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SunPod® Nomad as urban furniture: the Phonebooth of the 21st century for the Smart City


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Discover the SunPod® Nomad, the modern and innovative urban furniture. It is the "Phonebooth of the 21st century" for the Smart City! Powered by the sun, it is 100% self-sufficient. It offers both a …

Discover the SunPod® Nomad, the modern and innovative urban furniture. It is the "Phonebooth of the 21st century" for the Smart City! Powered by the sun, it is 100% self-sufficient. It offers both a WiFi hotspot, and it recharges any kind of electronic devices. In our connected lives in the Smart City, the smartphone is THE essential gadget that just cannot run out of battery. This innovative solution addresses that issue.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Smart Urban Furniture for your Smart CitySunPod® Nomad! Branded solar charging booth & WiFi hotspot
  • 2. Smart City: reminder of the Key Principles A city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement.! – Source: Wikipedia!
  • 3. Smart City = « Always Connected » City The essential tools, more and more central in our modern life. Examples:! Ø  Geo-location/navigation! Ø  Transportation pass apps (m-ticket)! Ø  Mobile payment services (NFC)! Ø  Mobile administrative services! Ø  Car-sharing apps! Ø  etc.!
  • 4. Problems Empty smartphone battery & No or bad network/WiFi coverage •  In every pocket: smartphone penetration rate >70% in most market •  Battery life is the first point of complaint of most smartphone users (source: J.D. Power) •  Proliferation of connected devices & the Internet of Things put more and more pressure on the cellular network à even telecom operators are investing in WiFi •  Tourism: WiFi is the first service that foreign visitors look for
  • 5. Smart City = Connected City The essential tools, more and more central in our connected life:! Ø  Geo-location & navigation! Ø  Mobile administrative services! Ø  Mobile payment services (NFC)! Ø  Car-sharing apps! Ø  Transport tickets apps (m-ticket)! Ø  etc.! •  Smartphone Battery Life has Become a Significant Drain on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (source: J.D. Power) •  Unsufficient WiFi hotspot coverage in cities vs number of connected devices & flow of international tourists
  • 6. With the SunPod ® Nomad, the Smart City : Ø  has a public WiFi access which is made clearly visible Ø  offers a charging point for all types of small electronic devices Ø  has a booth which is 100% self-sufficient in energy = no wiring Ø  offers a new kind of meeting point to visitors & inhabitants Ø  has an innovative tool to communicate, both on the booth and on the WiFi portal Ø  clearly communicates its commitment to sustainable development A unique asset for the Smart City
  • 7. The SunPod ®Nomad is 100% self-sufficient! Solar  energy  is  captured   by  the  solar  panels   1! The  energy  generated   is  stored  in  the  booth   2! Any type of small electrical and electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, camera, ...) can be recharged   3! Solar energy also powers a WiFi hotspot   4! The technology
  • 8. A very communicating tool 1. Analogue communication Sides, table, banners – and even the pole - are all completely customizable => High visibility & attention grabbing
  • 9. A very communicating tool 2. Digital communication Promote your City’s digital universe thanks to the WiFi access A dynamic & customizable WiFi access portal •  Promote your apps & mobile sites •  vidéo ‘push’ (like on YouTube) •  Social network log-in •  Couponing/geo-marketing to boost local retail •  etc. ⇒  engagement with users ⇒  advertising revenues generation ⇒  data collection (incl. traffic monitoring*) * by detecting the smartphones’ & tablets’ WiFi antenna around the booth
  • 10. Connectivity The SunPod® Nomad booth collects & amplifies the 3G/4G network. The hotspot can accommodate 20, 80 or even more simultaneous connections. For areas with poor cellular coverage à connectivity based on the WiFiMax technology. For more information, please contact us.
  • 11. « Smart Urban Furniture »: trends Solar charging points installed in New-York. Click here to see the video Phot booths converted into WiFi hotspots in New-York. Read the article here Solar benchs with air quality sensors e solaire in Boston. Read the article here Solar charging phone booth in London. Read the article here.
  • 12. Water front, piers & walks! Smart Urban Furniture for your Smart City
  • 13. Walks & parks
  • 14. Shopping areas
  • 15. Beach front
  • 16. Street corners !
  • 17. Pedestrian streets  
  • 18. City events & temporary installations
  • 19. Beach front
  • 20. Public squares
  • 21. Shopping areas
  • 22. Ski resorts
  • 23. Car parks Cities & eco-tourism Events & Urban furniture SunPod® XL Solar parking shades SunPod® Auto Solar charging station for electric vehicles SunPod® Cyclo 100% self-sustaining solar charging station for electric bikes SunPod® Nomad 100% self-sustaining and customizable solar charging booth with WiFi access A comprehensive range of stations dedicated to solar electric mobility ADVANSOLAR  offers! SunPod® Expo Solar charging demonstrator for electric vehicle
  • 24. For more information, visit our website “”, or send us an email to! U can also visit our YouTube channel and join us on twitter @advansolar