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The 10 Essentials are the basics that should be taken on any hiking or camping trip. Learn how to use these items and it can save your life if things go wrong.

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The 10 Essentials | Adventure Strong

  1. 1. Learn To Use The Ten Essentials Just having these 10 items, or categories of items, will not necessarily save yourlife. If you have a map and compass but don’t know how to use them properly, youcould do more harm to yourself than good by getting even more lost or navigating into a treacherous area. What do you do if your GPS (or phone) batteries die?You can carry around a first aid kit all day, but if you can’t stop bleeding, close a moderate cut, or respond to a snake bite then what good is it? Read through this list and gather your kit. Proactivity goes a long way. So, learnhow to survive and prepare for the worst, so you can have a safe time on the trail.
  2. 2. Emergency Shelter – You must be able to survivethe elements and have a place to retreat to.
  3. 3. Extra Water – A general rule of thumb isthat more than 3 to 5 days without waterand you die.
  4. 4. Extra Food – High energy, easy to carry,and more than you expect. A generalrule of thumb is that you can surviveabout 3 weeks without food.
  5. 5. Fire – Exercise caution with fire. It canhelp combat cold environments, boilwater, and cook food. Matches, lighter,flint & steel, and/or candles.
  6. 6. First Aid – Have the knowledge and suppliesneeded to survive self-treatable injuries.
  7. 7. Navigation – Have a map & compassand/or GPS unit (plus extra batteries).
  8. 8. Sun Protection – Have and use sunscreen,sunglasses, a hat, and/or long-sleeve t-shirt.
  9. 9. Extra Clothing – At least one extra set ofclothing in case you get wet, cold, orsweaty.
  10. 10. Light – Avoid travelling at night to reduce thechance of injury and getting more lost. Havea flashlight or headlamp.
  11. 11. Knife – With a knife you multiply your ability tocreate and do things – shelter, a spear, sparks forfire, or worst case scenario – defense.
  12. 12. BONUS ESSENTIAL: Accountability Buddy – Let a friend or family member know when and where you’re going. Let your buddy know any alternate locations youmight visit, in case you want to be spontaneous. Give them a time you will be backand/or contact them when you’ve returned safely. This way if you’re gone too long without checking in they can contact authorities.
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