Juneau CVB media kit 2014


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The media kit for the Juneau Convention and Visitor's Bureau

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Juneau CVB media kit 2014

  1. 1. Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau Media Kit
  2. 2. Welcome To Alaska’s Capital City Take a deep breath and exhale slowly as you gaze at the majestic peaks of Alaska's Coast Mountains range. Marvel at the spectacular ancient glaciers Experience the thrill of seeing wildlife like bears, sea lions, and eagles in their natural habitat. Enjoy world-class whale watching, birding and salmon fishing. From one adventure to another--hiking, kayaking, ziplining, trekking on a glacier, mountain climbing, biking, diving, heli-tours and dogsledding--Juneau offers something for everyone. Best of all, no long drives or boat trips are needed for an authentic Last Frontier adventure. A quick two hour flight north from Seattle makes it easy to have a legendary adventure vacation.
  3. 3. The Call Of The Wild Juneau offers some of the most spectacular wildlife and bird viewing experiences in the world. Whether you prefer a fully guided tour or paving your own trail, there are countless heartpumping wildlife viewing opportunities in Juneau. • • • • Whale watching Marine wildlife viewing Bear viewing Birding
  4. 4. Whale Watching Every year, from April to November, approximately 600 humpback whales inhabit the waters of the northern Inside Passage. They migrate annually to feed on the abundant plankton and small fish that thrive in this region. The Orca, or killer whale, also calls the area home. These whales, though much smaller than humpbacks, have been known to pursue much bigger prey -- salmon, seals, and even moose and other whales have been hunted down by these “wolves of the sea.” While humpbacks often travel alone or in small groups, orcas travel in large packs known as "pods." Since they are fast swimmers, a single pod can occupy a very large territory. Whale watching tours are offered in Juneau and nearby Glacier Bay. Daily boat tours to Tracy Arm rarely return without whale sightings - and visitors often spot many on a single trip.
  5. 5. Bear Viewing Black bears are common not only in the forests around Juneau but immediately around the city, too. Averaging 200 to 600 pounds, a black bear encounter in Juneau can be a thrilling experience. For an exciting bear watching experience, head out to Admiralty Island National Monument and the Kootznoowoo (a Tlingit word meaning "Fortress of the Bears") Wilderness Area. Brown bears thrive in this habitat with more than 1,600 bears--one for every square mile of the island. For a more adventurous experience, paddlers can access Admiralty Island by kayak. Travelers can also explore the area by boat or float plane. The best time to view bears is during the salmon run which varies from year to year but traditionally includes most of July and August.
  6. 6. Bird Watching Alaska’s Inside Passage is home to approximately 20,000 bald eagles (the human population of this same area hovers near 70,000). Around Juneau, bald eagles can easily be spotted in trees, flying overhead or feeding along nearby streams, particularly during salmon spawning season. A local favorite for eagles is the salmon hatchery located just a quick car ride from Juneau’s downtown. For those that thrill at the thought of spotting a Steller’s Jay or marbled murrlet, Juneau is an ideal birder’s paradise. May or June is an ideal time to plan a birding vacation when more than100,000 birds travel through Juneau. Juneau’s unique and accessible combination of mountains, forests, wetlands and inter-tidal habitat provides visitors with a great variety of birding opportunities. More than 300 species of birds follow the flyways of the state's Panhandle and more than 100 species nest in Juneau alone.
  7. 7. Spectacular Glaciers While it may have taken thousands of years to create many of Alaska’s glaciers, access to one of the best is about 15 minutes from Juneau’s downtown. The Mendenhall Glacier, one of Juneau's most popular attractions is also one of Alaska's most accessible glaciers. A marvel of nature lies two thousand feet above historic downtown Juneau, the 1,500 square mile Juneau Icefield, the fifth largest icefield in North America. Extending from Taku Inlet to Skagway, the icefield is the birthing ground of 38 major glaciers, including Mendenhall Glacier. There are a number of ways to see and experience the Mendenhall Glacier and Juneau Icefield. In addition to visiting independently, ground tour companies offer glacier tours. From May through September the Visitor Center charges a $3.00 admission fee. Flightseeing companies offer aerial tours of the Icefield, while helicopters offer tours that include everything from short walks on the ice to two-hour plus treks. Day boat tour companies offer tours of the twin Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm Fjord southeast of Juneau. Glacier Bay National Park, with its incredible collection of tidewater glaciers and 3 million acres of wilderness, is just a short trip to the west.
  8. 8. Adventures For Everyone In addition to some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing and glacier exploration available, Juneau is second-to-none for outdoor adventure. Whether it’s hiking more than 100 miles of maintained trails, kayaking in protected and pristine waterways, virtually flying on a zipline, trekking on a glacier, mountain climbing, biking or diving, Juneau offers adventures for everyone at any age and skill level. • • • • • • • • • Hiking Kayaking Ziplining Fishing Camping Rafting Dogsled Tours Biking Winter Recreation
  9. 9. Culture, Shopping, Accommodations, and Dining In addition to endless outdoor adventure, you can fill your days in Juneau with historic attractions, unique shopping, dining, arts, and heritage. From nationally acclaimed theatrical performances to dining on freshly caught seafood and locally sourced gourmet food, Juneau offers many cultural and historical attractions. Guests can shop for handcrafted unique items, browse local art galleries, and discover Juneau’s surprisingly enthralling cultural scene. From cozy B & B’s to inns and hotels, Juneau offers visitors a plentiful selection of attractive accommodations.
  10. 10. Media Contacts: Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau Elizabeth Arnett Elizabeth.Arnett@traveljuneau.com 907-523-3728 Adventure Media Stephanie Parnell Stephanie@adventuremedianews.com 832.755.7661