2012 Let's Move CA: Fitness Feria - Exhibitor Training


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Exhibitor Training is offered to all organizations participating in the 2012 Let's Move CA: Fitness Feria.

Training is provided by Sylvia Acevedo of CommuniCard LLC.

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  • http://www.co.travis.tx.us/health_human_services/research_planning/publications/2009/Community_Impact_2008/09_Public_Health_Access_Healthcare.pdfChronic health conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have associated costs, bothmonetary and personal. Direct costs of chronic health conditions include substantially highermedical expenses, often including hospitalization.165 Indirect costs are more difficult to quantify butinclude absenteeism, lost work days, reduced productivity and premature death.166• The top risk factors associated with diabetes are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, andobesity.167 Diabetes prevalence in Texas rose to 10.3% of adults in 2007, and it continues to bethe sixth leading cause of death in the state.168 African Americans, Hispanics, and older adultshave the highest rates of diabetes, and a substantial number of Texans are believed to haveundiagnosed diabetes.169 The prevalence of diabetes remains lower in Travis County, at 6.4%,and in the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), at 7.7%.170
  • 2012 Let's Move CA: Fitness Feria - Exhibitor Training

    1. 1. Catalyst for 21st Century Prosperity Let’s Move: Fitness FeriaTM 2012 Mobilization Training
    2. 2. 2012 Let’s Move: Fitness Feriao Why do we need Let’s Move: Fitness Feria?o The Fitness Feria Approach: Changing Behavioro The Para Una Buena VidaTM Messageo The Feria Connect in 5™o Everyone Benefits: Developing a healthier, more fit and better educated California 2
    3. 3. Why Do We Need Let’s Move: Fitness Feria?o 1 in every 5 preschool children is overweight.o 1 out of every 3 Latino teens is overweight or at risk of being overweighto 1 in 4 children are getting the recommended 40 minutes of exercise each dayo 83% of children under 6 years old watch 2 hours of TV each dayo $403 Billion in cardiovascular (heart) costs every yearSources: Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System ~ www.aboutourkids.org ~www.cdc.gov/obesity/defining.html ~ www.health.harvard.edu ~ www.letsmove.gov ~www.truthaboutheartdisease.org 3
    4. 4. All parents want the best for their children but ... How can you teachwhat you don’t know? 4
    5. 5. General Market Expectations of Parents in the U.S.A.o Parents are the the child’s first teacher. provide opportunities for children to learn skillso Parents are empowered. guide their children through the system and introduce to extracurricular activitieso Success is achieved by hard work and training. .. and some good fortune, tooo Health and well being are achieved through an active life. 5
    6. 6. Goals of Fitness Feria1. Teach parents and their children basic movement skills to instill the value of practicing healthy lifestyles from cradle to adult.2. Inspire life changing healthy behavior by introducing the families to fitness and sports programs and activities.3. Mobilize health/fitness/sport programs to scale to serve the health needs of the rising generation in Los Angeles . 6
    7. 7. Why Sports & Physical Activities?o Research in Spring of 2010 by CommuniCard LLC with 42 families and the White House Project research findings: Play sports, do better in life. (Feb 18, 2010.)o Understanding of social mobility through competitive sporto Children and parents were inspired by Olympics; wanted activities they could do together as a familyo Lack of knowledge of American competitive sports and fitness systemso Learn physical movement life skills so they are always ready to playo Lack of understanding of “practice is what makes you good” mentality 7
    8. 8. Fitness Feria Milestones1. 2x sports and fitness outreach event in Austin specifically for the Spanish language community2. 150+Volunteers and Exhibitors trained for the event.3. 50% of sports/fitness organizations had never outreached to the Hispanic community before Fitness Feria.4. 60% of Fitness Feria Exhibitors responded that parents did not understand that fitness can mean a better future for their children. 8
    9. 9. Fitness Feria AUSTIN Results1. More than 5000 parents and children attended from 2010 – 20112. 50+ different sports, fitness and health organizations participated3. 4000+ sporting balls given away4. 225 volunteers – majority bilingual 9
    10. 10. Let’s Move Fitness Feria Advantage A fitness educational pathway that teaches parents the “ABC’s of Movement” from cradle to adult 10
    11. 11. Para Una Buena Vida: For a Better Life Fitness Version1. Fitness helps a family to be healthy and grow strong.To have a healthy family, a family needs to be physically active, especially infants and children.2. Education (academics), sports and extracurricular (after- school) programs are ways to earn scholarships to go to college and learn a profession (career) that provides well for your family.2. Keep your Spanish/Korean (native language) and learn English fluently to have more opportunities and better pay. 11
