Summer Feet Cycling Media Kit 2012


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Summer Feet Cycling Media Kit 2012

  1. 1. Media Kit 2012
  2. 2. Summer Feet Cycling specializes in boutique bicyclingvacations in Maine, Canada, and UtahSummer Feet Cycling is a Maine-based bicycling outfitter specializing in intimate,authentic cycling experiences in Maine, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Utah.The Summer Feet bicycle tour is all about exploring new places at your own pace,enjoying spectacular culture and scenery with a wonderful group of people, andreliving the joy and carelessness of the idyllic summer days of our youth.
  3. 3. The Summer Feet DifferenceSummer Feet Cycling focuses on activities that let travelers experience the true“flavor” of each destination. Each route is specifically chosen to give travelers arare glimpse into the beauty and wonder of the region. Guides bring cyclists to out-of-the-way “locals-only” spots and allow guests to experience each destination justas the "locals" would. Each Summer Feet tour showcases the destination’sspectacular scenery, charming inns, mouth-watering culinary experiences, andculturally immersive experiences. Summer Feet offers three levels of cyclingdifficulty to perfectly suit the desires of every cyclists, whether it be a leisurely rideor a challenging long distance haul.
  4. 4. Getting a Great ValueAs a small boutique company, Summer Feet Cycling is able to offer travelers muchmore for their dollar than larger tour companies:• The first day of each trip is a full day of cycling, rather than a “welcome day”, which accounts for 16% more vacation for the travel dollar• Instead of having limited dining choices from a pre-selected menu, Summer Feet takes travelers to the best restaurants and lets them choose whatever they want• All activities are included on each tour – no hidden fees• Bicycle rentals are included in most of Summer Feet’s Itineraries
  5. 5. Maine Cycling ToursSummer Feet got its start guiding along the coast of Maine, and years later thisbeautiful region remains their favorite cycling destinations. The rocky shores ofthe Gold Coast, the car-free carriage roads of Acadia National Park, thepicturesque lighthouses of Portland, and the quaint harbors and villages alongthe coast make Maine an ideal destination for cyclists seeking coastal scenery,local culture, delectable seafood, and great cycling roads.
  6. 6. Canada Cycling ToursSummer Feet Cycling’s Canada bike tours bring cyclists to Nova Scotia andQuebec, both world’s unto themselves. The Le Belle Campagne bike tour inQuebec is like a ride through Europe, featuring Quebec’s French culture,colonial architecture, and idyllic countryside. In Nova Scotia, cyclists will discoverthe rich maritime history and culture of the Bay of Fundy, or the spectacularscenery and cycling of the Cape Breton Highlands and The Cabot Trail.
  7. 7. Utah Cycling ToursSummer Feet Cycling’s Hoodoos, Canyons & Sunsets tour showcases one ofthe most stunning landscapes the American West has to offer – the canyoncountry of Southwest Utah. This six day tour explores the canyons and scenicbackroads of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks by bike and on foot.
  8. 8. Weekend Tours on the Maine CoastNot everyone has the time or budget to spend a full week exploring the coast ofMaine, so Summer Feet Cycling has crafted a collection of delightful weekendtours along the Main Coast. A weekend is the perfect amount to time to spendexploring a single destination, whether it be Portland, Penobscot Bay, Boothbay,the Kennebunks, or Acadia National Park.
  9. 9. Maine Day TripsSummer Feet’s Portland day tours are the perfect option for vacationers with just asingle day available. The 5 Lighthouse Tour, their signature day trip, showcasesthe town of Portland, Casco Bay, and five different lighthouses along the MaineCoast. Visitors can also choose the Explore Casco Bay day trip, a relaxing day ofisland hoping and cycling the roads of Chebeague Island and Cousins Island.
  10. 10. Self-Guided ToursIn addition to their standard guided cycling tours, Summer Feet Cycling offers self-guided and customized bicycle tours. Self-guided bicycle tours are perfect forindependent cyclists looking to explore the best of Maine at their own pace and ontheir own. Travelers choose the start date and Summer Feet arranges all lodging,route maps, luggage transfers, and beginning and ending transportation.
  11. 11. Media ContactsSteve Szczecina Norman PatryAccount Manager, Adventure Media Big Toe, Summer Feet Norman@summerfeet.net970.568.7423 207.232.9415