Worldwide! You Are Here BB 100
  49. 49. Timing is Everything! Four Phases of Growth We Are Here!
  50. 50. Now is the Time to Take This Opportunity as you See It! J. Willard Marriott said “I am NOT any smarter or better than you are, I merely saw an opportunity and I took action” To become successful at fulfilling your Plan-B by starting your own business, take immediate and massive action!
  51. 51. We’ll See You At The Top!