    12. 12. CONNECT IN 5: FITNESS VERSION1. Greet and praise the parent for caring about their family’s well-being.2. Reinforce importance of a healthy and active lifestyle at every age, emphasizing Para Una Buena Vida3. Describe your role at Let’s Move Fitness Feria.4. Tell your story and mention your Let’s Move Campaign.5. Tell the parents what to do next. 12
    13. 13. Movement ABC’sEach family will leave the Fitness Feria understanding the basic motor development skills every child should learn as they grow up.Infancy: tummy time | rolling over | sitting up | crawling Tumbling: forward roll | rolling on side | cartwheel Throwing |Catching | Kicking 13
    14. 14. Movement ABC: INFANCYEarly Childhood groups will hostactivities for children ages 0-5.Parents will learn:o importance of removing babies from strollers & providing room to roamo ways to play with their infants like tummy timeo natural developmental stages from crawling to walking 14
    15. 15. Movement ABC: TUMBLING Staff & volunteers will help children learn different tumbling techniques.Parents will learn:o how to help children build balance and flexibilityo safe ways for children to playo importance of creating a space for children to play and learn through movement 15
    16. 16. Movement ABC: THROWING PlayWorks: Tossing is a key motor development skills that allows children to build new movement techniques and hand-eye coordination.Children will learn the correctway to throw:o placing the foot opposite the throwing arm in fronto rotating the torso forwardo following through towards the target 16
    17. 17. Movement ABC: CATCHINGPlayWorks: Catching continues to build hand-eye coordination and helps childrendevelop strong depth perception. It is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate if a child has developed their Movement ABC’s.Children will learn:o how to catch by self-tossing a ball in the airo how to catch a ball in front of them, away from their bodyo how to move to a ball and get underneath it to catch 17
    18. 18. Movement ABC: KICKING Galaxy Soccer: Correct kicking technique is a fundamental motor skill that builds a foundation for participation in sports and games.Children will learn the correctway to kick:o skipping or running approacho planting the non-kicking footo following through towards the target 18
    19. 19. Let’s Move: Fitness Feria Mobilization MethodTMo Color Coded Olympic Pathway – Birth to Collegeo Better Life Message at Every Interactiono Conversations directly with parents in their own language – Spanish, English or Koreano Hands-on Movement Areaso Bilingual Mentorso Visualization Photoso Commitment Zone™ 19
    20. 20. The Commitment Zone TMParents and children demonstrate movement. 20
    21. 21. “...because of Fitness Feria my family is going to do a sporting activity instead of watching a movie.” 21
    22. 22. PassportFamilies will use the Passport to navigate through Let’s Move Fitness Feria.Exhibitors & Volunteers will:o talk with families about booth information or complete activityo mark the Passport in the corresponding colored circleo tell families what to do nextFamilies will turn in Passport toreceive their balls. 22
    23. 23. 2012 Let’s Move CA: Fitness Feria Saturday, June 16th 10:00am – 2:00pm Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools www.fitnessferia.com 23
    24. 24. Location Robert F. Kennedy Community SchoolsADDRESS701 S. Catalina Street – Los Angeles CA 90005o Located off of Wilshire Blvd.o Cocoanut Grove on sitePARKINGo Exhibitor parking will be available on-site in the STAFF PARKING garage.o Limited space will be available for Exhibitors who arrive in the afternoon.o Additional parking is available in garages located at each corner of the venue.VENUEo The majority of the event will take place outside except for the Movement ABC’s [Tumbling, Catching & Throwing with PlayWorks] which will be inside the gym. 24
    25. 25. Overview of Activities The following slides include a DRAFT of current registered Exhibitor Assignments and a site layout. A final layout with booth/activity assignments will be distributed to the Primary Contact of each REGISTERED organization during the week of June 4 – 8.REGISTRATION – Outside Entrance to Schoolo Parents sign liability waiver for children to participate in all activities.o Parents received one passport per family.o Port-a-potties will also be available in this area.COURTYARDo A main stage will be set up to incorporate speakers, fitness demonstrations and the launch of Let’s Move California during the event. Families will turn in their Passports at this area.GYMNASIUMo PlayWorks will be hosting the throwing and catching activities in the gym.o All families – no matter the age of the children – are encouraged to attend the gym through the Passport. 25
    26. 26. DRAFT AS OF 05.29.12 26
    27. 27. Overview of Activities: SIDE 1RED: Group Activitieso Beyond the Bell – obstacle courseo Fit for a Kid – obstacle courseYELLOW: Health & Nutrition Organizationso American Cancer Societyo American Heart Associationo California Dietetic Associationo Exceptional Children’s Foundationo LA Care Health Plano LA County Dept. of Public Healtho Network for a Healthy Californiao PACE Early Childhood Educationo St. John’s Well Child & Family CenterORANGE: ARMYThe Army will be providing extensive activities around health and wellness throughout this area. 27
    28. 28. Overview of Activities: SIDE 2 Below is a DRAFT of current registered Exhibitor Assignments. Updated assignments will be sent to organizations on June 7.BLUE: Team Sportso Play Ruby USAPURPLE: Individual Sportso Running with Ms. Edwardso Young Champions Inc. – CheerleadingGREEN: Early Childhoodo First 5 LAo PHFE WIC ProgramGYM: Movement ABCso PlayWorksAdditional organizations may be added through Friday June 1 which may cause some draft assignments tobe adjustedto accommodate the best space for everyone. 28
    29. 29. Booth & Activity PlacementsTABLESo Each Exhibitor who requested tables will be given 6-8 foot tables with chairs and a color-coded tablecloth. Due to venue regulations, Exhibitors are not allowed to bring their own tables.o Exhibitors are asked to notcover the color-coded tablecloth that is provided for them in order to maintain continuity of the event.o Exhibitors may use any available floor space around their booth for additional displays and signage. Please be considerate of your fellow Exhibitors’ displays.o Each Exhibitor who requested access to electricity will be strategically placed near an outlet. However, we can’t guarantee close proximity to outlets or more than one outlet. We recommend each Exhibitor bring their own extension cords and power strips.FIELDSo No unauthorized tables or chairs are allowed on the fields or surrounding track. Exhibitors who requested tables on the field will be given access to special tables for field use only.o No tents, tables and signage can be staked into the ground on any of the fields. Any unauthorized set up will be removed before the event begins. 29
    30. 30. Schedule: Saturday, June 166am Set Up BeginsStaff and volunteers will be on-site to set up tables, chairs & signage.7am – 9am Exhibitor Set UpOne representative from each Exhibitor must Check IN to confirm location and receive lunch tickets. All Exhibitors must be completely set up by 9am.9:45am Opening Ceremonies Exhibitors will not be allowed to set up after this time.10:00am Doors Open to Public12:00pm GROUP 1: Lunch Lunch is only provided to Exhibitor representatives who are staying for the full 4 hours.12:30pm GROUP 2: Lunch2pm Doors Close to Public2:30pm Exhibitor Check Out Representatives are responsible for clearing their own space and removing all trash. 30
    31. 31. Set Up & Tear DownSET UPo There is no access to the RFK Community Schools on Friday, June 15.o All set up must be completed Saturday morning before families arrive.o Exhibitors can pull up as close as possible from 7am – 8am.o All cars must be in an authorized parking spot by 8am.TEAR DOWNo Exhibitors should not close their booths or activities before 2pm.o All families should have the opportunity to complete the full experience by 2pm.o Please wait until you are released by event staff.o Exhibitors are responsible for taking all of their equipment and materials with them at the end of the day, and removing their own trash from their area.o Fitness Feria organizers are not responsible for any equipment left behind at the end of the event. 31
    32. 32. Exhibitor GuidelinesPREPARATIONo Exhibitors should plan to have at least 2 Spanish-speaking representatives at their booth at all times.o Volunteer translators can be assigned if requested in advance.o College Wear Attire: Representatives should wear a t-shirt with a college or university name or mascot.o Printed Materials: Any printed materials should be distributed in 2nd grade level Spanish and include a phone number for your organization.o Exhibitors are responsible for bringing all of their own materials – pens, papers, extension cords, power strips, batteries, tape, etc.INTERACTIONo Candy and food cannot be given away at the booths.o Exhibitors are not allowed to sell items or collect money from booths.o Exhibitors should not conduct their own raffles or surveys.o Representatives should interact directly with the parents and should not rely on the children to translate or simply pass out printed materials. 32
    33. 33. Safety Fitness Feria will be a new introduction to many activities that families may have never tried before. With an extensive layout and the potential for thousands of children, we need everyone to have safety on their mind.ACTIVITIESPlease consider children of all ages when planning your activities. Your space should be safe for very youngchildren as well older students.LOOK OUT FOR:o unsafe or reckless behavior – Many activities will use equipment so be aware of children who may have wandering into a space without supervision.o suspicious behavior – Media photographers should have clear credentials or wear Fitness Feria badges; report any suspicious behavior to a Fitness Feria staff member or security guard immediately.o unsupervised children – All of the activities are intended for parents to do with their children.LOST CHILDRENAny child who has separated from their parents should be brought to the Stage. Parents can be directed tothis area as well to find their children. 33
    34. 34. Questions? Christin Alvarado christin@fitnessferia.com| Day of Event: 512.705.4215 Carissa Aracarissa.fitnessferia@gmail.com|Day of Event: 281.813.4213